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Sun Nov 10, 2019, 05:19 PM

Bolivian leader Evo Morales steps down

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President Evo Morales, who came to power in Bolivia in 2006 as part of a leftist wave sweeping Latin America, resigned on Sunday after unrelenting protests by an infuriated population that accused him of undermining democracy by clinging to office.

Morales was once widely popular, and stayed in the presidency longer than any other current head of state in Latin America.

Morales, 60, was the first Indigenous president in a country that had been led by a tiny elite of European descent for centuries, and he shepherded Bolivia through an era of economic growth and shrinking inequality, winning support from Bolivians who saw him as their first true representative in the capital.

But his reluctance to give up power — first bending the country’s laws to stand for a fourth election, then insisting that he won despite widespread concerns about fraud — left him besieged by protests, abandoned by allies and unable to count on the police and the armed forces, which sided with the protesters and demanded he resign.

Carlos Mesa, the former president who came in second in the disputed election, has said that the country’s political parties should come together and organize a new vote.

At: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/10/world/americas/evo-morales-bolivia.html

Bolivian President Evo Morales (right) and Vice President Alvaro García Linera, both of whom resigned at 5:00 p.m. local time today.

Morales had conceded to calling new elections before today's military coup.

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Response to dewsgirl (Reply #1)

Sun Nov 10, 2019, 08:15 PM

2. No doubt about it. Very reminiscent of the violent 'Cocaine Coup' in 1980

A number of Morales' relatives, as well as MAS party officeholders, were rounded up (their homes burned) and threatened with lynching until Morales resigned.

The self-proclaimed dictator of Bolivia, Luis Camacho (below), cited the late Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar, who famously kept a notebook of traitors to be killed.

He's also closely tied to local landowner Branko Marinkovic, son of Ustase (Croatian Nazi) escapees.

A dark day for Bolivia, and for the region.

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Response to sandensea (Reply #2)

Sun Nov 10, 2019, 08:33 PM

3. I don't know why the fact that the US is involved, shocked me.

Heartbreaking, I feel for Morales, his family and the people of Bolivia.😭

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Response to sandensea (Reply #2)

Sun Nov 10, 2019, 09:39 PM

4. Your information carries so much weight! I am so grateful to have learned the name of this man,

the new fascist tyrant, and sadist, greedy, murderous criminal who's the extension of Branko Marinkovic, connected through his traitorous parents to the Croatian Nazis. Branko Marinkovic was for so long active in organizing and operating the gangs of violent right-wing racist white storm troopers, down to handing out clubs and bats from his office to gangster walk-ins.

They periodically go on rampages, clobbering and beating stuffings out of "####ing Indians" they see on the streets, or driving directly to their neighborhoods on the outskirts of towns and destroy everything in their paths there.

Here's an article written in 2008, and it will show nothing has changed beyond intensification of the open violence by the nazi youth movement, even though the standard of living has improved steadily for the great majority of the poor, and downtrodden, right in their own homeland, indigenous people, the native Bolivians.



I just found the following article, doing a search for Camacho and Marinkovic:

Google translate:

They reveal that Camacho is transported in Marinkovic's vehicle in La Paz

07 NOVEMBER 2019 19:09 H.

Éxito Noticias, November 7, 2019.- The Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, in contact with radio Éxito revealed that the civic leader from Mendoza Luis Fernando Camacho who arrived at the Government headquarters last Wednesday night is transported in a vehicle of Mr. Branko Marinkovic and questioned the proceeding of the resources with which this campaign of “destabilization” of the Government is solved.

"Do you know that the car in which it moves is Branko Marinkociv? If it is in the car of Branco Marinkovic, a separatist who at the time invented the theory that you change them are superior and lower collas and that you had to leave this country in two, this Mr. Camacho moves in his vehicle. Look, we are giving him security and God wants nothing to happen, hopefully it will not provoke, ”Romero said.

Marinkovic, the former president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee and accused of the Terrorism case fled the country and is currently investigated because the commission detected 14 offshore companies belonging to his family and was syndicated as one of the main suspects in financing a group of mercenaries to try to divide Bolivia in 2009

“We have made many mistakes, but from there to make a political turn to be part of a conspiracy. In a conspiracy that has so much money, Someone ask yourself, how much does this mobilization cost each day? 100 thousand dollars out there is short, ”said the minister questioning the cost of sustaining this mobilization for 15 days of uninterrupted unemployment.

Romero reproached the attitude of the civic leader who once said that: "The government minister who looks after his president I do not need to protect me," and now he is protected by his integrity at the seat of government, "imagine the intolerance of such arrogant, arrogant people we are dealing with, ”the authority concluded.


Thank goodness for your information. It gives us so much more to keep in mind. The new name clearly is powerful already. Thank you, and thank you, sandensea.

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Response to Judi Lynn (Reply #4)

Mon Nov 11, 2019, 12:51 AM

6. Looks like the scarf around the neck of the woman behind Luis Camacho isn't green by accident!

That's the color of the violent, greedy right-wingers around Santa Cruz who insist upon separating from Bolivia, and keeping all the nation's oil, gas, and agricultural profits for themselves, found on the land they stole so long ago from the indigenous.

Thumbnail sketch of the dictator who gave away the rich land to white folks:

President of Bolivia
In 1970, in Bolivia, when then-President Juan Jose Torres nationalized Gulf Oil properties and tin mines owned by US interests, and tried to establish friendly relations with Cuba and the Soviet Union, he was playing with fire. The coup to overthrow Torres, led by US-trained officer and Gulf Oil beneficiary Hugo Banzer, had direct support from Washington. When Banzer's forces had a breakdown in radio communications, US Air Force radio was placed at their disposal. Once in power, Banzer began a reign of terror. Schools were shut down as hotbeds of political subversive activity. Within two years, 2,000 people were arrested and tortured without trial. As in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, the native Indians were ordered off their land and deprived of tribal identity. Tens-of-thousands of white South Africans were enticed to immigrate with promises of the land stolen from the Indians, with a goal of creating a white Bolivia. When Catholic clergy tried to aid the Indians, the regime, with CIA help, launched terrorist attacks against them, and this "Banzer Plan" became a model for similar anti-Catholic actions throughout Latin America.


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Response to Judi Lynn (Reply #4)

Mon Nov 11, 2019, 12:55 AM

7. Thank you, Judi. Lopez Obrador and Pres.-elect Fernandez condemned the coup, as did Lula.

Bolsonazi, as expected, cheered it on; Macri, crickets (and just as well).

López Obrador offered Morales and García Linera asylum, and the Mexican embassy is currently sheltering a number of MAS officials.

The Argentine Embassy is sheltering at least one Morales cabinet minister (unspecified) - and Alberto Fernández called Macri to ask that he be protected for the remainder of the latter's term (Dec. 10).

As you can imagine, there's a state of anarchy in Bolivia at the moment, with no president as yet sworn in.

Figures linked to the coup hastily announced that a right-wing senator, Jeanine Áńez, will be installed as president instead of the extremely embarrassing (and illegal) Camacho designation.

At the moment, the police are hunting down Morales and García Linera, who are in hiding in the town of Chimoré (east of Cochabamba) - though no one can say by whose authority, exactly, the order was given out.

Numerous MAS officials have been detained, their present circumstances unknown (possible torture), and their homes burned down.

May God watch over all of them, and over Bolivia itself.

Thanks again for your encyclopedic additions, Judi. Really helps make sense of these news, for anyone who still harbors naive notions as to the motives here.


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Response to sandensea (Reply #7)

Mon Nov 11, 2019, 04:41 AM

8. Hadn't heard a peep concerning any of this information, yet. Thank you, so much.

I didn't know things had gotten this bad this fast.

The opposition did the same thing when they persuaded some of the Venezuelan military to kidnap Hugo Chavez at gunpoint, fly him to an island off shore, then used the police to start going after Chavez' administration members, and members of the party in the legislature, etc. They also surrounded the Cuban embassy and cut the electricity, water, food access, phones, etc. One of the leaders of that operation was Henrique Capriles, you'll remember, who ran against Chavez for the Presidency and lost.

It surely is an established pattern by now, isn't it?

These leaders need protection from the fascists. Everyone knows they will absolutely do anything to seize power if they get the chance.

So glad you found the information.

Hoping so much they will be safe, somehow.

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Response to sandensea (Original post)

Mon Nov 11, 2019, 12:43 AM

5. Found a new (to me) bit of information you might find interesting, if you don't know, already.

Was looking for more information on the racist neo-fascists in the "Half-Moon" area, featuring Santa Cruz, of course, those who seemed to gather around Branko Marinkovic for years, and an Argentinian military loomed into view. This is from an Irish Indymedia group, Ireland being the point of origin of one of the would-be assassins in the plot to assassinate Evo Morales the police found living in a hotel before they could unleash death and destruction as planned.

Racism, Violence and Neo Nazism: Politics as usual in Santa Cruz Bolivia
category international | anti-capitalism | feature author Wednesday April 29, 2009 21:22author by Fionuala Cregan

. . .

Shortly before travelling to Boliva, Roszas was interviewed by Hungarian journalist Andras Kepes.. He requested that the interview only be broadcast on his victorious return from Bolivia or should something happen to him. Following his death, the programme was broadcast on National Hungarian Television and in it Rosza states:

“I have been called to organise the defence of the city and province of Santa Cruz, the Council of Santa Cruz have voted for the creation of a regional security council. I will go to Brazil and Bolivia and begin to organise Militia. The organisers will provide funding and arms…illegally and probably from Brazil / I understand there will be a conflict with the Central Government…/ We won’t walk with flags, we will do it with arms, we will declare independence and create a new country.”

Following the raid on the hotel where Rosza and his men were staying, the police raided an exhibition hall in Santa Cruz and found a cache of weapons hidden at the stand of the Cruzena Telephone Cooperative (COTAS), the largest telephone company Bolivia, lead by Santa Cruz businessman Herland Suárez Antelo and with strong links to the Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

While this discovery implicates the Santa Cruz business community, it is not yet clear who it was that initially contacted Roszas. Evidence has however begun to emerge in Argentina which points to a former military general called Jorge Mones Ruiz.

Ruiz is one of the leaders of the “Carapintadas” or “Painted Faces” - a group of military generals who lead a movement to impede the processing of military generals for crimes against humanity following the end of the dictatorship in Argentina in 1982. During the dictatorship, 30,000 people were tortured and “disappeared” accused of communism and subversion by the military. In the final phases of the dictatorship, Ruiz was posted as head of the Argentinean Army’s intelligence operation in Bolivia where he became close friends with members of the business community in Santa Cruz. He is currently a leading member of the ultra-right organization known as UnoAmerica or One America. Founded in December 2008, this organization aims “ to curb the advance of “Castro Communism” and the new 21st Century Socialist manifestations of it, in particular those in Boliva and Venezuela.” (See http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/elpais/1-123612-2009-....html)

Investigations are now underway in Argentina and Bolivia into the involvement of Ruiz with the opposition in Santa Cruz and the organization of Rosza and his group.


These people apparently were connected to Branko Marinkovic from the first.

I have read about "Carapintadas" being involved in far more violence throughout the Latin American countries for years. It appears torturing and murdering "leftist" people really is in their blood, and didn't get close to being quenched after the 30,000 during a few years of the Dirty War.

Google translation:


The former carapintadas in the coup against Evo
The Argentine Foreign Ministry received this information from the embassy in Bolivia after the Evo Morales government broke up a terrorist cell made up of Hungarians, Croats and Bolivians in the department of Santa Cruz.

The retired major Jorge Mones Ruiz
and the alleged Croatian-Bolivian
terrorist Rózsa Flores.

by Nora Veiras

“An Argentine cell of eleven former carapintadas that would join two other cells (Brazilian and Uruguayan), composed of former military personnel who would have been on mission in the Balkans, would be present in the Beni area (northern Bolivia). The aforementioned 'Argentine cell' would have maintained contacts with 'ultra-right' sectors, opposed to the current Bolivian national government, in Santa Cruz and in Cobija, Pando department. ”The information, dated May 4, received by the Argentine Foreign Ministry of the Embassy in Bolivia and which was accessed by Page / 12, states that “businessmen and landowners in Santa Cruz de la Sierra would have required the presence of former military officers with the aim of being instructed in self-defense in the event of possible attempts to arrest by official organizations". The pieces of the puzzle begin to be placed in position from the investigation of the group of alleged terrorists, led by Eduardo Rózsa Flores, “Hero of the Balkan War”, which was thwarted by the National Police of Bolivia last 16 of April. President Evo Morales denounced that the band was planning a murder.

On April 21, this newspaper reported that the Vice President of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera, had contacted the Argentine ambassador in La Paz, Horacio Macedo, to ask for collaboration in the control of border crossings “for the eventual presence of Argentine activists in different regions of Bolivia ”. At that time the trips to Bolivia of the retired major Jorge Mones Ruiz were mentioned, one of the carapintious repeat offenders who, between '87 and '91, raised arms to demand impunity for the repressors.

The new report realizes that "Mones Ruiz would have been in contact with the alleged terrorist / mercenary who finished Rózsa Flores and (Luis Enrique) Baraldini", another fellow fugitive arms of the Argentine Justice for his actions during the illegal repression in La Pampa and based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra with a false name. Mones Ruiz was assigned as an intelligence officer of the Argentine Army in Bolivia during a stretch of the last dictatorship and usually boasts of the knowledge of his Bolivian comrades.

Slave of the words
The violent irruption of the police on the fourth floor of the Las Américas hotel that ended with the death of Rózsa Flores (Bolivian-Hungarian-Croatian), Arpád Magyarosi (Romanian of Hungarian origin) and Michael Dwyer (Irish) and the arrest of Mario Francisco Tadic Astorga (Bolivian with Croatian passport) and Elöd Tóásó (Romanian-Hungarian) potentiated opposition virulence in Bolivia. President Evo Morales aspires to be reelected on December 6 and read the performance of these transnational commands as a thorough proof of a plan to assassinate him. In the network of relationships in that minefield there are indications of the participation of the usual characters.

Five days after the operation at the hotel, the Hungarian Television Network issued an interview conducted by journalist Andras Kepes on September 8, 2008 in which Rózsa confirms that he traveled to Santa Cruz de la Sierra at the request of people who asked him to train a self-defense group in the region and that, if peaceful coexistence with the rest of the country was not achieved, their independence would be sought. The newspaper El Debe, of Santa Cruz, explained that “the man, 49, assured that his mission 'had legal support', since the decision to organize the militia was based on the authorization of the Council of Santa Cruz. Consulted the president of the Departmental Assembly, Juan Carlos Parada, assured that he did not know anything about it and that he did not know which of the councils or assemblies that work in Santa Cruz asked permission. According to Rózsa, A group of political opponents contacted him about a year and a half ago from Santa Cruz. Its main mission was to defend the region from indigenous groups and militias. "We are willing, within a few months, in the event that coexistence does not work and by virtue of autonomy, to proclaim independence (from Santa Cruz) and create a new country," said Rózsa. "

Rózsa recorded the interview as a testament: it could only be disseminated in case of death. The strange character who knew military in Opus Dei, convert to Islam and be consecrated "Hero of the Balkan War" ended up recruiting mercenaries to defend the Bolivian extreme right. The participation in the Croatian front opened ties with Latin American military who found in those militias the niche sought to develop their command powers.

The detailed report that is being analyzed in the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells that businessmen and landowners of Santa Cruz de la Sierra would have appealed to the former military “with the aim of being instructed in self-defense in the event of possible attempts at imprisonment by official bodies and overruns of different types, including the taking of private lands by social entities such as the MAS ”, in reference to the Movement To Socialism, the party led by Evo Morales.

The model of the Brazilian landowners who established virtual death squads to counteract the action of the Landless Illuminates the imaginary of the reactionary forces of the secessionists of the Latin American region of Bolivia. The organization Human Wright Foundation Bolivia, which responds to Victor Hugo Achá, would be the core subject of the strategy framed in the objectives of UnAmérica, evaluates the text that it emphasized in the San Martín Palace.

On April 30, prosecutor Marcelo Sosa, who instructs the investigation into the actions of the Rósza group, called to declare Achá to corroborate the statements of some of those arrested in the case. The president of HWF had traveled a week before to the United States and announced that he will not return until he is given legal guarantees to defend himself against the accusations. However, in a telephone communication with a local channel he acknowledged that he spoke more than three times with Rózsa but, obviously, denied any link with the militia organized by the Bolivian-Hungarian-Croatian.

According to the newspaper La Prensa, of La Paz, Juan Carlos Gueder, the detainee declared: “I know there was another person linked within the political field (to be killed in Bolivia), but I don't know his name either, because there are other people who should to be giving the face here, Mr. Hugo Achá should be here giving the face ”. Gueder said the HWF leader had been in meetings with the alleged terrorist band. Gueder was granted house arrest for having collaborated with Justice.

On May 1, the Bolivian president said that if the organization does not clarify its links with “the terrorists” it could be expelled from the country as it already happened in Venezuela. The Pro Santa Cruz committee, the center of the flower and cream of the opposition that repeatedly tried to destabilize Morales, will convene an assembly to assess what to do in the face of the investigation of the links of businessmen with the alleged terrorists killed in the Hotel America .

In this context, the sectors represented in UnAmérica, an organization in which the Argentine carapintada Mones Ruiz works as secretary, act and present a complaint before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights against the Morales government accusing him of being responsible for the Massacre of Pando The objective is to counteract the report approved by Unasur that resulted in the prison, among others, of Pando's prefect for persecution and racist murders fired from the extreme right.


So they planned to side-step Evo Morales' democratic re-election in 2008 by KILLING HIM right before people could vote. That also would send the simultaneous message to the Bolivian majority that the racists don't intend for anyone representing the poor to ever be elected again.

Everyone knew they were assassins, everyone. Dwyer's creepy Irish parents who kept trying to claim Morales, through the police department, assassinated their son, the assassin, may still be gibbering about it, and planning yet another move, yet.

Progressive D.U.'ers here at the time of the Pando Massacre never got to learn the Bolivian authorities believe a Carapintada planned the massacre. All that was revealed at the time for English readers was that someone had driven flatbed trucks up to the river where they knew the indigenous people would be crossing during their trip, and opened fire on them with machine guns as they came across the river. Couldn't been easier, or safer for the fascist assassins.

Thanks for the information. It ALL needs to be illuminated.

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