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Dust in the Wind - RIP Robby Steinhardt (Original Post) Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 OP
I saw them in concert in Salt Lake YoshidaYui Jul 2021 #1
Saw today that he had passed away-- Wingus Dingus Jul 2021 #2
Sad news around here, MuseRider Jul 2021 #3
As White Clover, slightlv Jul 2021 #6
That is so awesome! MuseRider Jul 2021 #7
Same type of Band Day for me, too... slightlv Jul 2021 #9
Hi slightlv! MuseRider Jul 2021 #10
Thank you for the link! slightlv Jul 2021 #11
A special memory hermetic Jul 2021 #4
Wow. MuseRider Jul 2021 #8
. The Polack MSgt Jul 2021 #5

Wingus Dingus

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2. Saw today that he had passed away--
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 03:29 PM
Jul 2021

just sad to hear it. He really helped give them their unique sound, not many rock groups with a violinist (Dave Matthews is the only other one I know of, actually). I saw Kansas in concert in the mid-80's in Pittsburgh. RIP to a talented musician.


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3. Sad news around here,
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 04:15 PM
Jul 2021

I grew up down the street from one of the band, Dave Hope, and listened to them rehearse long before they became Kansas. They played at my High School as White Clover, their name when Robby joined the band. I never knew them well, they went to my High School but I believe they were mostly graduated by the time I got there. I know Kerry Livgren but not enough that he would ever remember me at this point. His brother built my barn, small world around here.

I heard them rehearse and loved them from the beginning. I never counted the times I heard them because they were just around until they got noticed. They have been back numerous times playing here and there. This is really sad news.


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6. As White Clover,
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 05:30 PM
Jul 2021

They played our Homecoming Dance. Robbie was in his overalls, and the old lady teachers were just aghast at it! (LOL)

I've followed them since I was 16 years old. At 18, I was playing at a Band Day in KState and they were playing at the same time. There were several of us who almost took off to go see them, instead of playing our gig with the school (evyl gryn). This feels like personally losing a close friend. I'm grief-stricken. What happened? How did he did?

Egads, I've seen them so many times I can't even count them... including the last time at a free concert given at Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee Mission, KS. Blew my husband's mind one time when I jumped the rails during an encore at the San Antonio Arena to get up to the front of stage area... with me being only 5', he didn't think I could jump like that! There was only one Robbie, may he rest in strength. He and Kansas got me through a lot of hard times with their music. I'd catch one of his notes, ride it to the sky, float in glory, and drift slowly back to earth with the rift he so often used.

BTW.... I'm originally from Atchison.


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7. That is so awesome!
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 07:21 PM
Jul 2021

I loved reading this. Hello Atchison! I grew up in Topeka and live outside the city now in the community next to the one that Kerry lives in. Chris, his brother, lived down the road for a while. Kerry's nephew also worked on my barn and we had to borrow a generator from Kerry when we had a late cold snap. It is all pretty close here. The last time I saw Kerry was before his stroke, we were at the same table at a Japanese restaurant. That was quite some time ago. He still lives close unless I missed something. Robbie was amazing and he could make you soar that is certainly the truth. I totally know exactly what you mean.

I played at Band Day at K State and at KU. I imagine it was a different kind of Band Day than you are talking about, this was marching band for me.

Those days in Kansas, the state, were pretty nice. "Cows Are Freaky When They Look At You" by the Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers. Those were the days. Oh yes, and Verne Miller.....you must remember him. Nice to connect even though it is a sad day.


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9. Same type of Band Day for me, too...
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 11:01 PM
Jul 2021

I played trumpet. What was your instrument?

I kinda figured you were talking Topeka from your message. After a few decades down in Texas (thanks to enlisting in the Air Force) I moved to KcK with hubby. A few years ago, moved over the Leavenworth to caretake my Mom and be closer to work (the Fort). It's also nice not to have to deal with big city traffic and being able to get anywhere in town within 15 minutes. As a veteran, it's also a good place to live... tho way too conservative. I dream of living in a blue city in a blue state, but home is home, right? (LOL)

Good to "meet" you MuseRider. To think, we're practically neighbors!!


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10. Hi slightlv!
Tue Jul 20, 2021, 08:07 PM
Jul 2021

I am sorry I did not get back faster, we lost one of our dogs. He started having seizures around 5AM and did not stop until around 8AM when the first damned vet said they would not be in to take a call for another 30 minutes or so. He died and it took all day to get someone out here to pick him up for cremation, he was about 85 pounds so we were not able to do that. Whew, what an awful day.

I finally looked at the paper and found this article about Robby and Kansas today. I am thinking you might not be able to get it but give it a try. Not sure how to get it to you, I don't know if I can snip it or screen shot it but I think you would like it.

I have not spent much time in Leavenworth but I did think it was nice. It is pretty, at least where I was and the entire area around it is beautiful. We found a couple of nice places to eat too. It certainly is pretty conservative there but even the more liberal areas are pretty conservative. Home IS home that is absolutely correct. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

I play clarinet. I just a week ago retired from the Topeka Symphony after somewhere between 35 and 40 years. Health issues got in the way of continuing. I was already sad about that then my dog, he was my heart and soul. One special guy, rescued with a seizure disorder. We had him for a year and a half and he never left my side.

Let me know if you cannot get the article. I would guess it would be reprinted somewhere else being the home town paper for the band.

EDIT because I forgot the link! https://www.cjonline.com/story/news/2021/07/20/robby-steinhardt-remembered-voice-progressive-rock-band-kansas-kerry-livgren-topeka/8024574002/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=gh-topekacj-main&fbclid=IwAR16uGbEtSB9YmF1zSd6ioiqOOvmIxsvF75qrn8RkgYUSfCV4AsN6TBFZ_4


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11. Thank you for the link!
Wed Jul 21, 2021, 04:14 PM
Jul 2021

Worked just fine for me. My grandson searched until he found the reason for his death. Was so glad it wasn't Covid, for whatever that's worth.

My sympathies on the loss of your best friend. I lost mine 2 years ago this Christmas. He died on Christmas Day that year, at 110 pounds, so I know the heartache and the problems with such a large dog. Porter showed up as a stray one day and took me six months of weekends to get him to finally trust me. I was living with Mom thru the week, taking care of her after she broke a hip. When Porter finally saw I meant him no harm, he gave me every ounce of love he had. I'm 4'10" and he stood waist high on me. I managed to get him into the house just before the first snow that year. After I took him to the vet, he had several rounds of meds for different conditions and weighed 45 pounds. I don't think he'd have lasted much longer if he hadn't found me.

We also had a border collie at the time. We lost him at Thanksgiving that same year. Einstein was my hubby's best friend. Earned his name by warning us the house was on fire the very first night he spent inside with us. Losing those two dogs broke our hearts so bad it was only this year we adopted another dog from the pound. He's a huge pony of a puppy, who's just now letting his personality come thru. We also live with 10 cats I've rescued, 2 of whom are over 20 years old.

I know we've got at least one other DU'er who's over in Kansas, who knows... maybe we can get a gathering of Kansas/MO people together to meet each other! I know the mean age of DU'er falls right along my age... old lady (gryn)... it might be fun to meet and hear everyone's experiences!

{{Hugs}} and hopes for a gentle mourning for you... thank you so much for responding!



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4. A special memory
Mon Jul 19, 2021, 04:19 PM
Jul 2021

I was a follow spot operator for their concert in Arizona in the 80s. When he played the solo for Dust in the Wind, it was just me and him. It was magical.

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