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Fri May 27, 2016, 03:06 PM May 2016

Why only single out blacks when women, Hispanics and other groups ALSO support HRC?


Because it's easier and more acceptable to shit on black folk and blame us for everything. Everyone just accepts it, shrugs, and moves on.

The opposite is true, and has been true for a very long time...

The Pragmatic Tradition of African American Voters:


Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters:


Why Blacks Vote for Pragmatism:


African-Americans' Pragmatic Tendencies Carrying Over Into Voting Preferences:



We are neither dumb, suffer from "Stockholm Syndrome," nor uninformed. We are strategic and pragmatic voters...and get this...WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN!!!!

To my alerter: I AM NOT ACCUSING **ANYONE** AT DU OF BEING A RACIST. I am simply trying to prove a point about the traditional voting behavior and patterns of black Americans.

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Why only single out blacks when women, Hispanics and other groups ALSO support HRC? (Original Post) Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2016 OP
Massive K & R. So spot on. Surya Gayatri May 2016 #1
K&R! Haveadream May 2016 #2
It's a kind of "dog whistle", ain't it? Her Sister May 2016 #3
Black women are about the most reliable brer cat May 2016 #4
Said many times JustAnotherGen May 2016 #5
Good read here: savalez May 2016 #6
This is the first I've seen this JustAnotherGen May 2016 #9
I'll say. savalez May 2016 #11
That article is well done JustAnotherGen May 2016 #12
+1 fleabiscuit May 2016 #20
+2 savalez May 2016 #22
Holy crap... fleabiscuit May 2016 #19
They are no different from teabaggers. n/t savalez May 2016 #21
I love you guys! You're are one of the super major reasons we are WINNING! Cha May 2016 #7
It's also intended to create a false belief that her appeal is very limited. TwilightZone May 2016 #8
""It's just the south; it shouldn't count" couldn't be much more elitist." ...or RACIST! Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2016 #17
Because they don't recognize their own racism. nini May 2016 #10
Is it individual racism? JustAnotherGen May 2016 #13
both.... I think many people don't even realize they have racist tendencies nini May 2016 #14
With white progressives forjusticethunders May 2016 #23
'as opposed to something that we're entitled to as human beings.' nini May 2016 #24
PREACH!!! +1,000,000,000!!! Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2016 #27
Ermahgerd fleabiscuit May 2016 #15
I'm an ideologue for sure forjusticethunders May 2016 #25
This is something that I have always admired about the conservatives. They know how to prepare for Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2016 #28
^^^^^^^this this this forjusticethunders May 2016 #29
K&R!!!! ismnotwasm May 2016 #16
Yes, that was all very worth reading. K&R fleabiscuit May 2016 #18
Hey, some make smarer decisions. Thinkingabout May 2016 #26

brer cat

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4. Black women are about the most reliable
Fri May 27, 2016, 05:08 PM
May 2016

voters and they have excellent bs detectors. As long as blacks have been lied to, given broken promises, and taken for granted they are not casual or uninformed voters...they can't afford to be. Politicians ignore or enrage them at their peril.

But you are certainly correct that they make handy scapegoats when the blame is being handed out.


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6. Good read here:
Fri May 27, 2016, 07:19 PM
May 2016

While high-profile Republicans step forward to denounce one of their own and to argue that minorities should be treated with courtesy and respect, plenty of white progressives seem intent on putting us in our place, so to speak, and keeping us there. Though much of the media coverage of so-called “Bernie Bros” —overzealous, predominantly white, young and male Sanders supporters—has focused on their treatment of female journalists online, their lack of respect for racial and ethnic minorities who deign to challenge Sanders has been perhaps more chilling.

The Washington Post noted that at one point #MississippiBerning became a hashtag used by Sanders supporters on social media—a witty and clever turn of phrase unless of course you are a black American who hears the words “Mississippi burning” and immediately thinks of church bombings and lynchings.

Black writers and activists who have had the temerity to challenge Sanders’s record have been targeted by his supporters in ways that go against not just civility but even decency. I should know. I’m one of them. For having the gall to share my perspective, buoyed by polling data, that self-described socialists are pretty much unelectable to the American presidency, his supporters attempted to harass me offline. (Emphasis on “attempted.”)



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9. This is the first I've seen this
Sat May 28, 2016, 12:45 PM
May 2016

The person who started that hash tag might be missing a sensitivity chip.


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12. That article is well done
Sat May 28, 2016, 12:55 PM
May 2016

From it:

“She chooses to ignore the issues and work for her own personal interest. If that is the case then to me everything is allowed as long as it’s not physical violence.”
Consider that statement for a moment.

When we retaliate - they call us angry.
When we succeed - they call us selfish.

I have a feeling that whatever the outcome of this election, more minorities have come to realize over the course of this primary season that the word “progressive” is not synonymous with “tolerant.” But perhaps the biggest lesson is that there is no such thing as a specific political party or political label that can save us.

We have to save ourselves, and going forward maybe the best way to do that is to diversify more of our political power among the decent people in American politics—regardless of their party label.

They did this to themselves.

Do I think black women such as myself will stay the liberal course? Yes.

Do I side eye people now? Yes.

Did this election force me into identity politics? Yes.

I've remained a Democratic Party member against my own financial interests because I believe that with a hand up - people can overcome America.

I will remain one because I will not rub shoulders with people who support Trump and I will be tolerant of those who want me to sit down, shut up, and do as I'm told because I now know their influence and votes are weak . . . And they will turn on me if they don't get their way. Frenemies you know?


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19. Holy crap...
Sat May 28, 2016, 09:33 PM
May 2016
"...While thankfully, I have someone who works for me and wades through much of my mail and social media so I can spend as much time as possible writing (and maintaining my sanity and sense of humor), for more than a week Sanders supporters flooded my accounts with nonstop accusations—one more over the top than the next. I am “a disgrace,” “a liar,” a secret paid Hillary Clinton “mole” or “shill.” Apparently it is beyond the realm of possibility that I, as a free-thinking individual with access to polling data and a fairly vigorous intellect of my own may not consider their chosen candidate a strong one. Simply not possible. After all, as one white Sanders supporter informed me: “You need to be better informed on the needs of black people.” Thanks for the tip!..."


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7. I love you guys! You're are one of the super major reasons we are WINNING!
Sat May 28, 2016, 03:14 AM
May 2016

It's our country and our Planet.. it's Magnificent! LS~


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8. It's also intended to create a false belief that her appeal is very limited.
Sat May 28, 2016, 10:24 AM
May 2016

"Hillary won the confederacy" is basically intended to mean "only black people vote for her". It's dog-whistle politics on the left, and it displays a fundamental misunderstanding of who Democrats (and people, in general) are and how widely they vary.

Sanders takes a one-size-fits-all approach and expects it to apply to everyone. Doesn't work, yet some of his surrogates dismiss anyone who doesn't "get" this as just too dumb to understand what's best for them.

Hillary, on the other hand, understands that variability and appeals to the widest spectrum of voters. She wants to represent all Democrats (and people, for that matter) and acts accordingly.

I find it a little ironic that Sanders supporters are continually accusing Hillary of elitism, while they defend (or just ignore) the clear signs of it in their own candidate. "It's just the south; it shouldn't count" couldn't be much more elitist.


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13. Is it individual racism?
Sat May 28, 2016, 12:56 PM
May 2016

Or not understanding how they have benefited from it - and their anger at a rapidly changing playing field?


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14. both.... I think many people don't even realize they have racist tendencies
Sat May 28, 2016, 06:46 PM
May 2016

They would never treat another horribly to their face but the things you mention do affect their views. I think that's the most frustrating aspect of racism when people don't even realize their assumptions of how a Black person should act or feel is condescending at a minimum.

The quickly evolving playing field is bringing out the worst in many.



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23. With white progressives
Sun May 29, 2016, 12:02 AM
May 2016

It's more of a "White Man's Burden" thing; and it comes out in the comments were it slips and they say "if not for benevolent white people you people would still be in chains".

They feel that their progressive views make them morally superior, and it feeds into the idea that their support for black people is a generosity or a, ahem, privilege, as opposed to something that we're entitled to as human beings.


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15. Ermahgerd
Sat May 28, 2016, 06:59 PM
May 2016

The first paragraph of your first link tells me this is going to be a series of good reads. I've always valued pragmatism and strategy over ideology and tactics. The former two win the wars. Thanks LS. I have some reading to do...



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25. I'm an ideologue for sure
Sun May 29, 2016, 01:14 AM
May 2016

But isn't winning important in order to get your ideological vision passed? And winning requires pragmatism and strategy.



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28. This is something that I have always admired about the conservatives. They know how to prepare for
Sun May 29, 2016, 10:23 PM
May 2016

the long run. For 40-50 years, they've been building a hegemony through the American South and Midwest. And they've taken over most of the governorships, state legislatures, school boards, judgeships, etc. They never give up. Their ideological zealotry has taken the conservatives over the top and now they have the Congress.

They never give up like we liberals, do. They never take their toys and go home when they don't get their way RIGHT AWAY! They're in it for the long haul.



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29. ^^^^^^^this this this
Sun May 29, 2016, 10:25 PM
May 2016

That is EXACTLY what I want leftists to do. This is exactly what leftists NEED to do. Hell I'm honestly considering running for office or trying to get people organized so someone else can do it (though my work schedule is killing me)

THAT is how you turn ideological radicalism into real political power. Sick and twisted as it is, they're damn good at what they do.

Now granted, they've had a lot more money poured into it than we could probably get, but keep in mind, one of the good things about the Sanders campaign is that it showed you could raise a lot of money from working people. If Sanders wasn't such a damn phony (or if my brain had transmogrified into his body) he would have drew down the campaign after 3-15 and started building that organization. I wonder if we could fund a think tank or two on 27 dollar donations? Or maybe find a few dozen people in each state, fund them and start the process of seeding politicians at every level?

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