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Sun Aug 24, 2014, 12:02 AM

Memorial Wall for Victims of Law Enforcement Violence

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In honor of Michael Brown, I decided to do my part and try to educate myself on just how often unarmed people are seriously injured or killed by police. What I found was pretty gruesome:

•Other countries law enforcement do not necessarily kill their citizens near as often as we do.
•There were dozens of shades of gray cases for every one I found to be a shooting worthy of charges, even if local officials did not.
•The cops name was not released initially in a lot of cases.
•There is very much a theme to officers’ alibis, “going for their waste band”, “approaching aggressively”, “furtive movement”.

The obvious conclusion for me is that extreme force is used way too casually, the excuses and circling the wagons is like second nature, and there tends to be very little reporting after the fact. The “officer involved shooting” articles are everywhere. The holding officials accountable, what really happened articles are scarce.

With that here is my personal USA wall of shame, add your own as I’m sure I missed many.

Last year, in total, British police officers actually fired their weapons three times. The number of people fatally shot was zero. In 2012 the figure was just one. Even after adjusting for the smaller size of Britain’s population, British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014 the police force of one small American city, Albuquerque in New Mexico, shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period.


Victor White - Cops claim he committed suicide using a gun hidden in his pants while handcuffed AFTER being arrested


Police shoot unarmed man in Salt Lake City


Eric Garner choked to death by police

John Crawford shot to death at an Ohio Walmart


No charges against police:

Mentally ill Ezzel Ford shot and killed by police in LA


Dante Parker, father of five tazed by police, dies in custody


Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams - Police say Russell did not comply with orders to stop. Shot at 137 times and killed in Cleveland. Undisclosed settlement.


Dustin Theoharis shot 20 times while sleeping in a case of mistaken identity


Keivon Young, shot in a case of mistaken identity


Jonathon Ferrell, shot seeking police help after a traffic accident


Others unarmed shot, most killed by law enforcement in recent years I was able to find using google searches;

Brian Newt Beaird $5 million settlement,

Kendrec McDade, shot by two Pasadena police officers in March, 2012 after a 911 caller falsely reported that two men with guns had stolen a backpack from his car. As police chased two teenagers through city streets, they say McDade turned quickly toward one of the police officers in a patrol car; they say McDade reached for his pants. Police fired several shots, some from close range. McDade was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Officers Mathew Griffin and Jeffrey Newlen no sanctions. $1 million settlement.


Amadou Diallo struck 19 times by police holding his wallet they said was a gun, multi million dollar settlement,

Patrick Dorismond, unarmed and shot to death after police officer fired a bullet into his chest. Police claim Dorismond became belligerent after the undercover cop approached him about buying drugs, however, according to his friend, the cop never identified himself as a police officer.

Ousmane Zongo, Police had targeted the Manhattan storage facility while investigating a CD/DVD pirating operation. Zongo repaired art and musical instruments at the same location but was never implicated in any way in the scheme. The shooter, NYPD officer Bryan Conroy, was disguised as a postal worker. He was guarding a bin of CDs when Zongo appeared to turn on a light. A chase ensued that ended when Zongo ran into a dead end. Conroy shot Zongo four times, twice in the back. Justice Robert H. Straus convicted Conroy of criminally negligent homicide, and was given five years probation.

Timothy Stansbury, Jr. An unarmed 19-year-old New York City man who was shot and killed by New York Police Department Officer Richard S. Neri Jr. on January 24, 2004. Officer Neri and a partner were patrolling the rooftop of a housing project in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn at about 1 a.m. Officer Neri, with his gun drawn, approached a rooftop door to check the stairway inside. Neri testified to a Brooklyn grand jury that he fired his standard Glock 17 pistol unintentionally when he was startled as Stansbury pushed open the rooftop door.

Sean Bell Shot outside a night club just hours before his wedding, 50 bullets fired by five plainclothes NYPD officers, 3 of the 5 charged.

Ernesto Duenez Jr. Killed on June 8, 2011 by police officer John Moody. The dash cam video shows an officer pulling up behind a pick-up truck, and Duenez getting out. The officer tells him to put his hands up, then fires off about a dozen shots, hitting Duenez. $2.2 million settlement. No charges filed.

Orlando Barlow Unarmed and on his knees when he is shot by Las Vegas police officer Brian Hartman. Hartman testified he thought Barlow was fidgeting in his waistband for a gun. The shooting was unanimously ruled justifiable, but Hartman and two other officers were fired after they printed T-shirts with the initials “BDRT” — “Baby’s Daddy Removal Team.”

Aaron Campbell Shot and killed after he emerged from a Northeast Portland apartment where officers had been called to perform a welfare check on a suicidal, armed man. He was running away from police after being bean bagged.

Victor Steen A 17-year-old on a bike was chased by a police officer in a cruiser. When the boy refused to stop, the officer aimed his Taser out the driver's window and fired. The boy fell off the bike and the cruiser ran over him, killing him.

Steven Eugene Washington Shot by gang enforcement officers Allan Corrales and George Diego near Los Angeles' Koreatown shortly after midnight Saturday after he approached them and appeared to remove something from his waistband, police said. No weapon was recovered. Corrales and Diego heard a loud noise while driving in their patrol car and turned around to see Washington. The officers said the 27-year-old was looking around suspiciously and manipulating something in his waist area.

Deandre Brunston and a police dog released to attack him and the sandle (yes, a sandle like the one you where on your foot) he was holding,

Wendell Allen shot unarmed and shirtless on his front porch.

James Brissette, Ronald Madison Six days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, members of the city's police department killed 17-year-old James Brissette and 40-year-old Ronald Madison. Four other people were wounded. All victims were unarmed. Madison, a mentally disabled man, was shot in the back. New Orleans police fabricated a cover-up story for their crime.

Travares McGill- Security guard William Patrick Swofford told investigators he opened fire on 16-year-old Travares McGill last summer because he felt he was in imminent danger. McGill was coming at him in a car, tires squealing. But a review of more than 600 pages of evidence shows that the bullet that killed McGill hit him in the middle of the back and that Swofford kept firing after the car was no longer headed toward him.

Ramarley Graham Officer shot Graham after Narcotics Task Force followed Graham into his home. (security cameras document that police falsely claimed Graham ran away from police.)

Oscar Grant Shot by a transit officer in the back as he was lying face down on the ground.

Emma Hernandez, 71 and Margie Carranza, 47 shot 100 times, survived, $4.7 million settlement.

Flint Farmer An unarmed, 29-year-old man fatally shot by a Chicago Police officer in June 2011 while lying on the ground in a fetal position. $4.1 million settlement.

Andy Lopez A 13 year old shot while holding a toy gun.

Kenneth Harding Jr. Shot after fleeing police after not paying a transit fair in SF.

Bobby Bennett Survived being shot by officer who claimed he lunged after her, tapes showed he was standing still.

Steven Rodriguez Shot and killed after breaking windows at a Carl’s Jr. $875,000 settlement.

Stephon Watts An autistic teen holding a butter knife.

Manuel Loggins Jr. An ADHD patient, shot while unarmed by police getting into his SUV. $4.4 million settlement.

Allen Kephart Died of a heart attack after being tased 16 times on a traffic stop.

Kendrec Lavelle McDade Shot after a 911 caller falsely reported McDade was armed and had stolen his laptop, accuser later saying he said McDade was armed so police would come quicker, lawsuit settled by police.

Lamont Harmon Lawsuit says Harmon answered questions when stopped by police but then turned to walk away. Deputies fired a Taser gun. Harmon feared for his life and ran. The lawsuit goes on to say deputies pulled out their guns, firing 18 shots killing him.

Dane Garrett Scott Jr. Shot in the back after running away from an officer who had disarmed him. Officer got 4 years.

Davinian Williams Officer killed him after pulling him over for driving erratically. A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office internal investigation found that Williams did not follow commands to show his hands or grip the steering wheel, and Edwards believed "there was a clear imminent threat against his life and that Williams had retrieved a weapon from the floorboard." The three-year veteran officer fired seven shots, hitting Williams six times. Police later found cocaine shoved into Williams' socks, but no weapon in his car. Sherriff sought termination of the officer despite DA ruling of justifiable homicide.

Deshone Lamar Travis Police went to Travis' home to question him about a robbery. He was uncooperative. Officers "feared for their life" because Travis backed his car towards them. Officers fatally shot him. Witnesses said Travis was driving no more than 5mph and was no threat. Travis' father told the press that the police had returned his car keys to Travis and so he thought he was free to leave. He was not trying to escape.

Aaron Palmer Shot when a Seminole County Drug Court officer, Ken Cherry entered the home to serve a warrant to his father. Police said he lunged at the officer with a knife. Palmer left behind his wife, Nicole, and a 3 year old daughter, Mia. The shooting of Aaron Palmer was eventually ruled justified, but his family is in the middle of fighting that decision.

Albert Jermaine Payton Police, responding to a report of 'threats to do bodily harm' around 5:45 PM, say they found Payton out on the street, carrying what witnesses describe as a steak or kitchen knife. "Officers) asked the gentleman to put down his knife several times," D.C. Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes told reporters. "He failed to comply and went towards the officers at which time they shot him." Police say Payton was shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital. Some neighbors now wonder if officers could've used a taser to subdue Payton instead of gunfire.

Alonzo Ashley The coroner said his death at the Denver Zoo was a homicide. Police and zoo security surrounded Ashley after he made several irrational comments, attacked a security guard and threw around trash cans. Police said Ashley stopped breathing as they physically restrained him on the ground. He died later at a hospital. Family wanted officers charged with murder. The family was told about the autopsy results and the decision to not file charges.

In the aftermath of Michael Brown's shooting in the streets of Ferguson, MO, bearing witness to how often these tragedies happen is one step toward what really needs to occur; ACKNOWLEDGING WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Please add others who should be remembered below. It's a far bigger list than many would like to acknowledge

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 12:21 AM

1. I feel totally honored to be the first to comment on this


I've been feeling similarly that we need some sort of memorial for all these dead people ... at the hands of
those who pretend to be "protecting and serving" the general public.

I mean WTF? These people had mothers, families who loved them, possibly children, etc. etc.
These are REAL people, who breathed the same air you do.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 01:04 AM

2. Someone I loved and considered my brother -

Patrick William Fitzgerald, age 17, was shot and killed by a police detective in Crystal Lake, Illinois on May 26, 1975. Two men had stolen tires from a car dealership and Patrick and two friends, also 17 years old, were walking later that night and a cop figured they had to be the thieves since they had long hair. Detective Joseph Eisele... The cop's story and the story of the two kids with Patrick were polar opposites. The grand jury chose not to indict the cop, of course.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 11:29 AM

3. Donovan Jackson

Inglewood, CA police officer Jeremy Morse is seen repeatedly punching Jackson, and then picking him up and slamming him down on the back of a police car.


Officer Jeremy Morse was fired, but escaped criminal charges, undisclosed settlement amount.



In a sick opportunistic, manner, the two officers involved, (Jeremy Morse and his partner Bijan Darvish won $2.4 million in a reverse racism suit, claiming a 3rd officer involved was treated differently because he was black.


The pattern that seems to be emerging for me in these cases is two fold:

1). No criminal charges / jail time if charged.
2). Case settled with civil damages.

No one goes to jail, money buys silence. We'll see if this pattern holds true in the Michael Brown case.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 12:34 PM

4. Angie Garbarino

She was assaulted while in police custody, hands behind her back, drunk. I say assaulted because you can see a gash on her head that would not seem likely in a fall, the officer claimed she fell. She "fell" after he turned the camera off.

Original story, and video here:

Second video with sounds of missing tape time here:

Officer Willis was originally fired, but later reinstated with the police board saying HIS rights were violated because polygraph operator Wayne Nissen failed to record his polygraph examination of Willis. Polygrapher Nissen said he was unaware of the police bill of rights or its recording requirements. No charges filed against the officer. $400,000 civil suit settlement. After the officer was reinstated, e.g., got his $56,992 representing 18 months back pay, he subsequently resigned from the Shreverport, LA PD before the appeal could be filed on his reinstatement.



This is number 50 on the wall of shame. The pattern continues...no charges, money makes it go away.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 10:46 PM

5. They need to tear down the LEO memorial in DC

And replace it with this.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:06 PM

6. Darrien Hunt

A 22 year old man shot in the back six times where law enforcement authorities issued a statement saying that the man lunged at officers with a sword.

How you can be shot in the back while lunging towards an officer is beyond me.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:15 PM

7. Bryce Masters

The officer used a stun gun on the 17 year old who is now in critical condition.

Curtis Martes stepped outside to welcome Masters to his house in the 200 block of Southside Boulevard about 3:30 p.m. Sunday, only to find that a police officer had pulled his friend over.

"The cop went up to the passenger window and was like, 'hey, roll down the window,'" Martes said.

However, Martes says Masters couldn't roll it down.

"He doesn't have the cable that allows the electric window to work," Martes said.


It's shocking how this happens nearly every day.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:20 PM

8. Charles James Lang Jr.

A 25 year old man tased while in handcuffs because he would not give the officer his name. A video of the encounter at the link.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:36 PM

9. Joseph Jennings

An 18-year-old suicidal man shot and killed by police officers and sheriff's deputies Saturday evening outside an Ottawa hardware store. Family tried to intervene. Police told them to back off or they would be shot.

The disconnect, once again:
"Why did it take them shooting him 16 times at least for them to bring him down and go and take care of what they needed to take care of?" Jennings' aunt, Brandy Smith said.

Ottawa Police Chief Dennis Butler said officers did what they were trained to do.

"They reacted based upon the training that they've been given from the academy," Butler said. "We were thankful that no officer was injured from protecting themselves from risk of great bodily harm."


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:48 PM

10. Jacorey Calhoun

A 23 year old man, was a robbery suspect, ran from police. In the search for him, he was shot in the head and died at the scene. No word on whether or not he attacked officer or why he was shot.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 07:54 PM

11. Omar Abrego

A 37-year-old father of three, beaten to death by police.

Police version:
“After the vehicle stopped at 69th and Main, the suspect started to flee and the two supervisors caught the individual and an altercation ensued,” LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said. “As a result of that altercation … the suspect had a laceration and that’s one of the reasons they called the ambulance.”

Witness version:
A witness who did not want to be identified said he saw officers strike Abrego’s face while he was down. Cellphone video from the scene appeared to show Abrego bleeding when he was on the ground.

“I witnessed the officer, the sergeant for LAPD, strike the individual twice in the face with his fist. Then officers arrived on the scene,” the witness said. “I saw a lot of blood on the suspect’s face.”

Another witness, who also wished to remain anonymous, added that police appeared to punch the man for about 10 minutes. The witness also told KTLA that officers beat Abrego with a baton.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 08:19 PM

12. Bernard Monroe, Sr.

A 73 year old retired electrical utility worker who was mute because of surgeries undertaken to survive throat cancer, with 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, many of whom were present at a family cookout.

According to the article, police were "instructed to stop and question young black males". "One of these specific targets was 38-year-old Shaun Monroe.", Bernard's son.

Police version:
Shaun Monroe burst out of the front door and was at the front gate when Officer Henry, who was in the yard, hit him with a Taser. Seconds later, Officer Cox reached the front screen door from the inside, witnesses said, as the elder Mr. Monroe was walking up the steps to the porch.

Officer Cox told investigators that the elder Mr. Monroe had picked up a pistol he kept on the porch and was aiming it at Officer Henry.


Family witnesses version:
Mr. Monroe was carrying only a sports drink bottle.

He was shot seven times in the chest. Same ole same ole police have statements to justify their acts in some way and contradicted by other witnesses. How else can you justify shooting a 73 year old man but say he had a gun. And the icing on the cake, there were no warrants or outstanding charges on file for either Mr. Warren or his son, e.g., the officers entered the property illegally.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 08:59 PM

13. Diana Showman

"A 19-year-old woman who was shot and killed by an officer last week during a confrontation in which she claimed to have a gun but was actually carrying a black cordless drill."

How you can't see a drill is beyond me. The officer had "crisis intervention training". This seems like a case of officer panic to me. I can't envision not being able to make out a drill unless I was panicked. None of the other officers on the scene shot their weapons.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 07:35 PM

14. Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Last edited Fri Oct 3, 2014, 02:20 PM - Edit history (1)

A 7 year old child killed by officer Joseph Weekley in a SWAT raid. Second trial is beginning. First trial ended in a hung jury.


Judge dismissed felony charge in the second trial.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 05:15 PM

15. Rekia Boyd

The city has already paid $4.5 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit:

Dante Servin has said he feared for his life after he saw a man point a gun at him not far from his West Side home near Douglas Park early on the morning of March 21, 2012.

Prosecutors: Detective was 'reckless' in fatal off-duty shooting Steve Schmadeke, Stacy St. Clair and Jeremy Gorner But Cook County prosecutors alleged Servin acted recklessly by opening fire over his left shoulder from inside his car into an alley occupied by at least four people. Rekia Boyd, a woman in the group, was fatally shot in the back of the head, and the intended target was holding a cellphone, authorities said.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 06:34 PM

16. Jordan Baker

A 26 year old father, same old story:

Police version (cop is only witness)
The officer soon cornered Baker in a nearby alley, where Jordan allegedly charged at him, prompting the officer to fire. After the shooting, the Houston Police Department said the officer believed Baker matched descriptions of three robbers who’d recently held up stores at the strip mall. As with the suspects, Baker was wearing a black hoodie that evening.

Denying reports that her son charged toward the officer who shot him, Janet said, “I don’t believe that’s what occurred,” she said. “I think that’s him trying justify the outcome of what happened.”

Jordan was a student at Houston Community College. He also had a 7-year-old son and hadn’t been in trouble with the law since high school, according to his mother.

Justifying the outcome is a common theme.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 07:52 PM

17. Frank Alvarado

A 40 year old activist from Salinas, CA. He spoke out about prison budget expansion in CA.

The reported information is particularly disturbing:

Monterey County District Attorney Flippo provided details of the killing today. Salinas Police say they received a report Alvarado was threatening his family in an attempt to "commit suicide by cop". They were also made aware over an emergency call that Alvarado was on meth and that he was threatening to "commit suicide by cop" by holding a cell phone like it was a gun. When they arrived he did that and police say two officers fired, finding the cell phone after shooting him.

Makes no sense if they knew ahead of time why they would shoot him anyway.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 08:38 PM

18. Manuel Angel Diaz

A 25 year old man shot running away from police. This one stinks of the "he was reaching for a gun" excuse.

The Orange County District Attorney's (OCDA) office cleared Anaheim police officer Nick Bennallack in the fatal shooting of Diaz.

Officers Bennallack and Heitmann, believing that criminal activity might be taking place, stopped their police car and got out. As they approached the subjects , Diaz looked towards the officers and then immediately turned and ran away. Officers Bennallack and Heitmann chased Diaz, yelling, "Stop, police." Diaz did not comply; he continued to run away from the officers. The officers saw that as Diaz was running from them, both of his hands were in the area of his front waistband as if he was reaching for something or holding something in his waistband area. The officers suspected Diaz might have a weapon in his waistband.

Diaz continued to run from the officers into the south courtyard of 704 N. Anna Dr., and then rounded a corner to enter the fenced west courtyard of the apartment complex. Officers Bennallack and Heitmann continued to pursue Diaz and continued to order him to stop, but Diaz ignored their commands and continued to look back at them over his shoulder as he ran. After crossing the west courtyard, Diaz stopped in front of the north fence. Still facing away from the officers and with his hands in front of him in the area of his waistband, Diaz began to rotate his head and body toward the officers. Simultaneously, he raised his hands. Officer Bennallack saw an object in Diaz's hands. Believing that Diaz was holding a gun and that he was about to shoot at the officers, Officer Bennallack fired his duty weapon at Diaz, hitting him twice and killing him.

There was no weapon. Who runs with their hands in their waste band?



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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 10:27 PM

19. Valente Galindo

Another shaky "he was pointing a gun at me" shooting.

City pays $900,000 settling lawsuit. Once again no sanction of the officer.

47-year-old Valente Galindo's fingerprints and DNA were notably absent from the gun police police say he gripped. That, along with several other legal problems, prompted city lawyers to urge the council to approve the proposed payout to Galindo's three children.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:08 AM

20. Brandon Marshall

43-year-old with a history of mental problems went outside of his work office:

Described by firefighters as acting "manic," Marshall nonetheless began negotiating with paramedics, who were on the phone with Marshall's father when Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies Kristin Anderson and Aldo Groba arrived.

A wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Marshall's family says that when Anderson approached him from behind, Marshall swung a key fob at her, described as a short, rounded aluminum rod. Groba, a 14-year veteran, then shot Marshall in the stomach.

This scene reminds of a theme I've noticed in Ferguson protests and other brutality cases. The police arrive and the situation escalates.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 02:29 PM

21. Charles Smith

A 29-year-old man, who was shot and killed September 18, 2014 by a Savannah police officer while in custody.

Police version of events:

Police had arrested Smith on outstanding warrants and put him in a patrol car with his hands cuffed behind his back, GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang said in a written statement. Smith was able to move his hands to the front of his body and kick out a window of the patrol car, Lang said.

According to the AP, Lang said officers noticed that Smith had a gun when he tried exiting the patrol car and he was shot by an officer. A gun was found under Smith’s body and the incident was captured on video, Lang said.

Eyewitness version of events

Eyewitness Maurice Williams, 27, said he knew Smith from the neighborhood. He said about 11 a.m. he saw Smith in the back of a police car. He stopped to watch it go by when Smith, who was about 6 feet 7 inches tall, kicked out the window, folded his legs out and pushed on the door.
Williams said the officer exited the patrol car as Smith kicked the window a third time. Williams said he heard the officer say, “Do you want to die?” while he shot Smith in the legs.

Williams said he saw Smith, still handcuffed, escape out the window and fall to the ground. He said the officer fired his weapon three more times, striking Smith in the head and back.

First of all, how does a guy get his handcuffs from behind his back to the front while still cuffed? Second, how does he get a hold of a big gun after the arrest? Certainly he would have been searched. Same ole same ole....


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 02:41 PM

22. Daniel Martin, Jr.

A 47-year-old man from Lawton, Oklahoma was shot and killed by police in March after he called 911 to report vandals outside of his house.

When Mr. Martin spoke with the 911 dispatcher he warned them that he had a gun, and that he would be carrying it just in case the vandals were to break into his home.

However, somewhere this message got lost in translation, because when Martin opened his front door for the police, someone shouted “gun,” and Lawton police officers Elijah Garcia and Anthony Edwards fired multiple rounds, News Oklahoma reported.

No sanctions for the officers, as usual.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 02:52 PM

23. Robert Minjarez Jr.

A 30-year-old man, died in March, 2014 after a scuffle with police in Louisiana.

Earlier this month, she (his mother) was horrified to learn from an 11-page state forensic pathologist's report that Robert Minjarez Jr.'s death was instead a police-caused homicide by suffocation, Cortez said on Wednesday.

"I read to the part where he begged for his life and I just lost it," Cortez said. "It was like he died twice."

The death of Minjarez, who according to the Louisiana Forensic Center's August report repeatedly said "I can't breathe" and pleaded for help while handcuffed and pinned down for about four minutes by three or four police officers, has sparked Louisiana State Police and FBI investigations.

See Eric Garner!


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 03:09 PM

24. Luis Rodriguez

A 44 year old man, died from asphyxia, an attorney for Rodriguez’s widow said at a news conference September 16, 2014.

Police version:

Rodriguez died Feb. 15 following an encounter with five law enforcement officers outside the Warren Theatre in Moore. Three Moore police officers and two game wardens struggled to handcuff Rodriguez in the parking lot.

The state medical examiner said Rodriguez died of a heart condition known as cardiac arrhythmia, brought on by physical restraint. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn announced June 20 he would not file charges against the officers. All of the officers have returned to duty.

Family autopsy

The private autopsy, paid for by the family, was conducted Feb. 20 by Dr. Kyung-Whan Min of Private Autopsy Service in Oklahoma City.

In a cell phone video shot by Rodriguez’s wife, Nair, Luis Rodriguez could be seen lying on his stomach as the officers attempted to handcuff him, pressing his face into the pavement. His position caused positional asphyxia, restricting the movement of his diaphragm, Min wrote in his report.

Min’s report also shows Rodriguez’s lungs appeared collapsed.

At the link, the family attorney discusses multiple instances of the police calling or visiting the medical examiner's office prior to the ME report being released. They have asked for a federal investigation and are going to sue for wrongful death.


My guess is the pattern continues, no officer sanctions, out of court settlement with the family.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 07:40 PM

25. Thomas McClain

A 22-year-old man shot by police on a stake out looking for felons with outstanding warrants on September 17, 2014. Name of the officer has been withheld.

Police version:

"I don't believe that the suspect that was ultimately shot, I don't believe he was one of the warrant subjects," he said. "I would add the caveat that this is still under investigation."

They say they observed McClain having a verbal argument with a man and say that McClain appeared to have a handgun on him.

"So fearing that there was going to be a level of violence, the officers felt that they needed to intervene at some point and make sure that things weren't going to get worse. And so they called in additional officers from their position where they could talk to the guy with the gun. And they gave him clear direction, 'We see the gun and don't move toward it.' And unfortunately, tragic events unfolded from there," said Police Chief Andrew Mills with the Eureka Police Department.

Eureka Police say a weapon was recovered.

Family Eyewitness:

Nichole Mottern, tells a different story. She says he did not have a gun on him, only a cell phone. She also says he was hard of hearing and didn’t have his hearing aide in during the shooting.

"There were lights shining in my home and i walked out and went running outside and they told me to put my hands up and my cousin came walking out trying to see what was going on from the side of the porch. And they were just yelling and screaming. There were all kinds of cops. And he went walking out towards the grass and he started to put his hands up and they opened fire on him. They yelled, 'he's got a gun!' and opened fire and he didn't have a gun in his hand or anything. He was putting his hands up," said Mottern.

I don't know how the family can get even a feeling of justice here. The "he's got a gun!" followed up by an alleged gun retrieval versus the cousin's statement he was holding a cell phone seems like it will not be resolved in favor of the victim. However, the fact that he was not the subject of a warrant and putting hands up to me, seems to be the act of an innocent person. Also, where is this mystery "other man"? This case is just another example, in my mind of a rush to deadly force by the police. There has to be a better way to approach people!



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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 07:45 PM

26. Thanks to the OP, who did such great work, and to everyone who added.

I am heartbroken that these things still happen.


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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Sep 27, 2014, 06:50 PM

27. Cameron Tillman

14 year old boy, opened the door of the abandoned house he was in with his buddies when an officer knocked. The officer shot him. He was unarmed.


There was a BB gun in the house. Naturally the cop says Cameron was holding it. The kids say it was on a table.

Same ole, same ole

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Oct 7, 2014, 05:11 PM

28. Dillon Taylor

...unarmed 20-year-old from Salt Lake City who was shot by a police officer just days after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was walking away from cops when he was shot dead. Despite the footage and witnesses’ claims, District Attorney Sam Gill ruled on Tuesday that the shooting was justified, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

He did not hear the officers tell him to stop right away because he was listening to music on headphones.

He adjusted his pants, so the shooting was justified according to DA. He was unarmed.



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Response to GitRDun (Reply #28)

Fri Nov 28, 2014, 06:08 PM

34. Officer cleared of all charges.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:20 AM

29. Kelly Thomas. Fullerton, CA. RIP Kelly. You will


Last edited Wed Oct 29, 2014, 01:10 AM - Edit history (1)

not be forgotten:

Kelly Thomas (April 5, 1974 – July 10, 2011) was a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia who lived on the streets of Fullerton, California. He died after being beaten by Jay Cicinelli, Manuel Ramos, and Joseph Wolfe, three members of the Fullerton Police Department, on July 5, 2011. Thomas was taken to St. Jude Medical Center before being transferred to the UC Irvine Medical Center, where he was comatose on arrival and not expected to recover. He never regained consciousness, and died on July 10, 2011.


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Response to KingCharlemagne (Reply #29)

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 07:48 PM

31. wonder what these assholes are doing now

last i heard Ramos was chased out of a Dennys by people angry over him being a killer.

some city council members were recalled and voted out of office.

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Response to JI7 (Reply #31)

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 09:05 PM

32. They've probably found employment further down the coast. I followed the Facebook


Operation Fullerton page for awhile but then it seemed to start getting all Cop Block\Ron Paul-ish and I just gradually trailed off. I hope his poor father is finally able to find some peace, but I doubt it will come any time soon.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 01:31 AM

30. Kajieme Powell

On Tuesday (August 19, 2014), 25-year-old Kajieme Powell was shot by St. Louis police responding to a call that he had stolen two canned energy drinks and a packet of pastries from a local convenience store. As a video of the incident reveals, Powell had been stalking the sidewalk in front of the store, the cans on the ground before him, when the police arrived. A few moments later, he was dead.


WARNING: Graphic video footage of the killing in article.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 02:06 AM

33. Tamir Rice

Last edited Sat Dec 6, 2014, 02:42 PM - Edit history (2)


Tamir Rice. Kid had an airsoft gun.

Updated information here:


A Cleveland police officer fatally shot Tamir Rice immediately after leaving his moving patrol car while his partner stayed at the wheel, surveillance video shows.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 04:10 AM

35. Amadou Diallo

shot for pulling a black wallet out of his jacket to show his ID to the cops.

More listed at the bottom of this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Amadou_Diallo

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 05:47 AM

36. May they all rest in peace.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 06:41 AM

37. Akai Gurley


Akai Gurley, Unarmed Man, Shot By NYPD

NEW YORK (AP) — Stunned relatives of an unarmed man killed by a rookie police officer in a dark public housing stairwell looked on as the Rev. Al Sharpton and public officials demanded a full investigation Saturday into what law enforcement officials have termed an apparent accident.


Officer Peter Liang and his partner, also new to the force, were patrolling a pitch-dark stairwell with flashlights late Thursday, police said. Gurley, 28, was leaving his girlfriend's apartment after she had braided his hair, according to the girlfriend, who is not his daughter's mother.

Police said the officers walked down the stairs onto an eighth-floor landing when Gurley and his girlfriend opened a stairwell door one floor down, after giving up on waiting for an elevator. Police said Liang, patrolling with his gun drawn, fired without a word and apparently by accident, hitting Gurley from a distance of about 10 feet.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Dec 6, 2014, 02:41 PM

38. Wayne A. Jones

A 50-year-old man who was tased, shot and killed by Martinsburg Police in West Virginia, in March 2013.

Wayne had no warrants for his arrest and had committed no crimes.
Wayne had no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Judge states in her Order for Summary Judgement “NO KNIFE WAS EVER PRODUCED”

Approximately 50 conflicting material statements by LEO in State Police File, Depositions and videos.

Case illegitimately thrown out because a RESPONSE to a discovery request was deemed to have been filed ‘one’ day late.

Dashcam videos admittedly “altered” by West Virginia State Police prior to releasing them to family.

Officer allegedly stabbed stated, in fact, “He was not stabbed” on the video and Medical file refutes any treatment for cuts/stabbing.

Officer states they shot him because “he was just fuck’in laying there and wouldn’t do nothin”.“

Bullet fragments/pieces found on front of Wayne’s shirt – furthering the reality that he was lying face down when (5) Cops shot him 23 times.



As usual, the grand jury chose not to indict the officers.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Dec 6, 2014, 02:49 PM

39. Rumain Brisbon

A 34, year old man died after being shot twice by an officer who police said thought Brisbon had a gun.

Police said it appeared Brisbon took something from the rear of SUV when he got out. The officer drew his weapon, saying Brisbon reached into the waistband of his pants. The two struggled and the cop fired, believing Brisbon had a gun, but which turned out to be a vial of pills.

Dickerson told HuffPost that the officer didn't approach the SUV before the shooting and that Brisbon had already hopped out to bring food from McDonald's to his daughter. Dickerson was unaware that a cop was nearby, let alone struggling with Brisbon, until he heard a yell followed quickly by a gunshot.


Another "reached for the waistband" defense....heavy sigh.

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Response to GitRDun (Original post)

Sat Dec 6, 2014, 03:28 PM

40. Bernard Bailey

A 54 year old man shot in the town hall parking lot in May 2011 after arguing and scuffling with the officer over a traffic ticket previously issued to Bailey's daughter.

Combs had already been indicted in August 2013 in connection with the shooting on a misconduct in office charge, with a grand jury finding that his use of deadly force was unjustified, according to court records.

The former chief has argued he shot Bailey in self defense, but a judge recently rejected his "Stand Your Ground" claim in the earlier case.

A rare indictment.


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