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Don't you wish they'd hang one of these at every damn checkout line in the country? (Original Post) MiddleFingerMom Jan 2013 OP
good one antiquie Jan 2013 #1
rofl backwoodsbob Jan 2013 #2
well , it's insulting to your customers but maybe it needs to be there leftyohiolib Jan 2013 #3
after seeing far too many people with 80 + items in the express lanes backwoodsbob Jan 2013 #5
The local Target here in MD... Chan790 Jan 2013 #16
Brilliant! ohiosmith Jan 2013 #4
Think of the possibilities with a 21-item limit!!! MiddleFingerMom Jan 2013 #6
Hahahahaha! ohiosmith Jan 2013 #7
Yes, but what counts as an item? Duer 157099 Jan 2013 #8
I go by number of scans sharp_stick Jan 2013 #9
What if there are several of the same item? Duer 157099 Jan 2013 #11
4,356 grains of rice? MiddleFingerMom Jan 2013 #10
Kroger's express line sign reads "about 15 items." n/t RebelOne Jan 2013 #12
ok - really no one has three hands rurallib Jan 2013 #13
So if you have 5 apples, Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #14
The kool-aid would be 10 items jmowreader Feb 2013 #18
+1000! AmyDeLune Jan 2013 #15
heeeee heeeeeeee BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #17
Now, if they can clear up ENTER and EXIT... nyquil_man Feb 2013 #19


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5. after seeing far too many people with 80 + items in the express lanes
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 10:44 AM
Jan 2013

maybe a few insults will get the message across



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16. The local Target here in MD...
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 11:45 PM
Jan 2013

had such a problem with people with a lot more than 10-items (the limit there is 10 items) in the express lanes that after such signage (somewhat less offensive of an implementation) failed to work, they had to resort to English and Spanish PA announcements that basically say:

"If you get in the express lane with more than 10 items, the cashier has been instructed to refuse to ring you out and direct you to a non-express lane when you get to the register. Individuals with 3-or-less items and paying with credit or debit may check-out at customer service."

Duer 157099

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8. Yes, but what counts as an item?
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 11:21 AM
Jan 2013

That is always my quandry. Is a six-pack of soda one item or six? What about 6 bottles of water, but that aren't packaged together?

If you get something in quantity that can be scanned with just one item, should it count as one?

So, a basket full of just one item, but multiples of it, what about that?

The things that keep me up at night...

Duer 157099

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11. What if there are several of the same item?
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 11:37 AM
Jan 2013

Where they can do a quantity scan, scan once and multiply?


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14. So if you have 5 apples,
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 10:32 PM
Jan 2013

do they count as one item, or 5?
If you have 10 packets of Kool-Aid, do they count as one item, or 10 items?

Can someone with 3 avocados, 5 apples, 6 lemons, a can of grated cheese, and 2 boxes of the same cereal go through the express check-out, or should they be consigned to standing behind the person with a huge cart full of stuff?


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18. The kool-aid would be 10 items
Fri Feb 1, 2013, 05:12 AM
Feb 2013

You probably picked 10 different flavors. If you want auto ordering to work they must be scanned separately.

At my stint at DU's Most Hated Company I worked Dairy. Because WM uses auto ordering we had tons of strawberry yogurt but kept running out of Boston Cream Pie...because the cashiers would scan one yogurt then use the quantity key for the other eleven.


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15. +1000!
Thu Jan 31, 2013, 11:02 PM
Jan 2013

I can see going a little over, especially if the items are small and quickly scannable, but the people with the mounded cartload of stuff really take the cake!
A coworker of mine once had a customer innocently say "I have a few more than15, is that okay?" She said sure and went back to checking the two people ahead of the woman.

Then she looked up.

The woman was unloading an entire cartload of groceries onto the belt. She had over 50 items.

My coworker called her on it, and the woman whined, "but I'm in a hurry!"

My coworker said "So are all the people behind you!"

She made put all her items back in the cart and go to the appropiate line.

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