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Wed Sep 11, 2013, 08:42 PM Sep 2013


Written before official count.


When I saw the smoke rise
Across the river,
I saw a smokescreen rise.

Use it to cover the desperate agenda
Of a hand that is closed on a time that is gone.

6000 people killed twice,
Once on that Tuesday and once as we write
Their names on the bombs that we drop on Kabul.

When I saw the ash fall and smelled what I can't say,
I saw a Trojan Horse made.

Stuff it with clutching and fear-informed measures
Of a dying self-righteous, leftover regime.

6000 people killed twice,
Once on that day and once as we use them
As a reason to hold 800 without bond.

When I saw Mark Roger Wells, hung up with duct tape
On the side of a pay phone
And I knew that he was loved...

When I heard the choked voice of loss turned to sound byte
And I lost the heart to write...

When "United we stand" is a pizza box slogan
And I wake up ten times a night...

There are 6000 people killed twice,
Once on that Tuesday and once if we fear
To say, "This isn't justice and this isn't right."
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