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Tue Feb 20, 2018, 05:39 PM

Last Bill JFK Signed was The Community Mental Health Act 1963

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Only about half of the 1,500 centers were completed but grossly underfunded.

My grandson has had 3 friends commit suicide. In a small town of 12,000, median income $60k.

THREE SUICIDES, add two adult neighbors to the people he knows that have offed themselves.

My 17 year old grandson knows 5 people very well that committed suicide.

I have to wonder if JFK's dream had been fulfilled and fully funded, would these three boys and two dads be alive today? If they could have walked into a center and had open access to mental health care would they have shot themselves?

My grandson and his friends families can't afford mental health care to deal with these losses. I stay very close to him and we talk and talk and talk.

What is new under the sun?

The GOP tolerates token social programs done on the cheap, preferrably privatized so their progeny can get rich.

JFK's 1963 Bill fizzled in practice. Access to mental health care is horrible in the USA. Insurer's don't want to pay, practioners want to make money, and families can't afford the high copays, so kids/people in need go without.

There's just not enough money to be made helping the depressed, suicidal, and even murderous youth today.

October, 2013 Article tells us about Kennedy's vision

..........."The Community Mental Health Act reflected a bold new vision for the treatment of mental illness, but much remains to be done to fulfill that promise.

WHile the legislation did usher in positive and hopeful changes for millions of people with serious illnesses such as schizophrenia, progress stalled because of funding challenges and continuing stigma.

Only half of the proposed community mental health centers were ever built, and those were never fully funded. Drastic cuts were made to the remaining community mental health centers at the beginning of the Reagan administration.

The lack of access to community-based care leaves nowhere for the sickest people to turn, so they end up in hospital emergency rooms, homeless shelters or prison. “The three largest mental health providers in the nation today are jails: Cook County in Illinois, Los Angeles County and Rikers Island in New York,” the Deseret News reports.

At the state and federal levels, further action is needed to fulfill President Kennedy’s vision of accessible, quality community-based care.

Today (2013) in Congress, the pending Excellence in Mental Health Act would allow up to 1.5 million more Americans living with addiction and mental health needs, including 200,000 returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, get the care they require. This bill has broad bipartisan support, but has been held up by the budget stalemate.

Funding and reimbursement rates would more accurately reflect the cost of providing care at these centers. The bill would bring important national standards to community-based behavioral health services.

In the wake of the Newtown shooting last year, a bipartisan group of lawmakers rallied to support the bill but it has been held up by the budget stalemate.

JFK’s vision fifty years ago replaced despair with hope, and opened the door for community-based treatment. In Massachusetts and across the country, we have seen countless people with mental illness and addiction disorders recover and live full, productive and happy lives. We owe it to them to strengthen our resolve and go beyond promising quality mental health care. We must actually pay for it..........."

Did the new mental health bill pass

in 2010? NO

in 2012. NO

in 2013? NO

Thank you heartless GOP obstructionists.

I know of 5 fairly recent suicides as well. Knew of only one for my entire 60+ years until a couple of years ago. FIVE

This is new behavior and, yes, I blame access to guns.

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