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Thu Jun 27, 2013, 02:46 PM


Charles P. Pierce | Samuel Alito, King of Dicks

I long have been of the opinion that Justice Antonin Scalia, for all his operatic disdain for the lesser creatures with whom he has to share the bench of the Supreme Court, and for all his even more operatic contempt for some of the lower orders who dare bring their petty complaints to the bar of his coruscating intellect, is basically just a lazy old fart who’s basically just running out his clock on his day-job the way a lot of people who are bored with their work do.

As we learned this week, in which a series of Court decisions made gay people who want to get married happy, and virtually everyone else—especially employees and minorities who may want to vote—miserable, the real walking id of the Court’s preposterously Janus-faced conservative faction is Justice Samuel Alito, who turns out to be not only a reliable reactionary voice on almost every issue, but a colossal dick besides.


Later, we learned from both Garrett Epps and Dana Milbank that, while Ginsburg was reading her dissent, Alito was grimacing his way through an authentic seventh-grade temper-tantrum a few seats down. This is of a piece with the memorable moment in which he enlivened the president’s State of the Union address by shaking his head and mouthing “No, not true” on camera, when the president called him and the rest of them out on the inevitable consequences of their decision in Citizens United case. And it is also of a piece with his confirmation hearings, when his wife was forced to flee the committee room in tears because Judge Sam was being asked uncomfortable questions by those awful tradesmen in the United States Senate. Scalia is simply the court jester. Alito is the king of the dicks, the last and lasting vengeance of George W. Bush.

The rest: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/alito-supreme-dick

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