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Wed Nov 11, 2020, 09:34 AM Nov 2020

I want to wish all of the DU veterans good will on this day.

On this day I remember the Veterans of my family, both grandfathers and father, who have since died, my sons who served and grandson who is active and my paltry service. While none of us died in combat thankfully - my father and one son were/are affected throughout life.

So my heart goes out to all, those who died in combat, those who bear physical scars and those whose scaring is more mental and emotional.

I just heard a piece this morning about a VA hospital, New Orleans I think, that has an extremely low rate of diagnosing TBIs. The story centered around one soldier not treated who couldn't take the pain any longer and hung himself. May he rest now in peace. This doctor did not believe in TBIs. Where do these people come from.

Anyway I never say Happy Veteran's Day, I remember - Never forget.

Here's a picture of my Dad shortly after the Battle of the Bulge. He said, the cold was the worst. For the rest of his life when he was anxious or angry he would once again feel that terrible cold. I think that time stamp is when the picture was printed in the Houston Chronicle and not the date it was taken.

I miss you Dad, every day but I remember your terrible sacrifice to save the world from Fascism. You fought that fight your whole life. I am sorry you are gone but glad you didn't have to experience what has happened to your country and it's people. What did you call the enemy of America? Oh yes, "Smiling fascism."

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I want to wish all of the DU veterans good will on this day. (Original Post) TexasProgresive Nov 2020 OP
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There is a term for what happened to his squad, but I can't remember it. TexasProgresive Nov 2020 #13
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6. Happy Veterans Day,
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 12:53 PM
Nov 2020

to all the members of my family who served, and anyone else.

On edit: This is also my late father's birthday. He served in Burma, with Merrill's Marauder's.


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7. Happy Veterans Day, thanks for the special post
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 01:56 PM
Nov 2020

and photo. That's a great picture and record of a terrible winter conflict in the 2nd World War.

Kind of Blue

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8. Thank you, TexasProgresive, for this moving OP.
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 02:33 PM
Nov 2020

I can't wrap my head around your freezing, handsome dad is smiling. This photo is everything for never ever forgetting for what he and those who did not survive do for democracy.


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13. There is a term for what happened to his squad, but I can't remember it.
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 07:07 PM
Nov 2020

The German advance was so fast that many Allied units were stuck on the wrong side of the fighting. They were not in danger of enemy fire but were completely cut off from any relief or supplies, and yes, they were freezing, some died. They say that hypothermia is pleasant at the end. Could be, Dad, said before they got rescued he was at home in Texas, warm and sitting down to a feast.

His whole life whenever he was agitated he would rub his hands together like to warm them. It took me a long time to make the connection. The other thing from his war experience is he loved canned meats, Vienna sausages, deviled ham and potted meat. I assume that was from combat rations.


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9. My dad was also a Bulge veteran.
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 03:58 PM
Nov 2020

This morning, I planted a flag at his final resting place at a cemetery near a town named Valhalla (NY)

Four years ago, I promised him I would fight for him against Trump.

Today, I said a prayer of gratitude that so far, we the people, had done their job.


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10. They were great dads weren't they?
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 04:42 PM
Nov 2020

My Dad was the strangest combination of unconditional love and generosity mixed with a real of someone who was was very dangerous.


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11. My dad wasn't all that "dangerous". . .
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 06:23 PM
Nov 2020

. . .but yeah, he could be strict when necessary.

There were times these past 4 years when I really wished he was still here - and there were other times I was glad he was not here to see all this shit that was going down. Same thing with my other uncles.


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12. A story about my Dad and the aura of danger
Wed Nov 11, 2020, 07:01 PM
Nov 2020

He reenlisted in the U.S.Army in the early 1960s. At that time they were still paid in cash. All the young guys wanted Charlie to ride shotgun on the payroll truck because they were sure that no one would attempt to steal the payroll with him guarding it - cause they would be dead. He was a great friend and family leader but a terrible enemy.


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17. I want to thank the Veterans who stood up to tyranny in Portland.
Thu Nov 12, 2020, 08:36 AM
Nov 2020

They took an oath to fight enemies foreign and domestic. They got off there asses and continued to fight Trump's Jackboots well after they retired from service.

These are the true patriots of America! Salute!

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