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Sat Dec 3, 2022, 08:40 AM Dec 2022

Jack Smith makes IMMEDIATE DEMAND to Corrupt Judge Cannon After Her Court of Appeals Humiliation

Special Counsel Jack Smith and the DOJ filed a motion with the corrupt federal judge Aileen Cannon requesting she extend certain deadlines in the stolen document case to allow the statutory time to elapse for the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Order that she has no jurisdiction take effect. MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports. - Meidas Touch.

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Jack Smith makes IMMEDIATE DEMAND to Corrupt Judge Cannon After Her Court of Appeals Humiliation (Original Post) Rhiannon12866 Dec 2022 OP
Can you imagine SheltieLover Dec 2022 #1
Just looking at his stern face gives me the jitters and I never tried to overthrow anything! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2022 #2
Yes! SheltieLover Dec 2022 #4
Quick Action Roy Rolling Dec 2022 #3
A fourteen minute video to breathlessly explain what? I am not enthused lostnfound Dec 2022 #5
Not old as dirt WA-03 Democrat Dec 2022 #7
We didn't see the same movie before. In the original, Donald Trump was President pnwmom Dec 2022 #20
Trump WA-03 Democrat Dec 2022 #21
yeah, but you gotta start somewhere azureblue Dec 2022 #8
Well said--and true. Lonestarblue Dec 2022 #11
So fucking right. ananda Dec 2022 #12
Beautifully written and IMO accurate. But there is a new generation beginning to emerge now. housecat Dec 2022 #18
+1 CrispyQ Dec 2022 #19
" ... that she has no jurisdiction take effect." Botany Dec 2022 #6
she stands to suffer azureblue Dec 2022 #9
Much downside for her. paleotn Dec 2022 #13
+1. Cannon is corrupt, not stupid. dalton99a Dec 2022 #10
it is possible to be both bringthePaine Dec 2022 #14
I think all stupid people are not corrupt, but all corrupt people are stupid. housecat Dec 2022 #15
Right-on! Lots of inmates with very high IQ's. Also highly educated idiots. LoL 2live is 2fly Dec 2022 #16
The was a procedural motion Wibly Dec 2022 #17


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1. Can you imagine
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 08:50 AM
Dec 2022

Having broken laws (you know, like trying to overthrow the US government!) & having SC Smith coming after you?

I hope tfg & all the magats have nightmares every time they try to sleep!


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4. Yes!
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 09:09 AM
Dec 2022

He doesn't strike me as one who would even consider trading democracy for a pile of crappy rubles!

I'm feeling he is as no bs as this pix!

for traitors or haters!

Roy Rolling

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3. Quick Action
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 09:00 AM
Dec 2022

Why is SC Jack Smith so feared by lawbreakers like the Trump gang?

When criminal are rich enough they can hire high-paid attorneys who then game the system by delaying justice in court.

The U.S. court system considers such minutiae and criminals legally can evade justice for decades until they die.

Homey Jack Smith don’t play that. He acts with lightning speed and it scares the bejeebus out of them.



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5. A fourteen minute video to breathlessly explain what? I am not enthused
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 10:26 AM
Dec 2022

I apologize in advance for being negative… this is just how I see it. Because I’m Old As Dirt.

Guy riding in on a white horse is going to save the American Justice system after it inexplicably has allowed a fakester, fraud, con-man who has lived his entire life criming and defrauding and molesting …
And now we are supposed to be excited that some “kind” of Justice might prevail after he has been allowed to hold top secret classified documents at his sleazy hotel property frequented by Russian mob and Chinese spies for 18 months…?

Even if this 76 year old man were to go to jail — which is NEVER going to be allowed to happen — it is NOT Justice because he has already SPENT his lifetime doing whatever the F**K he wanted to do, at the expense and pain of many more innocent and less sociopathic people, for decade after decade after decade after decade after decade.

Jack Smith may be a competent and upright part of an immune system used by Old Money or by US power geniuses to be a surgical cleanup expert. Contain the damage, excise what will be sacrificed, create the appearance of restoring order to the worst of a grotesque festering wound, stitch it up and close it out. He may be a pressure relief valve that ensures the whole damn pressure cooker of US polity doesn’t blow apart. Well good, at least we may get some minor correction, some change of conditions. A breath —one, just one — of fresh air.

But the underlying illness will not be disrupted, many important people who facilitated trumps crimes and traitorous actions will NOT be prosecuted, not because there isn’t evidence but because Jack’s purpose is probably surgical, a contained cleanup, that doesn’t upset the apple cart.

Perhaps there are some powerful thinkers who prefer the illusion of Justice, the way that Noam Chomsky described the maintenance of the illusion of democracy.

I’ll celebrate the restoration of the illusion of Justice as much as I’m willing to celebrate the illusion of democracy, because it’s much nicer not to be so weighed down by the nightmare seriousness of the threat to normalcy… but none of us are pulling the strings. Justice would be an expanded Supreme Court, or impeachment of Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh etc., to start to restore the balance of power that we were cheated out of. What they are going to give us is a bandaid and a pat on the head. They’ll say “Run along now kids.” The top tier has already got most of the presents under the Christmas tree that they wanted. Their minions and accomplices have gotten their share. Jared is richer. The Saudis probably have some of our secrets. None of that will be undone, and a whole lot of truth will never be told to the American people.

WA-03 Democrat

(3,033 posts)
7. Not old as dirt
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 10:54 AM
Dec 2022

Aware of what is and has happen I would say. We have all seen the same movie before and it always ends the same way. Trump reveal for everyone that there is no law. Rules are for losers. Mob it up and get away with anything.

“You can grab’em by the Pussy. When you are famous you can do anything”
Donald J Trump
Sept 2009


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20. We didn't see the same movie before. In the original, Donald Trump was President
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 02:25 PM
Dec 2022

Last edited Sat Dec 3, 2022, 03:03 PM - Edit history (1)

and able to use all the powers of his office to hinder the Mueller investigation. Mueller had come out of retirement and had to put together an investigation from the ground up, in the face of united Republican opposition.

This time around, all ex-President Trump has is his money, and his ability to hire lawyers and drag things out in the courts. But Attorney General Merrick Garland has been methodically putting cases together against hundreds of Jan 6 offenders, and just got important convictions that will help them in a case against higher-ups.

Meanwhile, in the MAL case, the DOJ JUST NOW -- through the action of the Court of Appeals -- is getting access to all the documents they need to review to prosecute the MAL case. There are still a couple hurdles -- Trump might appeal this decision to SCOTUS. But based on other recent decisions involving Trump, he's likely to lose that.

And so now Garland has passed along almost two years worth of investigations to Jack Smith -- who left a prestigious, important job in Europe to do so.

No, we haven't seen this movie before.

WA-03 Democrat

(3,033 posts)
21. Trump
Sun Dec 4, 2022, 10:50 AM
Dec 2022

Was born into the mob and never paid any attention to any law. He has a tee time today. Micheal Flynn will encourage violent sedition against our government. Roger Stone is getting a new tattoo and Steve Bannon is shaking off a bender.

The law is dead but don’t fret-Jack Smith will save us!

“Grab’em By The Pussy! When you are famous you can do ANYTHING!”
Donald J Trump
Hollywood Access
Sept 2009


(2,142 posts)
8. yeah, but you gotta start somewhere
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 11:05 AM
Dec 2022

and get the ball rolling. Coming down hard on the judge will serve notice that playing the justice system has ended.


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11. Well said--and true.
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 11:15 AM
Dec 2022

Someone like Ginni Thomas who demanded that state officials throw out legitimate ballots will never be prosecuted because of who she is. Rich people in high places rarely get prosecuted unless they’re especially blatant—think of Bernie Madoff, Leona Helmsley (of “only the little people pay taxes” fame), Martha Stewart, and the Enron gang.

White collar crime pays in the US because so few are ever held accountable.


(3,121 posts)
18. Beautifully written and IMO accurate. But there is a new generation beginning to emerge now.
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 01:22 PM
Dec 2022

Different is, well, different. I believe many of this new generation know how to move forward, instead of backward, and they are better equipped to ignore propaganda and shiny objects.

If you assign a number from one to ten to politicians, members of Congress, and those in other occupations requiring neither hearts nor brains, of course tfg is a zero. Almost half of Congress and most MAGAS are also zeros, many of whom are old and on their way out one way or another anyway. The sixes through nines are the ones who will welcome the new generation, and they already know that Earth is not flat, so they will continue to learn. I have avoided assigning a ten, but there are many with both good hearts and minds, so more tens may already be on the way. IMO we can get out of this mess and into a much smaller mess, unless of course, Putin presses the wrong button.


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19. +1
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 01:36 PM
Dec 2022

Perfectly stated & true, every word. I've found life is easier now that I've accepted that Trump & complicit congress members will never be prosecuted.

We are a failed species. Rivers around the world are drying up. If you don't live in a flood zone, you live in a fire zone. Rich, mostly white men have controlled the system & brought us to an ecological brink & they still think they deserve to be in charge. Most people have no clue what's coming down the pike in terms of climate change.

Earth. It was a nice planet back in the day.


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6. " ... that she has no jurisdiction take effect."
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 10:31 AM
Dec 2022

Judge Cannon is no dummy. Duke then U of M law school and she knows she was hired to be
a "cock blocker" to protect Trump and the right wing's agenda but she is up against Jack Smith
and he is a special kind of F.A.F.O. lawyer and she know it too. Look to see Ms. Aileen to try to
crawl back into the wood work, hide, and hopes this will all blow over and if that means bailing on
TFG so be it.


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9. she stands to suffer
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 11:09 AM
Dec 2022

removal from the case
even removal from the bench
loss of license to practice

No doubt she is looking for a way out. And the only way safe for her is to recuse herself.


(17,831 posts)
13. Much downside for her.
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 11:19 AM
Dec 2022

And not much upside. Donnie of Orange doesn't pay anyone and there are only so many slots at Fux News.


(613 posts)
17. The was a procedural motion
Sat Dec 3, 2022, 01:21 PM
Dec 2022

It certainly is not out of the ordinary in a situation like this.
Yet here the promoters of this particular news thread are, trying to make it sound like it is some sort of dramatic moved by the Special Counsel.
If you guys want to be taken seriously by the readers here you will need to tone down the hyperbole. Basically what you're doing is what the National Enquirer does, or did. You take a routine activity and attempt to turn it into some sort of major event.
It makes you look silly, or worse.
If you really want people to sign up for your bulletins and to buy your merch, then maybe focus on delivering solid analysis and real news. If you continue to blow things our of proportion and present everything with Yellow Journalism type headlines and innuendo, you're going to become a laughing stock.
What's more, the Democratic Party is desperately trying to come off as the sane adults in the room, which is difficult when groups like the one behind this story and its over the top headline are forever coming out of the gate with childish exaggeration and hyperbole.

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