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Sat Dec 15, 2012, 11:45 AM


I am (not)

In light of yesterday's tragic events, my experiences seem very trivial. But in a way, the contrast may help in understanding how the shift manifests....

First, one that's happening over a few months. I am a horsewoman. I have decided on a particular path with horses and toward that end have my eyes open for a 2nd mare, similar to Dahli but some differences. The exact mare I am looking for appeared on the market -- exact size, breeding, conformation, temperament, level and type of training, and even temperament. She is only 10 hours away (versus opposite coast, lol) and on sale at a very, very low price as the owner is in trouble. I will be contacting him shortly.

Second, in my training group, we have a young woman (24) who is, frankly, loud, abrasive, attention-seeking and disruptive. On Wednesday afternoon, the trainer left us with a 45 minute, online reading assignment, and an online test of the assignment scheduled for Thursday morning. Those who finished early could leave early or even take the test early and leave early. Those who chose, could read the assignment more slowly and take the test as scheduled. The trainer then left for the day.

15 minutes later, the young woman shouted "I GOT A 75!!!!" I quietly said aloud, "Well aren't you special," and returned to reading. The room went quiet again for a moment or two, and then she started talking very loudly (shouting for normal people) to the young man across the room. After a couple minutes, it became clear she intended to continue her performance regardless of its impact on the other trainees. So I turned and nicely asked her if she could please keep it down because some of us weren't finished. I got an abrupt, rude, "I'M SORRY!" I started to mention that she could just walk across the room to speak to her friends, but was interrupted with an incredibly rude "ENOUGH!!!!!I SAID I'M SORRY!!!!!! accompanied by a slashing gesture across her throat.

In the past, I would have internalized this and fretted. I would have taken the blatant disrespect personally and be upset inside. I wouldn't have known what to do... Rat her out and be hated? Not rat her out? Be tolerant, after all "she's young and doesn't know any better..." rise above it and ignore?

But I simply won't be treated like this any more. It was totally on her -- after my initial shock, I felt no anger. But I simply won't be treated like this any more. I can't stop other people from being rude, but I can turn it right back at them. I figured out that night that I would report it to the trainer, versus HR, and planned to arrive a couple minutes early so I could go looking for him.

I didn't have to go looking for him. When I walked the door Thursday am, the trainer was headed directly toward me on his way to get coffee. It's almost like he was coming to greet me!

And then there is yesterday, when the mentally ill man decided he wasn't going to take things any more either....

Finally, a reminder of the Aquarium Age post I entered on Wednesday:

Meanwhile, the December 13 Sagittarius New Moon (12:42 a.m. PST) sets the stage for this shift. Only three hours after the Sun and Moon join in inspiring, uplifting Sagittarius, Uranus charges forward in restless Aries after five months of retrograde motion. Thatís a double dose of fire to get things moving! Liberating Uranus turning direct often corresponds with exciting, unpredictable events and awakenings. You might arise that morning from a dream thatís shaken you to your coreóor suddenly find youíre able to release something thatís been blocking your progress. The Finger of God will be very close to exact at the New Moon, so begin listening for downloads then, as well as on the 17th when messenger Mercury opposes Jupiter and triggers the karmic yod.

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