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Thu Jul 20, 2017, 02:28 PM

No Shelter for Trump

(A) “It is possible that Trump is furious about the past recusal, and that the current hearings have him more upset than usual. But it is also possible – and even more likely, I think – that Trump has attempted to speak to Sessions about the investigations, and that Sessions is refusing to engage in these. 

“That would seem to be a more realistic reason why Sessions would offer to resign at this time. Simply changing the Attorney General now would not stop the investigation. But the offer to resign would be a polite way for Sessions to tell Trump that he's looking out for his own best interests now, not Trump's.  “
“Sessions”; June 7, 2017


Rumors serve as currency in Washington, DC. However, as tempting as it may be to speculate that Trump is planning to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions with OJ Simpson, I won't go there. For yesterday's NY Times interview with Trump provided far more important information that should be of real interest to us.

First, it is evident that Trump is becoming increasingly paranoid. Clearly, he is paranoid by nature: he projects his own underhandedness upon those he views as competitors. As his sense of his ability to control events – and others – evaporates, he applies his tactics to people like James Comey. In his mind, Mr. Comey became J. Edgar Hoover reincarnate. Comey was looking to hold information over him.

Second, Sessions has become a bigger problem than he had ever imagined when Trump appointed him. It's not that Trump was unaware that, at very least, Sessions had a conflict of interest that would cause him to recuse himself; Trump felt that Sessions should simply lie, no matter what. In Trump's mind, such lying is a sign of loyalty to him.

But after Trump fired Mr. Comey, with Sessions' loyal assistance, people in the administration began to quietly lawyer-up. This included Sessions. And then, as we've seen, Trump began to direct much of his anger at Sessions.

That anger has recently grown into rage. Trump expressed his dislike of Sessions and Rosenstein in an interview that he knew would become public immediately. This, at a time when Mueller's team has likely begun discussions with the pair about what Trump said when he tasked them with providing him cause to fire Comey ….because Donald was upset with how Comey spoke about Hillary Clinton the previous year.

Rosenstein has said previously that he recognized he may become a witness in Mueller's investigation. This could only apply within the context of his experience since Trump appointed him. He will not lie to help Trump. Sessions' role is obviously longer and far more involved; it goes back to early in the Trump campaign. Judging by his brief press conference today, he is not going to place Trump's well-being above his own.

(B) “Spider webs are fascinating. They come in various shapes and sizes. Often, one can see the spider that constructed the web sitting, waiting patiently. But, even if the web appears empty, one can be sure that a spider built the web. For there are no spider webs without associated spiders. 

“There are no criminal webs without criminals. At times, these webs of corruption and deceit are seen sans the criminals that have constructed them. Thus, investigations to untangle such criminal webs can take time. Investigations want to identify all the evidence required to trap the criminals in their web, and to convict them. “
Spider Webs; June 20, 2017


As a child, I learned how to judge if a storm was coming – and how close it was – by watching a spider's web, to measure if it was shaking. It is about as accurate as the Weather Channel.

The web that Donald thought he was building to empower himself and his family members is beginning to shake more often, and with more intensity, than it has in previous months. There is a storm coming. And, as ignorant as Trump is about the Natural World, he seems to be aware of this coming storm.

Like previous tyrants in human history, Trump spread himself too thin. He has obligations within the United States, as well as to the tyrant in Russia. His inability to repay Putin's investment in his campaign as promised is also beginning to shake that web. Hence, his curious decision regarding the US role in Syria, and today's visit to the Pentagon.

Enjoy the storm!

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Response to H2O Man (Original post)

Thu Jul 20, 2017, 03:09 PM

1. I like your metaphor of the spider web

predicting the coming storm.

I tend to visualize Mueller's investigation as the Eye of Sauron searching for the Ring.

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Response to TeapotInATempest (Reply #1)

Thu Jul 20, 2017, 03:14 PM

2. Thank you!

I had to "google" the Eye of Sauron, but that works, too!

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Response to H2O Man (Original post)

Fri Jul 21, 2017, 10:54 AM

3. Can you explain the Syria decision

in a little bit more depth?

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Response to coeur_de_lion (Reply #3)

Fri Jul 21, 2017, 11:37 AM

4. I can try.

However, there are three reasons why my feeble attempt may fail. First, I was so surprised that someone responded to this OP that I almost had a bloody heart attack. Second, it's complex. And third, I have but a meager, shallow, and erroneous grasp of politics. But I'll try.

Much of the violence that is harming the good people of Syria is rooted in a dispute over the control of an "energy pipeline" in Syria. Shocking, I know. Two competing interests from outside of Syria were seeking to have control of it. For sake of this discussion, we shall call one of them the USA Inc., and the other Russia-Iran. We could use any names, of course, but those seem adequate.

The USA Inc. team knew the Syrian "leader" was a shithead, but so long as they stood to profit, they were okay with him. But when he leaned towards allowing the Russia-Iran team control, the USA Inc. team found his abuses unacceptable. Then a third team, which we'll call ISIS, joined in the ball game, and immediately showed they were unwilling to follow the rules of civilized society in warfare. They hate the USA and Russian teams for their freedoms, I think.

The US team became invested in arming rebels, and sending a significant number of their best players to assist them as "advisers," kind of like the advisers the US sent to play against Vietnam in the 1950s and early '60s. Think of them as referees. Just with weapons.

Russia and Iran sent referees with no respect for the USA team's rules. This, of course, has led to horrible violence that primarily has resulted in the suffering of innocent people who simply want to live with their families in their ancestoral lands. None of the three teams has shown much concern for these people.

It appears that Trump accepted Putin's concept of bringing about "peace" through a cease-fire, which includes Trump's agreeing to stop arming the USA Inc. team. I do not pretend to know The Answer to the horrors in Syria. But I think it's curious that Trump & friends have long had close relationships with the energy barons in Russia, including those that assisted the Trump campaign. It strikes me as odd. What do you think?

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Response to H2O Man (Reply #4)

Fri Jul 21, 2017, 12:12 PM

5. Sorry about the heart attack

I only meant to cause a mild stroke.

I think Trump's withdrawal of US advisors to Syria is a very clear indication that he is indeed in collusion with Russia.

This more than anything else he's done -- and he has done a considerable amount of "things" that indicate he is more loyal to Putin than he is to his own country -- is a huge giant red flag waving frantically and should have every man woman and child in this country very alarmed.

But it doesn't. Because our new normal is, Russia is our ally and their needs are equal to if not more important than our own.

It only took 6 months for Trump to completely betray his country.

OR it might be more accurate to say he was betraying us long before he took office.

And so, I am going back to work now. I am hoping that when I wake up tomorrow morning Russian is not a required language in our public schools.

That was an exaggeration but not really. We are so screwed I can't stand to think about it.

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