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Mon May 30, 2016, 09:11 AM May 2016

If you were going to make an anti-Trump ad, how would it go?

Here's mine:

White letters on a black screen:

"We, the undersigned....

Colin Powell appears on screen and speaks the rest of the line:

"believe that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as commander-in-Chief"

Follow Trump with other high ranking ex-military each speaking a line from the letter about why trump is dangerous.

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If you were going to make an anti-Trump ad, how would it go? (Original Post) cali May 2016 OP
I like your proposal. And it would saltpoint May 2016 #1
I'm all for pounding on his unfitness, 24-7 cali May 2016 #2
Justifiably so, IMO. Carry on! eom saltpoint May 2016 #3
Twitter screen shot.... Wounded Bear May 2016 #4
This one. Brickbat May 2016 #5
That's fucking great cali May 2016 #10
Developing your concept: no_hypocrisy May 2016 #6
Nothing but images a video of Trump and his crowds, flashing to similar images of Nazi brewens May 2016 #7
Two-Faced Trump. nolabear May 2016 #8
I like that a lot cali May 2016 #11
I'm just stunned that people don't seem to see that. nolabear May 2016 #12
Great idea! patricia92243 May 2016 #13
I really have no idea. Donald Ian Rankin May 2016 #9

Wounded Bear

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4. Twitter screen shot....
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:21 AM
May 2016

Breaking News! @DonaldTrump just got off the hot line with Pootie. We're going into Ukraine and it's going to be HHYYYUGGEEE!


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6. Developing your concept:
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:23 AM
May 2016

Colin Powell personally addressing Trump supporters:

HE'S LYING TO YOU. HE'S LYING TO YOU ALL. He thinks you're stupid and you don't think. I know otherwise and here is what Donald Trump is not telling you: [ /b]

And so on.


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7. Nothing but images a video of Trump and his crowds, flashing to similar images of Nazi
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:24 AM
May 2016

rallies and Hitler. One image in particular is a closeup shot of this German woman that is totally captivated by Hitler. The look on her face and in her eyes is remarkable. I've noticed her many times when watching documentaries. It's from well known and frequently shown Nuremberg rally footage. I'm willing to bet that you could find a woman with a similar look on her face in a Trump crowd. Flash back and forth between the two mesmerized women to emphasize that it's the same thing happening in two different era's. Maybe the only audio being the cheering of the crowds.


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8. Two-Faced Trump.
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:28 AM
May 2016

I'd do a split screen of him saying two exactly opposite things at the same time. Let it run for a time and then have the voiceover:

"Two-Faced Trump: If you vote for one, you get them both. Which one will he be when you need him?"


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12. I'm just stunned that people don't seem to see that.
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:51 AM
May 2016

Even the old "Oh, he's just plain spoken. He doesn't mean the stuff I don't want to hear" argument has to break down sometime. If nothing else this whole thing has put a real focus on how people can split off parts of their consciousness and pretend their hero will swoop in and validate their desires even as he gives every indication that he gives not a single fuck about them.

Donald Ian Rankin

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9. I really have no idea.
Mon May 30, 2016, 09:30 AM
May 2016

I don't understand Trump's appeal, and therefore I find it hard to accurately assess what would and wouldn't undermine it.

Partly, of course, it depends on your goal - boosting anti-Trump turnout, suppressing Trump turnout, or reaching waverers who, while decreasingly few in number, are still far from extinct, and are effectively worth twice as much per capita.

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