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Stuart G

(38,647 posts)
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 11:26 AM Jan 2014

Water Is The Enemy, Gatordade Mobil Game Tells Youth

Huff Post:
Nancy Huehnergarth,
posted 1/8/14


If you thought Big Soda's decades-long "War on Water" -- part of their strategy to increase sales of soda and other bottled drinks -- couldn't get any worse, you were wrong. The latest assault, courtesy of PepsiCo, is in the form of a mobile game for youth that brands water as the enemy of athletic performance.

According to a case study video posted on the 2013 Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Awards Winners Gallery, bronze award-winner Gatorade took action after learning that teen athletes often choose "to drink water during practice because they thought it provided the proper hydration they needed."

Of course, for all but a minute percentage of youth athletic endeavors (such as a marathon or all-day soccer tournament) water is the ideal choice for proper hydration, but that didn't faze sugary drink brand Gatorade one bit. In an effort to change hearts and minds, as well as further increase parent company PepsiCo's enormous profits, Gatorade brand managers asked media agency OMD to drive home the following message to youth athletes: Gatorade is superior to water.

So, PepsiCo doesn't make enough money. So it takes on real water. Now Nestles already is taking on real tap water by selling the bottled water variety. So PepsiCo wants Gatorade to join that club. I am not sure, but PepsiCo probably sells the bottled water kind too. Amazing people prefer buying a bottle of this or that for a dime or whatever, instead of pouring it from the tap into a container.

Well it is their money, not mine. I still use the tap stuff.

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Water Is The Enemy, Gatordade Mobil Game Tells Youth (Original Post) Stuart G Jan 2014 OP
This event was fortold to us by a documentary from the future... KurtNYC Jan 2014 #1
Wonderful find from Idiocracy...funny and truthful movie..thank you for posting this nt. Stuart G Jan 2014 #3
That was my first thought. Solly Mack Jan 2014 #9
It's got electrolytes! Plants love it. kysrsoze Jan 2014 #2
Did you know that bottled soap is also better than a bar of soap. ? Stuart G Jan 2014 #11
People Are Uninformed erpowers Jan 2014 #4
Several years ago, Consumer Reports rated water. Stuart G Jan 2014 #5
New York City is famous for the quality of its water jmowreader Jan 2014 #10
We stopped buying bottled water early last year and bought a Brita. kcass1954 Jan 2014 #6
It's insidious. Aristus Jan 2014 #7
Thank you for posting your experience.. Stuart G Jan 2014 #8
My kids and I CRK7376 Jan 2014 #12

Stuart G

(38,647 posts)
11. Did you know that bottled soap is also better than a bar of soap. ?
Tue Jan 14, 2014, 11:09 AM
Jan 2014

It's got anti-bacterial properties...and costs 3 to 4 times as much as bar..(lasts much less, need to buy more.))

Oh, oh, that part is not to be discussed.

Let's see.............much more convenient.

Yes, that is it, more convenient....


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4. People Are Uninformed
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 04:35 PM
Jan 2014

Many people who drink bottled water are uninformed about bottled water versus tap water. Many people think all bolted water comes from some natural spring somewhere in the country. Many people do not realize that a number of bottled water companies just sell them tap water. In addition, many people think tap water is dirty and/or contaminated. So, it seems that most people drink bottled water because they think they have to do so.

Stuart G

(38,647 posts)
5. Several years ago, Consumer Reports rated water.
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 04:50 PM
Jan 2014

I recall that there were many tests and comparisons. This was before the recent war on water by soda companies and Nestles. Because at that time, New York City's got its water from some location far away in a reservoir and piped in (and I do not know if this is still true), and purified again, or something like that; its tap water was purer and better tasting than any of the bottled water tested or any other localities that were tested. Yep, New York City tap water.. Where I live, we get our water from a suburb that gets it from Lake Michigan. Chicago's water is filtered at two filtration plants. It is ok.. You know..it is what it is.????? As you said, people are uninformed.


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6. We stopped buying bottled water early last year and bought a Brita.
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 04:59 PM
Jan 2014

We used to buy spring water because Mr. k thought it was better than our tap water. I think our tap water tastes fine and didn't mind filling a pitcher to keep in the fridge. We've saved a ton of money since then, not to mention how much less plastic we send to Mt. Trashmore.


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7. It's insidious.
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 05:25 PM
Jan 2014

I can't tell you how many patients I have, including and especially diabetics, who chug down Gatorade all day every day because they've been told it's a health drink.

I tell them the truth about how bad it is for them. I tell them never to drink it.

It was originally formulated for marathon runners, and even they don't drink it; they drink water. I have a classmate from PA School who runs marathons, and she avoids Gatorade like the plague.

I tell my patients that if they see tennis players or football players drinking Gatorade or other "energy" drinks, it's because they're getting paid millions of dollars to do so. And they probably switch to water when the cameras are off.

If reference to Idiocracy above, I actually had a patient once protest my opposition to Gatorade by saying: "But it's got electrolytes!" I had to restrain a chuckle...

Stuart G

(38,647 posts)
8. Thank you for posting your experience..
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 06:23 PM
Jan 2014

It is hard to believe so many people do not know, "...the truth about how bad it is for them." ..your words. I guess people are totally ignorant about a lots of things ,,,. ...electrolytes....indeed............


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12. My kids and I
Tue Jan 14, 2014, 02:47 PM
Jan 2014

are fine with our well water in a Nalgene bottle or a glass in the kitchen....Kids are 24yo grad school student, a college sophomore and a high school sophomore and myself always hitting the facuet or water dispenser on the refrig....Now my wife prefers the Costco/DeerPark water bottles. Makes me crazy buying water in a bottle....But we also drink lots of gatorade/powerade, especially after a long day of mowing/weedeater/chainsaw work.

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