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US Firm that paid indicted FBI informant tied to Trump Associates, records reveal (Original Post) surfered Mar 2024 OP
Is the name Smear-nov genuine? bucolic_frolic Mar 2024 #1
Of course though - if you ask Republicans, it's the gospel truth from on high. peppertree Mar 2024 #6
In Soviet Russia... Diraven Mar 2024 #18
*snort* peppertree Mar 2024 #19
No such thing as Soviet Russia soldierant Mar 2024 #23
He was referring to the joke of Yakov Smirnov DFW Mar 15 #29
He very well may - I am familiar with the joke. soldierant Mar 16 #31
Not very many NanaCat Mar 16 #32
Shocked. Shocked, I tells ya! Maeve Mar 2024 #2
Just shocked spinbaby Mar 2024 #9
Influence pedaling, and money laundering, and Russian pals, Oh My! Ford_Prefect Mar 2024 #3
... BumRushDaShow Mar 2024 #4
From the article UpInArms Mar 2024 #5
Yes, good picture at link. Summarized in text: Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2024 #13
Now... will the U.S. media even bother reporting it? kysrsoze Mar 2024 #7
It is extracted from article in the W.S.J. and Guardian. 3Hotdogs Mar 2024 #20
The Guardian is BlueMTexpat Mar 15 #25
Is Johnson and gym jim going to investigate this ? republianmushroom Mar 2024 #8
Of course they will! SergeStorms Mar 15 #26
Follow the money Pachamama Mar 2024 #10
Isn't this like impeachment #1? Where Trump tried to blackmail Zelenskyy into inventing dirt .... Botany Mar 2024 #11
That was my first thought as well. SergeStorms Mar 15 #27
Kind of a huge story Johnny2X2X Mar 2024 #12
Open the link and read!!!! Other names pop up. Grins Mar 2024 #14
I've always said Pompeo is the Captain Zero Mar 2024 #21
Well well orangecrush Mar 2024 #15
Some nice details of this web of deceit at Emptywheel InstantGratification Mar 2024 #16
K & R pecosbob Mar 2024 #17
Kick dalton99a Mar 2024 #22
CNN HandmaidsTaleUntold Mar 2024 #24
Contrary to what right-wing nuts believe.... SergeStorms Mar 15 #28
Right Wing Owns All Media HandmaidsTaleUntold Mar 15 #30


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29. He was referring to the joke of Yakov Smirnov
Fri Mar 15, 2024, 08:56 AM
Mar 15

A Soviet Jew who came to the USA during the Soviet era, Smirnov made a living doing comedy pretending not to understand the difference between the two countries. One of his more memorable jokes was “in America, you can always find (a) party. In Soviet Union, (the) Party always finds YOU.”

That became a standard joke in many parts of the States for a decade or more. THAT is what the poster was referring to. I am quite sure he knows the difference between the Soviet Union and post-1991 Russia.


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9. Just shocked
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 11:38 AM
Mar 2024

As the famous line goes: I'm shocked! Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.


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3. Influence pedaling, and money laundering, and Russian pals, Oh My!
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 10:56 AM
Mar 2024

I found the alleged $2 Billion offer to be very interesting indeed. Especially when you take into account Trump's proclivity for saying out loud outrageous things he later does.

“Hussein, Damac, a friend of mine, a great guy. I was offered $2bn to do a deal in Dubai, a number of deals, and I turned it down,” Trump said in 2017.

We also can see the hidden finances driving Trump Media. I once made the remark that Dubai, among others, was a place to look for Trump's off-shore cash. I am not surprised to find that I was on the money in that statement. It may also explain why he seems so blasé about the cash he is supposed to pay in the Financial Fraud case.


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5. From the article
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 11:14 AM
Mar 2024
Condon, Arjomand and Khan registered ETT Investment Holding Limited in the UK on 6 March 2020. Khan, an investor who purchased the Plaza Hotel in 2018, and Arjomand have ties to Donald Trump through Trump associates and Damac, a major Middle East developer that has partnered with Trump for a decade. Arjomand, Khan and Condon owned 34%, 33% and 33% of ETT Investment Holding Limited respectively, according to UK business filings. No other information on the UK company is readily available.

Former Damac chairman Hussain Sajwani is also close to Trump and has been described as his friend in multiple news reports. Trump has called the billionaire a “friend” and a “great man”, and his family “the most beautiful people”.

Sajwani attended Trump’s 2016 inauguration, and Trump’s sons Donald Jr and Eric Trump attended the 2017 ribbon-cutting of the Trump International golf club in Dubai, licensed by Damac in 2014. Sajwani and his family also attended a party in 2017 at Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s sons would go on to attend Sajwani’s daughter’s wedding in 2018.

(Picture at the link shows the following people)

Hussain Sajwani, far right, with Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in February 2017. Photograph: AP

Bernardo de La Paz

(49,303 posts)
13. Yes, good picture at link. Summarized in text:
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 12:26 PM
Mar 2024

Alexander Smirnov
| Received $600,000 from:
ETT (Texas)
| Whose CEO is:
Christopher Condon
| Who is 33% shareholder in:
ETT Investment Holding (London)
| Along with:
Shahal Kahn & Farooq Arjomand
| Who both have ties to:
Donald tRump


(19,217 posts)
26. Of course they will!
Fri Mar 15, 2024, 06:54 AM
Mar 15

They just hate this sort of thing, and I'm sure a complete investigation of Trump's finances is already in the works.

Yeah, right. They're most likely trying to tie it to Joe and/or Hunter Biden. It's only a crime or problem if Democrats do it. The Big Orange Pig's outright bribery is of no concern. That's covered in the Constitution, and the Supreme Court agrees.


(70,887 posts)
11. Isn't this like impeachment #1? Where Trump tried to blackmail Zelenskyy into inventing dirt ....
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 12:03 PM
Mar 2024

…. on the Bidens? And help Putin @ the same time too. And didn’t Trump, the GOP,
and the right wing and the mainstream media use made up Russian propaganda in

Btw did Johnson, Comer, Gym Jordan, and so on know about these Trump connected
payments when they were using Smirnov for their “get Biden” hearings? The payments
were in 2020 they had to have known about them.

People need to be in jail for this shit or at the very least thrown out of Congress.

Cheating mother fuckers.


(19,217 posts)
27. That was my first thought as well.
Fri Mar 15, 2024, 06:59 AM
Mar 15

But it's only a crime if they can tie it to Joe and/or Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump and his finances are as pure as the fallen snow. Just ask him and his cult members in the House and Senate. 🙄


(7,369 posts)
14. Open the link and read!!!! Other names pop up.
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 01:18 PM
Mar 2024

Two jumped out at me:
- Paul Manafort, and
- Mike Pompeo.

As well as the usual suspects, Junior and Eric Trump.

24. CNN
Thu Mar 14, 2024, 10:39 PM
Mar 2024

CNN should just be about who paid this guy. Eff Comer and Jordan. They are scum. They need more pressure than the left gives. They need to feel fear for their crimes.


(19,217 posts)
28. Contrary to what right-wing nuts believe....
Fri Mar 15, 2024, 07:04 AM
Mar 15

the left does not control the media. If we did, Donald Trump would already justifiably be in prison.

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