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Fri Feb 16, 2024, 08:54 PM Feb 2024

Friend of mine said my apartment layout was different...

My apartment is basically two rooms, with a bathroom and washer/dryer room.

I spend little time in the bedroom, it's where I sleep but that's about all.

My kitchen is the same size, and it's my "media room."

I have my TV, video games, music players, and computer desk in it, so I have access to my fridge, even without having to get up on most occasions.

I've been here now for 32 years, and have no intention of ever leaving.

What does your residence look like?

(BTW, this is a video I made experimenting with a drone here in my "media room." )

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Friend of mine said my apartment layout was different... (Original Post) Archae Feb 2024 OP
At the moment I'm in a rented condo Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #1
What do you use the second bedroom for? Archae Feb 2024 #3
Mostly empty Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #9
I could definitely live in a tiny home if it were just me. CrispyQ Feb 2024 #2
Exactly. I could go for two tiny houses attached. Would need just one kitchen. Silent Type Feb 2024 #8
I've told my husband before that when Luciferous Feb 2024 #22
That's basically what I am living in now. Mr.Bill Feb 2024 #32
I've thought a good bit about that, especially if it's a location with view and a little land. Silent Type Feb 2024 #33
It's in Northern California gold country Mr.Bill Feb 2024 #34
Wow. I spent a month in Sonora, Jamestown, etc., 45 years ago. A friend had some land like that. Silent Type Feb 2024 #35
The fire hazard makes me a little nervous, Mr.Bill Feb 2024 #36
My residence sits on ten acres calguy Feb 2024 #4
How many rooms? Archae Feb 2024 #5
The original floor plan calguy Feb 2024 #11
That sounds like perfection to me. badhair77 Feb 2024 #6
Same here - 40 acres but it's juniper, ponderosa pine & cactus womanofthehills Feb 2024 #37
Sounds like a lovely life in a lovely neighborhood calguy Feb 2024 #38
In a condo we bought 25 years ago. MOMFUDSKI Feb 2024 #7
I prefer small spaces RoadRunner Feb 2024 #10
My house was built in 1885. It's not very big, Ocelot II Feb 2024 #12
What exactly is a sitting room, and what is in it? Archae Feb 2024 #16
It's a sort of parlor, I guess. In my house I don't really know Ocelot II Feb 2024 #17
Yeah, my sister has a room like that, just inside her front door. Archae Feb 2024 #18
I can't begin to imagine living in a space that long. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #13
Neither can I. OldBaldy1701E Feb 2024 #14
In the last 32 years I've lived in 13 houses/apartments mnhtnbb Feb 2024 #20
Ditto. Have moved 17 times, but have been in this house spooky3 Feb 2024 #27
I have a two bedroom, two bathroom, three skylight home in PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #15
I used to live in one side of a duplex built in the early 50's. LudwigPastorius Feb 2024 #19
Downstairs is Elessar Zappa Feb 2024 #21
We recently moved to our forever home in the CA desert from Los Angeles. beaglelover Feb 2024 #23
Sounds wonderful. I love that part of the country. Nt spooky3 Feb 2024 #28
Thank you. We are very happy here. beaglelover Feb 2024 #31
About eight years ago after we retired Mr.Bill Feb 2024 #24
small house 10 Turtle Day Feb 2024 #25
Welcome to DU's Cribs. Niagara Feb 2024 #26
How come we don't see True Dough Feb 2024 #29
I have two battery operated candles, True. Niagara Feb 2024 #30


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1. At the moment I'm in a rented condo
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:00 PM
Feb 2024

Two bedroom, one bath. I don't need the extra bedroom and want to downsize even more, but housing is scarce in the New England town I live in, so I'm here until something smaller becomes avaliable. I'm 75 and don't need a lot of space. My preference would be a large studio.


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22. I've told my husband before that when
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:13 AM
Feb 2024

we retire we should get 2 tiny homes and have some kind of breezeway attaching them so we could have our own space.


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32. That's basically what I am living in now.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:47 PM
Feb 2024

Manufactured home of 550 sq ft. It's quite comfortable and easy to maintain.


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34. It's in Northern California gold country
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:21 PM
Feb 2024

on a five acre parcel (my grandson owns the main house). We are uphill from the two-lane road, across the road there are minature horses grazing. The area is heavily wooded, many trees had to becut down to make room for the house and for fire safety, but still very wooded. We are about seven miles from the first retail establishment on the outskirts of a medium sized town. Plenty of shopping after you travel those seven miles. Nice Old Town section. Good restaurants also. Warm in the summer, some years a little snow. Lots of rain in the winter, no snow yet this winter.

Two hours from Reno, one hour from Sacramento.

Silent Type

(3,190 posts)
35. Wow. I spent a month in Sonora, Jamestown, etc., 45 years ago. A friend had some land like that.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:27 PM
Feb 2024

Bet it’s nice.


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36. The fire hazard makes me a little nervous,
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:40 PM
Feb 2024

but we were evacuated from our last two homes in '15 and '17. My grandson was evacuated from this property in '18. It's like hurricanes in Florida, it's just something you live with. Much less earthquake hazard than other places I've lived in California.


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4. My residence sits on ten acres
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:05 PM
Feb 2024

Decent-sized, fifty-year-old house, six acres wooded with my own private fishing pond where I grow jumbo bluegills and fairly big bass. My wife enjoys tending her flock of 35 chickens, from which we're able to donate fresh eggs to the local food bank every week.

We're not rich by any means, so it took everything we have to buy and maintain this place,but we love it in the country, so we have little desire to spend our retirement money on things like vacations that many other retired couples enjoy doing. We're already in heaven everyday when we step outside and look around at our little piece of paradise.


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11. The original floor plan
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:01 PM
Feb 2024

Had three bedrooms, two baths, living room and kitchen. The previous owners remodeled the attached garage to a den room, and added a shop and two-car garage. Certainly large for me and the wife, but we've managed to fill every corner with something.
Nothing beats living in the country as far as we're concerned.


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6. That sounds like perfection to me.
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:09 PM
Feb 2024

I’m lucky to have great neighbors and a nice, modest home. No need to downsize because we never upsized. But a place with a country view would be wonderful.


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37. Same here - 40 acres but it's juniper, ponderosa pine & cactus
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 01:24 AM
Feb 2024

With a great view of Manzano Mts in middle of NM.

My boyfriend used to be a builder & into solar - so in 1995 he and I with the help of friends were building a redwood cabin and then someone gave us free trusses so we enlarged the first floor and made an upstairs with a deck on each end. It took us five yrs to build as we were living in Albuquerque & came out a few weekends a month to work. Finished it in 2000 and moved in.

My whole south side is basically windows - passive solar. I have solar panels to pump up well water and on roof. For about 6 yrs was totally off grid but then connected my panels to grid. I love just staying home. I have chickens and 2 half husky dogs. I’m big into gardening and am an artist . My neighbors (mostly women) all built their own homes same time I was building - earthships, straw bale, rammed earth and adobe. Now we are all old together out here

I’m 4 miles down a dirt road to highway and 12 miles from the nearest small town of under 900 people. Everyone seems to know everyone out here. Lots of artists - art galleries.


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7. In a condo we bought 25 years ago.
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:10 PM
Feb 2024

2 bed, 2 full baths, living/dining in a row. Separate kitchen. Balcony off living room with pond view. Laundry behind folded doors. 4-car garage at street level with living above. Love it here! We park 2 vehicles in garage which leaves a large area for my stained glass workshop and husband,s tool bench/stuff. Covered patio behind garage located on the pond. There is no place like home 🏡!


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10. I prefer small spaces
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:56 PM
Feb 2024

Sounds like my house is about the same size as your apartment except it has an attached garage. One bedroom, one bath, small kitchen, and a cozy living room. It’s out in the country in northern New Mexico, near the Colorado border. I built it when I retired about ten years ago, with help from several subcontractors for the heavy lifting stuff.

Even though I’m not filthy rich, I sprung for a solar architect to design it so that it doesn’t need heat or air conditioning. Many people in this area live like this. It’s made of adobe (mud bricks) and is very comfortable. So, no heat, no air conditioning, and no payments. Like you, I never want to live anywhere else.

No drone, tho.

Ocelot II

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12. My house was built in 1885. It's not very big,
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:02 PM
Feb 2024

but it has an interesting layout that's kind of hard to describe. There's a living room and a sort of parlor that are set at 45-degree angles, along with the small dining room. From the outside it looks like there are two bay windows on opposite sides of the house, but because of the weird layout they really aren't bay windows. The second floor is smaller; there used to be two bedrooms but I had a full bathroom and a walk-in closet installed, so now there is one bedroom and a small sitting room. The kitchen was awful when I first bought the place about 30 years ago, but I remodeled and expanded it and replaced the old bathroom with a half-bath, since there's now a full bath upstairs. One of the things I appreciate about it is that it has the original Eastlake-style woodwork and oak flooring, and the doors are solid, not hollow like new ones. Old houses require a lot of ongoing upkeep but I like them.

Ocelot II

(116,210 posts)
17. It's a sort of parlor, I guess. In my house I don't really know
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 12:54 AM
Feb 2024

what it is since it's so weird architecturally, or which of the two rooms is actually the living room. I use the room the front door opens to for my art projects and the other one to watch TV and play the piano.


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18. Yeah, my sister has a room like that, just inside her front door.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 01:00 AM
Feb 2024

Walk in, turn left and there is a small room with a connection to a bathroom, a sofa, and a desk.

It's about 8 x 10.



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13. I can't begin to imagine living in a space that long.
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 11:50 PM
Feb 2024

Last edited Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:31 PM - Edit history (1)

From personal experience, the longest I've ever lived somewhere has been about 28 years.

On edit: I made a typo. the longest time I've ever lived somewhere has been 18 years, NOT 28.

I am currently in my home some 13 years.


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14. Neither can I.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 12:01 AM
Feb 2024

We have lived in this place for seven years. That is the longest I have ever lived in a place in my entire life.


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20. In the last 32 years I've lived in 13 houses/apartments
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 07:26 AM
Feb 2024

Everything from a 6000 sq ft house built in the 1920's to a 600 sq ft studio apartment in a recently built downtown high rise of 23 floors. Three states, from Missouri to Nebraska to North Carolina.
Currently, I live in a 2 bedroom and den/ 2 bath, 2 car garage single level 1750 sq ft house built in 2020 for me. I have a small courtyard which overlooks a retention pond behind my house. The pond draws deer, coyotes, geese, ducks, great blue herons and the woods behind the pond are home to numerous birds of all sizes, including hawks and owls. In the summer, I can sit out on the courtyard and listen to the frogs and other sounds from the pond at night.

Both of my grown sons live within 10-20 minutes from my house. Any shopping that I need is 10 minutes or less from my house.

Hopefully, no more moves for me from here!


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27. Ditto. Have moved 17 times, but have been in this house
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 04:37 PM
Feb 2024

A long time (23 years). Love the proximity to the city. Wish I had a bigger, sunnier back yard to garden.


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19. I used to live in one side of a duplex built in the early 50's.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 01:28 AM
Feb 2024

It was about 600 square feet, but had everything I needed except for a washer and dryer.

When I moved into the neighborhood it was very bohemian...a lot of artists and musicians lived there because of the low rent and proximity to downtown. It was demolished 15 years ago, and now there's a 5,000 square foot, $1.8 million McMansion there.

I saw the area change over a decade as the old places were razed and the new zero lot monstrosities went up. I knew my time there was coming to an end when I started seeing someone who lived close by regularly driving their bright orange Lamborghini down the street.

Elessar Zappa

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21. Downstairs is
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 07:38 AM
Feb 2024

a living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, den and bedroom. Upstairs is bathroom and two bedrooms. But every room is pretty small, the house is 1200 square feet.


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23. We recently moved to our forever home in the CA desert from Los Angeles.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 12:40 PM
Feb 2024

Our home in Los Angeles was a 100 year old Spanish style house, about 1800 sq feet. It was a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath house that we did a lot of work to and we really loved it, but we couldn't stand living in L.A. any longer.

Our new home is in a gated community, built in 2000. It's a Mediterranean style house, 2600 square feet, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, with a pool and spa. The 3rd bedroom/bath is in its own separate building on the property, basically a casita which is great for guests as it gives them a nice amount of privacy. The second bedroom in the house is set up as my home office since I work from home 100% of the time now. The house is all on one level which will be good as we age. This is exactly the type of home I was hoping we would end up in. I never thought I'd be interested in living in a gated community with an HOA, but so far I really like it. Everyone here seems to take immense pride in their houses and the community is absolutely beautiful. We're 15 minutes from Palm Springs and about 10 minutes from Palm Desert, so sort of in the middle of everything. It's also so nice to have a garage we can use, unlike in L.A. where our garage was behind the house at the end of a skinny driveway our cars wouldn't even fit down.

We moved here at the height of the summer heat and it really was not THAT bad. LOL. I am so looking forward to March through June when the weather should be absolutely perfect for hanging out at the pool and relaxing. After a long career working my ass off, it feels good cruising into retirement, but now I need to figure out what I'm going to retire TO.


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24. About eight years ago after we retired
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 03:12 PM
Feb 2024

we downsized from a 1,600 sq ft home to an 800 sq ft mobile home in a nice park. It was an older (1977) mobile home that needed a lot of work, but we put some money in it and made it reallly nice. But our kids' careers took them a few hundred miles from us and we wanted to be near them as we got older. My grandson put a manufactured home on his five acres and we moved in to that a few months ago.

It's 550 sq feet, so another downsize, but it's brand new and very well insulated. We customized the design to make the bedroom bigger and the living room/kitchen smaller. This gives my wife room do do her quiltmaking with a sewing area in the bedroom. We do have full sized laundry and a tub in the bathroom and full sized appliances in the kitchen. We also have a storage shed and the bedroom has room for a king sized bed. We still need to build a deck and carport. We like it here, it very easy to take care of and clean the house and the bonus is two of our great grandchildren live just a few hundred feet away. Our dogs love it here and they haven't had this much room to run around outside in their lives.

10 Turtle Day

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25. small house
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 04:19 PM
Feb 2024

Likely it was a Sears & Roebuck kit house, built in 1933. 788 sq ft, 2 BR, 1 bath, hardwood floors, fireplace, and a full basement. Detached 2.5 car garage. Perfect for one person, but I talked with a woman who used to live here and raised a family of four in it. Times and space needs have changed! It’s in an older, well established neighborhood with mature trees. Very blue, so much so that my little blue bubble breaks when I venture out of the city and into the rural areas with all the 45 flags and signs. Lots of wildlife live in the neighborhood as well, considering it’s an urban environment.


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26. Welcome to DU's Cribs.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 04:28 PM
Feb 2024

The rest of my house is nothing to look at but here's the old "magic room" as they call it on MTV's Cribs.

Unfortunately, nothing exciting ever happens in this room except reading books and sleeping. It's a peaceful room.

I garbage picked the wrought iron corner shelf that currently sit in the corner. Some of my Barbie and Indiana Glass Collections are displayed on it. The butterflies on the right side of the mirror are Vintage 1960's Inarco Nylon Ornaments that I picked up for .25 each at an estate sale.


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30. I have two battery operated candles, True.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 05:04 PM
Feb 2024

The taller one sits on the wrought iron shelf and the shorter one sits on my end table.

I have a few other battery operated candles in the living room as well. I like the ambience.

I love that song!

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