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Wed Apr 11, 2012, 07:17 PM Apr 2012

Attracting Wealth

We need to paint our house. We also need to rip out our living room rug and put down some kind of flooring. We’ve needed to do this for almost five years. We always pledge to do this with our tax refund, but end up using it keep up with daily expenses.

My son is very sick right now. He has pneumonia. His doctor says we are on the right course of treatment, but it’s been several days and I don’t see the kind of recovery I think I should be seeing. My husband and I were talking about it a few minutes ago and I looked around at the crappy rug (I’m actually looking at it right now and thinking “What color is this? It’s greyer than pond water. It’s browner than phlegm.) So I said to my husband, “I think we’d all be a lot healthier if we would tear out this damned rug and put down some flooring.” And we pledged again to use our tax refund to do this, and paint the house.

I work hard and under-earn like loads of people who are – as they say – “lucky enough to have jobs.” I am a remote candidate for a better position in my field. Better means loads of things, but among them it does mean more money. I thought to myself, as we pledged yet again to use our tax refund for some basic home maintenance, “If I get this job, we can easily afford to fix up the house, but if I don’t, I wonder if we will end up spending our tax refund on the mortgage and food.”

Then I thought, does getting this job and improving my general station in life preclude ripping out this stained sludge-water grey-brown rug and painting? Or does painting the house and ripping out the rug preclude improving my station if life? If I don’t get this job, it will be very hard to save the money we need for paint and flooring, but we can do it. We’re capable of doing the labor and we are capable of saving a few hundred dollars. It will just be hard. Regardless of whether I get this job, we will improve our station in life by giving our home the care that it needs and making it a healthier place to live. In doing that, I may also create little changes in myself that may attract this or another “better job” – a healthier, happier place for me to work.

But even that is a somewhat causal explanation for what I feel is actually more mystic. I sort of feel like putting in shiny new non-dust-mite-and-allergen-harboring flooring, and putting a fresh coat of paint on the house – a color we pick, a color we like! – will be kind of like a ceremony. We make a sacrifice to perform this act of renewal and in doing so we demonstrate to the universe that we value health and the ability to care for each other and our surroundings. And the universe provides more opportunities for us to demonstrate our values. One way the universe provides opportunities is through wealth.

(Money is energy.)

We are in a sick economy and the primary reason is policy. We are all here at DU because we understand that political action is necessary, that we must affect policy in order to improve our condition. But we are here in ASAH because we know there are other forces at work and ways we can access power right now.

It’s both frightening and encouraging to know how much the power to change my life is in my own hands. It’s encouraging for obvious reasons. It’s frightening because I have so many flaws. I’m tired and sick. I could work harder but I want to zone out – it’s so painful to constantly stay connected to your own life. But if you don’t progress through pain, you will never get to the other side.

I’m going to try. I think I work hard now. I think I have an austere lifestyle and it would be difficult to give up any more – but it’s not true. We can use our tax refund to rip out the damned rug and paint the house. I think the entire process will be transformative. I think my family and I will attract abundance by doing this. I am ready to help to allocate such abundance in service to what I value – health and the ability to take care of each other and our surroundings. (By surroundings, I do not only mean my little house, but my neighborhood, my community, and extending such reach as I am able.)

Thanks for reading all this. It’s meaningful to have a place to share; i.e. you all are cool.

Good night.

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Attracting Wealth (Original Post) rbnyc Apr 2012 OP
G'night, rb. elleng Apr 2012 #1
love you elleng rbnyc Apr 2012 #4
Oh, Rb! kimmerspixelated Apr 2012 #2
Thanks so much for being here. rbnyc Apr 2012 #3
Yes! kimmerspixelated Apr 2012 #6
Once the decision is made yellerpup Apr 2012 #5
Thank you so much. rbnyc Apr 2012 #7
Well, I hope you get the job Melissa G Apr 2012 #8
Thank you... rbnyc Apr 2012 #9
This post is probably too late for you, kentauros Apr 2012 #10
Thanks for this... rbnyc Apr 2012 #13
How scary pneumonia is! Tumbulu Apr 2012 #11
awesome tip! rbnyc Apr 2012 #12
I'd also suggest taking a look at TreeHugger.com kentauros Apr 2012 #14
Cool. rbnyc Apr 2012 #18
When I looked at the search results, kentauros Apr 2012 #22
All power that you may have yellerpup Apr 2012 #15
I think that sounds WONDERFUL Healthy already Rbnyc!!!! :) Howler Apr 2012 #16
Thanks Howler. rbnyc Apr 2012 #17
Right ON!~ FirstLight Apr 2012 #19
I love this. rbnyc Apr 2012 #20
How is your son doing today? kimmerspixelated Apr 2012 #21
last night was rough... rbnyc Apr 2012 #23
so glad he is better!! n/t Celebration Apr 2012 #24
Wonderful news. kimmerspixelated Apr 2012 #26
Dear rbnyc. I had trouble breathing as a child--asthma, pneumonia. japple Apr 2012 #25


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2. Oh, Rb!
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 09:04 PM
Apr 2012

Thanks for sharing such a personal and profound post! First, I wish for the speedy recovery of your son. He has a lot of love, that's for certain.

I think everyone here is wishing for more abundance. Money is energy and can get stagnant in so many ways. We must move, money must move, everything is a circle. Something always moves forward when action is taken. You should remain proud of your home improvement decisions.

I wish you great money energy for your new job/prospects /positions as well!

I already sense that you'll be happy with the results coming your way, and I hope to receive a bit of that money energy as well, and pass it on to the others here in a whirlwind of wealth attraction for all!

Whistling and winding it's way-a little SOUL MONEY!


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3. Thanks so much for being here.
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 09:11 PM
Apr 2012

And thanks for caring and taking the time to respond.

That's abundance right there.


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5. Once the decision is made
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 09:54 PM
Apr 2012

the hardest part is over. Having your home the way you want to see it will be deeply satisfying and comforting too, because you are taking steps to improve your family's health. The hard work of doing it yourself will give you confidence in your competence. I can see this transformation attracting a promotion and more for you. Your sweet attitude is probably already well known in your neighborhood and community. If you need help, you'd probably get it if you asked. You might even have an opportunity you would never have dreamed of. Best to you. Rest well.


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7. Thank you so much.
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 10:10 PM
Apr 2012

I keep reminding myself not to be too disappointed if I don't get this job and know that I'm meant for something else. But I really want this job. And I'm asking for it.

Melissa G

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8. Well, I hope you get the job
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 10:33 PM
Apr 2012

you want that is in your highest and best interest. I hope plenty of money comes to you for your home improvement project regardless of the source, but most of all sending prayers and good thoughts for your child's speedy recovery.


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9. Thank you...
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 10:52 PM
Apr 2012

...his fever spiked again before bedtime. The doctor said I should have seen big improvement by today. He is supposed to call us to check on him tomorrow. Last time he had pneumonia he ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. That was 4 years ago.

It's maddening because we took him to a clinic on Sunday and to his own doctor on Monday and we are doing everything we were advised to do but he still has fever on and off, the most horrible cough, no energy and he won't eat. When we do get him to eat a little, he throws it up.

This is what he has eaten and kept down since Thursday night:

sucked juice out of 2 oranges
ate half of a strawberry
a few spoons of broth
a few noodles
several freezer pops

We probably won't even wait for the doctor to call and just bring him in in the morning.

Sorry to rant.


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10. This post is probably too late for you,
Wed Apr 11, 2012, 11:29 PM
Apr 2012

and is based solely on personal experience, but I have used shiitake mushroom broth to break a fever, and presumably boost my immune system. I don't remember where I had originally read it, but I took dried shiitake mushrooms I had on hand, steeped them in boiling water for half an hour, and drank the broth straight. My flu-created fever went from 104.1 to just over 99 in a few hours! Again, though, this is only my one experience. If you have the mushrooms, it might be worth a try, or make the recipe in this link if you want something more palatable

As for your money issues, I'm going to PM you something I can share, if you want it


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11. How scary pneumonia is!
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 01:10 AM
Apr 2012

and it took a good 4 days for the antibiotic to kick in and work for my daughter when she had it last year. You are in my prayers tonight.

Also, about the floor. This is what I did in one part of my farm. Our local talented builder put in a floor made of the highest grade plywood and put a number of coats of the low voc verathane or urethane, a clear coating on it. The amazing this is that it is really cheap to do and the new plywoods have non off gassing glues. It looks stunning really and is very very economical. If you get flush with cash you can cover it with some other flooring that is more sturdy, as it is a standard flooring base.

I have a friend who is an architect/builder and he builds all sorts so fancy houses this way. Puts in a floor with plywood- finishes that and then when the customer gets more money, puts a hardwood or engineered wood or stone or tile over it at that point.

The good plywood out here costs about $30 for a 4'x5' sheet....It is easy to cut and fit....

Good luck with your project. I really hope that you can do it. It is OK to do it over time, but getting the carpet out and painting will probably do so much for your spirits.


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22. When I looked at the search results,
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 06:47 PM
Apr 2012

one of them turns out to be one I've bookmarked just now: Planet Green Flooring Guide

I don't know what flooring I'd go with as there are so many good ones. One of my brothers and his wife installed real linoleum in their kitchen and living room, and it looks great! It's definitely a very "green" material, and I'm glad it has been rediscovered.


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16. I think that sounds WONDERFUL Healthy already Rbnyc!!!! :)
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 10:24 AM
Apr 2012

Go for IT!!! And I'm sending for you and the whole Family esp Your son!!!


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17. Thanks Howler.
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 02:51 PM
Apr 2012

My husband called and reported that he held down food today. I am staying home with him tomorrow. What a way to spend Spring break. Poor kid.


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19. Right ON!~
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 03:54 PM
Apr 2012

You got it girl...you are onto something!

I recently have had so many similar thoughts... and there are times I want to stick my head in the sand as well, but you are SO right in making the simple act of claiming your health and happiness a ceremony!
our LIVES are the ceremony, right? and if we can't have some love and faith in the universe, we will just keep manifesting the lack we always had...

I say NO MORE!
A few months ago I started a mantra "following my bliss pays me well"
Now, I had some vague idea of what that meant, but I kept it posted on my desk and stayed positive in the face of whatever 'setbacks' i experienced...
I also decided to stop reading all the news that said the economy and recovery were failing, that things weren't gonna get better. I decided to "un-hook" from the OLD Paradigm of what was crumbling, and "plug-in" to the new paradigm, that I could be taken care of and enjoy what I did at the same time. I was going to create my OWN economy recovery!

So while I am not 'out of the woods' by any means on paper...I am enjoying working on my own terms and getting a new contract or two as well...

and when anyone asks how i am doing...I say I am just 'plugging away'


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23. last night was rough...
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 06:53 PM
Apr 2012

...but his energy is way up today and his fever is down. He also ate some rice just now. I feel much better.

He still has a bad cough but the doctor says it's normal and it will just take a few more days.

Thanks so much.


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25. Dear rbnyc. I had trouble breathing as a child--asthma, pneumonia.
Fri Apr 13, 2012, 09:06 PM
Apr 2012

The most comforting thing to me was when my father picked me up and carried me around the block at night, talking to me, holding me. I know the medications I received were helpful. I think your child needs to be comforted. Pick him up and hold him and let him know everything is okay. Don't worry about the carpet. If you worry, he will worry. He needs to be reassured that he doesn't need to worry about anything. This little guy is very sensitive. Comfort him, help him get over his fear. I think he is picking up on your fears.

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