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Wed Aug 21, 2013, 07:45 PM Aug 2013

If I'm Allowed... I Like To Raise A Toast To Bradley Manning... To Edward Snowden... To...

Glenn Greenwald... To Julian Assange... To Anonymous... To Greg Palast... To Micheal Hastings... To Bill Moyers... To BradBlog... To Even... Bernstein And Woodward (Although I Probably wouldn't clink Woodward's glass at this point)... And to all those folks brave enough to take on The Powers That Be.

You may not agree with everybody on this list, or... you may just point out those I've missed...

BUT... I for one am grateful to them all for giving me the information that I need, that MY government was hiding from me (AND DOING IMMORAL SHIT IN MY NAME, AND IN THE NAMES OFF ALL OF US) to make more INFORMED decisions.


Thank you all.

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If I'm Allowed... I Like To Raise A Toast To Bradley Manning... To Edward Snowden... To... (Original Post) WillyT Aug 2013 OP
Kick And Recommend cantbeserious Aug 2013 #1
K&R, while it's still not a terrorist act! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #2
LOL !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #3
To Laura Poitras and to Alexa O'Brien Luminous Animal Aug 2013 #4
THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #6
To the above! And to Daniel Ellsberg! n/t backscatter712 Aug 2013 #5
THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #7
And Dan Rather. 1monster Aug 2013 #23
True... WillyT Aug 2013 #41
And Jimmy Carter for at least saying that they are heroes. Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #83
Hear! Hear! snappyturtle Aug 2013 #8
Back Atcha... WillyT Aug 2013 #11
Cheers Willy! Vinnie From Indy Aug 2013 #9
Vinny... WillyT Aug 2013 #10
I'll toast all of them too! ralps Aug 2013 #12
Hey ralps !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #16
you're using adorable kitties in your post....unfair navarth Aug 2013 #55
Livestream - March in DC for Manning "Bradley Manning Not A Traitor" Catherina Aug 2013 #13
This is wonderful to see! Thank you! nt snappyturtle Aug 2013 #19
K&R idwiyo Aug 2013 #50
And Sibel Edmonds Downwinder Aug 2013 #14
THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2013 #17
Funny how these threads get rec'd to the top... Cooley Hurd Aug 2013 #15
No Comment... WillyT Aug 2013 #18
And it drives 'them' fucking insane. K&R +1 eom Purveyor Aug 2013 #79
That's because we're only the "far left"... The "mainstream left" doesn't care I guess.. cascadiance Aug 2013 #90
:::::::raising my glass:::::::::: forestpath Aug 2013 #20
You read my mind Hydra Aug 2013 #21
To Keith Olbermann and Phil Donahue, too nt grasswire Aug 2013 #22
How'bout one to your fellow DUers. n/t UTUSN Aug 2013 #24
yes! riverbendviewgal Aug 2013 #40
Bottoms up, Willy Jack Rabbit Aug 2013 #25
La chiam Half-Century Man Aug 2013 #26
Here, here! Ken Burch Aug 2013 #27
I want to add Daniel Schorr. Sorely missed. K and R! NRaleighLiberal Aug 2013 #28
K&R. Lifting my glass of water. MotherPetrie Aug 2013 #29
Skaal, WillyT. Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #30
Yes, and if you won't toast and thank those folks... Bragi Aug 2013 #31
Clink! raindaddy Aug 2013 #32
Happy to join you WillyT n/t sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #33
Absolutely! Hell Hath No Fury Aug 2013 #34
Absolutely Z_I_Peevey Aug 2013 #35
I'll join you. Blue_In_AK Aug 2013 #36
Love... WillyT Aug 2013 #42
and Coleen Rowley annm4peace Aug 2013 #37
You are more than allowed! Slainte!! Nt Peregrine Took Aug 2013 #38
Yes it's you're right mimi85 Aug 2013 #39
You're allowed to raise a toast. It's still a free country. OnyxCollie Aug 2013 #43
kr Norrin Radd Aug 2013 #44
Joseph Charles Wilson IV. PowerToThePeople Aug 2013 #45
K&R. JDPriestly Aug 2013 #46
Clink! nt Oilwellian Aug 2013 #47
Thank you WillyT. Cleita Aug 2013 #48
May I raise a toast to local journalistic hero Blue_In_AK Aug 2013 #49
+1000 !!!! orpupilofnature57 Aug 2013 #51
Cheers! LuvNewcastle Aug 2013 #52
To all Nite Owl Aug 2013 #53
hera, hear! Little Star Aug 2013 #54
clink! nt navarth Aug 2013 #56
Clink! & R NealK Aug 2013 #57
Right on~! CrispyQ Aug 2013 #58
100th rec. n/t Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #59
...and to Benedict Arnold...and to Judas.... michigandem58 Aug 2013 #60
What is the damn troll still doing here??? Hell Hath No Fury Aug 2013 #61
Small tent much? michigandem58 Aug 2013 #62
Of course you are allowed to! Rex Aug 2013 #63
I bet the CT posse will be along to alert any minute. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #64
Ya that will not go down well. Rex Aug 2013 #66
They arent against all CT, just those that differ from their agenda. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #67
Yeah I think the average poster is catching on to that. Rex Aug 2013 #68
I think that a lot of them are being ignored. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #69
Didn't think about that. Rex Aug 2013 #70
Thank you, dont mind if I do. rhett o rick Aug 2013 #65
... rexcat Aug 2013 #71
And Amy Goodman! tblue Aug 2013 #72
word G_j Aug 2013 #74
K&R hwmnbn Aug 2013 #73
Yeah, I'd leave Woddward's cocktail party ass out of that one. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Aug 2013 #75
Hear, hear. nt DLevine Aug 2013 #76
To Chelsea Manning! KamaAina Aug 2013 #77
Yay, at least one other person on DU heard the news! pauliedangerously Aug 2013 #86
So did Wikipedia KamaAina Aug 2013 #87
I'll drink to that! Fuddnik Aug 2013 #78
Hear, hear! +1 eom Purveyor Aug 2013 #80
K&R!!! TRoN33 Aug 2013 #81
Salute! K&R Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #82
You left out Daniel Ellsberg. East Coast Pirate Aug 2013 #84
Absolutely! RetroLounge Aug 2013 #85
Cheers to today's REAL American Patriotic Heros, WillyT. 99Forever Aug 2013 #88
k and r. niyad Aug 2013 #89
I'm reminded of the words of Khalil Gibran... drokhole Aug 2013 #91
Pretty low standards railsback Aug 2013 #92


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55. you're using adorable kitties in your post....unfair
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 02:38 PM
Aug 2013

that little baby is drop dead cute.....I have a weakness for that for sure...


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13. Livestream - March in DC for Manning "Bradley Manning Not A Traitor"
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 08:10 PM
Aug 2013

Bradley Manning's not a traitor
Release him now!
Now later!

People are joining the chant from restaurants and their cars. Some are spontaneously joining the marchers.

RT America ?@RT_America 40m

Bradley Manning supporters rally outside of the White House following sentencing hearing for WikiLeaks soldier

They're heading back towards Dupont Circle now.

Cooley Hurd

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15. Funny how these threads get rec'd to the top...
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 08:17 PM
Aug 2013

...while the other side never gets rec'd beyond 25 or so.

Funny, eh?


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21. You read my mind
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 08:56 PM
Aug 2013

Which is a little scary. I was going to post a silent tribute thread to all of them, even Bernstein and Woodward, because at the time their contribution was immeasurable.

When people don't speak up and do the right thing, things like SCOTUS 2000 and Reagan's Hostage win happen.

I can't drink, so this is for all the risks the whistleblowers throughout our country's history have taken and the price they've paid:

Oh, and this is for Michael Hastings too. Sleep well, truth teller.


Ken Burch

(50,254 posts)
27. Here, here!
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 09:12 PM
Aug 2013

Most of those who are bashing Manning, Assange, Greenwald and Snowden are ONLY doing it because they happened to do what they did when there was a Democratic president. They know perfectely well that those four would have done the same thing if Republicans had been in the White House at the time, but can't accept that, for some twisted reason.

The issue is secrecy. Secrecy in foreign policy is always reactionary and always works solely in the service of death and mayhem. Secrecy in government cannot liberate any oppressed people, cannot lift anyone out of poverty, and cannot ever end a war. Face it people.

The only hope the world has is to get the whole damn thing out in the open and make sure that the majority of the planet's occupants KNOW everything that their(often self-designated) leaders are doing. The people themselves would naturally work for peace and justice...it's only the leaders who insist on maintaining division, continuing killing, and perpetuating injustice.


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31. Yes, and if you won't toast and thank those folks...
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 09:19 PM
Aug 2013

...then I can't see much else of any importance that we'd likely agree on, so which one of us is in the wrong place?


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37. and Coleen Rowley
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 09:59 PM
Aug 2013

she was at a rally in Minneapolis today and held up 3 signs and was on a local radio show informing the listeners of what a hero Manning is and why Whistleblowers are important.


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39. Yes it's you're right
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 10:26 PM
Aug 2013

but I also have the right to disagree. Maybe Bill Moyers. The others are more concerned with themselves than their "cause."

BTW, no women? That says a lot right there. Gabby alone is worth three of those guys. Sonia Sotamayer and the other two women justices. So there are at least four that you missed. Or maybe you don't agree. We both have that right.



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43. You're allowed to raise a toast. It's still a free country.
Wed Aug 21, 2013, 10:35 PM
Aug 2013

Oh, wait... Fuck it.

To Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill!


Hell Hath No Fury

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61. What is the damn troll still doing here???
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 03:24 PM
Aug 2013

Seriously, DUers, the poster has been doing nothing but trolling since they got here.



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66. Ya that will not go down well.
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 03:37 PM
Aug 2013

Funny what is left standing in GD and what is not. The CT posse is having a hard time keeping up the narrative lately imo. They cry about a 'CS' they don't like, but rec the ones they do like!



(65,616 posts)
68. Yeah I think the average poster is catching on to that.
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 03:40 PM
Aug 2013

By the lack of replies I see in their threads.


(16,350 posts)
72. And Amy Goodman!
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 04:06 PM
Aug 2013

We owe them a commitment help them and keep them in our thoughts, and also to continue the fight.


(14,524 posts)
88. Cheers to today's REAL American Patriotic Heros, WillyT.
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 06:42 PM
Aug 2013

Their selfless sacrifices are on a par with those the freed this Nation from the bootheels of the English monarchy.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."-George Orwell


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91. I'm reminded of the words of Khalil Gibran...
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 07:41 PM
Aug 2013
He who would seek truth and proclaim it to mankind is bound to suffer.

Cheers to those with the courage to suffer for exposing harsh truths.



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92. Pretty low standards
Thu Aug 22, 2013, 07:44 PM
Aug 2013

Cries of impeachment should be ringing across the land.. unless, of course, its not really THAT bad..

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