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"If you think this country's bad off now just wait til I get through with it" (Original Post) Gidney N Cloyd Aug 2016 OP
Go Cubs! n/t Peregrine Took Aug 2016 #1
Duck Soup is one of the top ten comedies of all time. Onyrleft Aug 2016 #2
I've always loved those guys. rusty quoin Aug 2016 #3
I Thought About Duck Soup A Lot While Dubya Was President Vogon_Glory Sep 2016 #4

rusty quoin

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3. I've always loved those guys.
Wed Aug 31, 2016, 11:05 PM
Aug 2016
I will not stand for anything that's crooked or unfair.
I'm strictly on the up and up so everyone beware.
If anyone's caught taking graft and I don't get my share,
we stand them up against the wall and pop goes the weasel.


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4. I Thought About Duck Soup A Lot While Dubya Was President
Thu Sep 1, 2016, 04:37 AM
Sep 2016

I thought about Duck Soup a LOT while George Dubya was President.
The actions of the Republica Congress and the servile, gutless lame-stream corporate media reminded me of the Marx Brothers movie, only turned into a black comedy on the cosmic scale.

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