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Sun Aug 31, 2014, 11:51 AM


Congress is not going to "Undo" the Lucerative Corp Tax Loop Holes for the Wealthy Elite


The only way the Equation Works is through USA's Corporate Tax Loop holes which allow Dummy Corporate Offices in 3rd party countries to claim the bulk of the mark up in value without ever receiving, processing, or touching the goods.

My friend I went to school with years ago is an R&D engineer for 1 of the Biggest names in the business. (in fact he asked me for my resume and I said No) He tells me the cost of doing business overseas is 10x the cost of doing business here in the USA.

A Chip Manufacturing Facility MUST include the following infrastructure not provided by the host country

1. Power Plant - 25 - 50 Megawatts
2. Water Treatment Plant
3. Housing for Key workers (Management)
4. Facility Transportation (Goods and Workers to and from airports and port of entry)
5.Security - operating Private Security for the facility, American Workers (at work and home) and even the schools the dependents enroll in
6. The physical facility itself (since ready made industrial/commercial space is non-existent)

Additional cost will include

1. Educating Workers - look at the campus Cisco Systems paid for in China
2. Health Clinic for workers
3. Government Kick-Backs
4. Guarding against Intellectual Property Theft
5. Numerous USA litigation cost to prevent "Knock-Off" products from hitting the shelves

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