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Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:43 PM Aug 2016

AAAAAAAAH!!!! What is with CNN's Jake Tapper?!

Jennifer Granholm just spelled it out for him very carefully about the EMAILS and he continues with his mindless meme that Hillary isn't telling the truth re. emails. As Ms. Granholm just said "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I'll add one more thing of my own.....Are you really that f***ing stupid Mr Tapper or are you just pretending to be stupid?
I have been watching Hillary's press conference this morning and then all the idiots on CNN and MSNBC still trying to spin their typical BS about this!! I need to be talked down.

Is there way to text or email CNN about this joker?

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1. Every surrogate should spend a week answering every question on every topic with an
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:51 PM
Aug 2016

explanation of what actually happened with the emails.


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2. Jake Tapper has it in for Hillary.
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:54 PM
Aug 2016

He constantly calls Hillary a liar - even after FBI Director Comey - no friend of Hillary - said, “We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.” She told the same thing to the FBI that she told to the American people for the last year!

The M$M doesn't like to get it wrong - which really ticks them off! Goes to their credibility - which went to hell when Fox News was created 20 years ago.


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5. Yes. He even sniped back at Jennifer Granholm to get in the last word. She literally
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 05:03 PM
Aug 2016

put up her hands in exasperation and said "AAAAAAAH! JAKE!". OMG. Now I hear Wolf Blitzer going after her. What is going on with these assholes. (usually I say ***holes...but I'm forgetting the ***s today.) I am livid again. I think I need to either change the channel to the Zombie movie on HBO or go outside and pull weeds. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.


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7. The higher Hillary's poll ratings rise,, the more the Media will go after her....after all.....they
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 05:53 PM
Aug 2016

have to have a "horse race". Horrors --- what would they do for 2 months without a horse race???? So --- they make up things to tear her down... repeat the same lies over and over---that's what they do. I've almost stopped watching any of them.



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3. Sole purpose of media is to get the election close....
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:55 PM
Aug 2016

Don't get too bent out of shape when you hear nonsense...


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4. Thanks guys. I just logged onto Mr. Tapper's Facebook page and some people had already
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:58 PM
Aug 2016

posted that he needs to knock it off and move on. I added my two cents worth. That guy is positively hateful toward Hillary.


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10. The MSM is desperate to make this a horse race.
Fri Aug 5, 2016, 07:25 PM
Aug 2016

And since they have been reporting so much bad press for Trump, they feel they need to report some bad stuff about Hillary---even if they have to make it up.


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11. Hi skylucy....
Sat Aug 6, 2016, 01:27 PM
Aug 2016

Most of the media will never change even Trump as bad as he is they will find a way to brag him up.....

Jennifer Granholm was our gov of Mich ,until crap Snyder took over...

By the way 8 more days until Paul comes to Grand Rapids Mich we cant wait to see him again ....Aug 15


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12. Hi Iamaartist! Yep, the media wants to push the narrative to voters that the presidential election
Sat Aug 6, 2016, 07:15 PM
Aug 2016

is a choice like between Coke and Pepsi. But really it is the choice between Coke and sewer water. (I can't remember where I read that!) I am always so impressed with Jennifer Granholm. (ugh. Snyder...so sorry)
I want to hear about the Paul McCartney concert on Aug. 15! I have to wait until October when he comes to Sacramento California!
Can't wait.

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