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Bjorn Against

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Sun Aug 3, 2014, 09:29 PM Aug 2014

Post calling for execution of Obama gets hundreds of likes on Tea Party Facebook page

Hundreds of people have gone to the Tea Party's Facebook to express their support for the execution of Obama through hanging, a smaller number went further yet to hit the like button on a post that implies the use of "a gun and a shovel" against Obama. These were the words I saw posted on the Tea Party's Facebook page today, words that have been standing on the page for six hours with the initial call for hanging receiving 316 likes from Tea Party supporters...

The Secret Service does not look kindly on calling for the death of the President, I don't know if they pursue people who publicly endorse such an idea through a like on Facebook or not, but if so it looks like there are literally hundreds of Teabaggers who have now publicly came out in favor of execution. Does anyone still question whether or not the Tea Party is an extremist movement that embraces violence as a solution?

I don't know how to link directly to the Facebook post, but these comments were posted on the Tea Party Facebook page underneath an article entitled "Restore American Exceptionalism: Nullify Obama" which was posted around 3:00 pm central time on the Tea Party Facebook page which is located here: https://www.facebook.com/TheTeaParty.net

It appears the moderators of the page find the post acceptable as they have allowed the comment to stand for over six hours now while they have been actively updating the page. Literally hundreds of Tea Party members are using the site to call for the death of the President and the moderators are allowing it to continue.

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Post calling for execution of Obama gets hundreds of likes on Tea Party Facebook page (Original Post) Bjorn Against Aug 2014 OP
When fascism comes to America....the kindling is being lit by Koch cash and Fox fire. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #1
LET it stand. silverweb Aug 2014 #2
Did you report it? woodsprite Aug 2014 #3
Oh, Freddie is really gonna hate the SS and NSA like all the rest of the Bagger Ignoratti! freshwest Aug 2014 #4
I hope the Secret Service investigates every one of their asses. octoberlib Aug 2014 #5
Fucking stupid brainwashed assholes. Kick for exposing them. Cha Aug 2014 #6

Fred Sanders

(23,946 posts)
1. When fascism comes to America....the kindling is being lit by Koch cash and Fox fire.
Sun Aug 3, 2014, 09:32 PM
Aug 2014

The Gaza genocide is the final proof.


(16,402 posts)
2. LET it stand.
Sun Aug 3, 2014, 09:32 PM
Aug 2014

[font color="navy" face="Verdana"]These are wonderful, traceable leads for the Secret Service and FBI to follow up on, which will certainly link to more domestic terrorist cells.


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3. Did you report it?
Sun Aug 3, 2014, 10:09 PM
Aug 2014

If not, you should. If you search DU, there are contact numbers
and instructions on how to report it to the Secret Service.
the way those TP/GOP assholes are, I imagine the threat level
will just continue to escalate. They're crazed that they haven't
been able to break him or bring the US govt to its knees yet.


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4. Oh, Freddie is really gonna hate the SS and NSA like all the rest of the Bagger Ignoratti!
Sun Aug 3, 2014, 11:38 PM
Aug 2014
Because nothing says terminal dumbassery like:

Freddie, the original Patriot© poster:

Read as I spew how I'm gonna kill on Facebook (alleged to be set up by the CIA) because...

Well, Freedom!

Freddie's first Like:

Follow me on Twitter, (set up by Homeland Security) to hear me tell you how I'm gonna kill Obama and all those libruls!

Freddie's second Like:

Be sure to listen to my dumb criminal plans from my wireless devices! I'm sooo hot, you're gonna love me!

It'll be just between you and me and a few thousand towers and some satellites! It's Top Secret!

Freddie's third Like:

I'll keep paying to be surveilled, then whine about it! How dare they do what the contract I signed onto said they'd do! Tyranny!

Freddie's best friend. What friend? No, make that his fourth Like:

I'm leaving my cam running on my computer and cell phone, so my image will be sent out to the world at large! Day and night with the lights on, too! Only real Patriots© can see me!

Freddie's mother. No wait, she doesn't come down to the basement. So it's his fifth Like:

Listen to my mail voice threatening people, but it's okay since I set my Caller ID to Anonymous! I'm gonna flame away! You'll never take me alive, ya low-down dirty copper!

Freddie's girlfriend. Nah, just kidding. Freddie's sixth Like:

Take that you dirty spies! I'm so clever, you can't catch me! It's not like Google saves stuff, right? Uh, am-i-rite?

Agent Mike:

Hehehe! I just love The Idiocracy! Now I'm calling for pizza delivery!

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