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Be Prepared--for SKWEEEEEEEEEEEE so cute you can't believe it! (Original Post) BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 OP
Where? Where? NYC_SKP Jun 2012 #1
O. M. G. BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #2
Ah! NYC_SKP Jun 2012 #4
errrrrrr....... BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #10
Say the letters SKP lunatica Jun 2012 #14
D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #16
Hey Blanch Splanchnik! It it THIS baby otter??? NYC_SKP Jun 2012 #13
You can alsmost hear the little otter giggling. Archae Jun 2012 #15
yep!! Ohhhhh geeeeeeezzzz...sooooooo cute!!!! Swooon! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #17
I think that is the fifth time I've seen it. Never gets old. applegrove Jun 2012 #3
Yum! Pork! Archae Jun 2012 #6
Nooo! That's a baby OTTER!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #11
Nooo, that's the evil one. You can tell by the eyes. n/t A Simple Game Jun 2012 #7
AWWW!! A baby Babe. n/t RebelOne Jun 2012 #5
Baby bunny approves of this thread. MadrasT Jun 2012 #8
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwzzz! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #9
BTW---If the pic's not showing: GOOGLE on BABY OTTER GIF BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #12


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Thu Jun 7, 2012, 11:45 PM
Jun 2012


Hey, NYC_SKP...I've been wondering......what are you doing with the name, "NYC", when you're on the west coast?

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