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Tue Aug 8, 2023, 09:57 PM Aug 2023

How can Christians support tRUMP? By blinding themselves to all other Christian values.

Found an old article that discects 10 ways that it's not possible to truly have a functional Christian Faith AND support tRUMP because of how tRUMP stands against everything Jesus taught US.


1. He lacks compassion.
2. He appeals to fear and anger.
3. He is enamored with "greatness" and ego, but has no concern for "goodness" or service.
4. He lies — a lot. (Around 76% of his statements are verifiably false per PolitiFact)
5. He is hostile to women.
6. He speaks about his daughter in a disrespectful and sexualized way.
8. He does not model sacrifice or altruism.
9. He doesn’t seem to care about the poor.
10. His love of money is more apparent than his love of God or others.

NOT to mention, that ANYONE you make into a GOLD Statue is more like IDOL worship than giving GOD any credit.

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How can Christians support tRUMP? By blinding themselves to all other Christian values. (Original Post) TigressDem Aug 2023 OP
It helps if they come from a background... regnaD kciN Aug 2023 #1
That's an excellent summation. LastDemocratInSC Aug 2023 #4
As much as the Catholic Church has MANY issues... TigressDem Aug 2023 #7
you know the weirdest thing about that Trump Golden Idol lapfog_1 Aug 2023 #2
IDK he acts like a toddler.... TigressDem Aug 2023 #8
There is no black or white in the world. multigraincracker Aug 2023 #3
OR there is both, but all the colors and shades of grey too. TigressDem Aug 2023 #9
Nothing I've read over the last several years indicates that, unfortunately. shrike3 Aug 2023 #12
Extremely bad judges of character. yourout Aug 2023 #5
Oh, he's a character, all right. TigressDem Aug 2023 #10
It's the same way they interpret the Bible. Haggis 4 Breakfast Aug 2023 #6
I think these groups aren't picking what they "like" so much... TigressDem Aug 2023 #11

regnaD kciN

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1. It helps if they come from a background...
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 10:04 PM
Aug 2023

…where “Christianity” basically turns Jesus into merely a “Get Out Of Hell Free” Card, so that he can mainly be thought of as the son who died to satisfy God’s wrath against us for Adam’s sin, and not really have to pay attention to his life other than the ending of it. That allows them to create their own “god” (generally made up of an admixture of Zeus, Odin, and some of the bloodier portrayals of YHWH in the Hebrew Scriptures) and claim the world-view resulting from that is “Christian.”


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7. As much as the Catholic Church has MANY issues...
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 11:10 PM
Aug 2023

They do have 2 Old Testament readings and a New Testament reading at each mass. It creates a cycle where most of the Bible is delivered in about a 3 year cycle. And the Priest talks about these readings in modern context and/or gives history behind the readings to help understand more. So people who go to mass regularly hear the Bible readings and are taught what those words mean in today's world.

I have often taken the WWJD - What Would Jesus Do? idea and put any "supposed Christian" concept that seems (unloving or) suspicious to me and look for What did Jesus Do or Say about this type of thing?

VERY hard to get Zeus/Odin/Old Testament GOD mad at the World from the teachings of Christ.

To me, there is a lot of crazy in the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus were much more simple and helpful.

I grew up Catholic but was also allowed to attend other services because my parents were open minded and Vatican II helped as well.

I left the Church when Benedict was Pope. He and John Paul pushed Catholicism back away from ecumenical strides taken since the 60's. Basically it was kind of like political detente, but for religions to get along and cooperate towards goals they could agree upon without going into all the ways they disagreed in other areas.

I had found a great Methodist Church but their minister moved to another state and we got a former Baptist who was OK, but was NOT the open and vibrant type like the guy before had been. The previous minister would come and just sit by a new person and talk with them easily about various subjects and then move on to others in attendance. He was a fellow Christian happy to see you and ALSO happened to be the main guy leading the show. The feeling there was that to be a Christian means to show up and be there for others.

The Baptist minister was more preachy.

So I went with Hubby to Unity which is basically "ChristLike" but also accepts other faiths. Very loosely Christian.

But I have read so much about how the Church(es) can be used against the people, that I feel like that is more of a "power" thing than a "God" thing.

I think it's why "Separation of Church and State" is really better for those in government and for those of any type of faith who want to be fairly governed and those who choose NOT to pick any religion to be granted the same.


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2. you know the weirdest thing about that Trump Golden Idol
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 10:06 PM
Aug 2023

They dress him in a suit and red tie... and sandals. Thongs, not even Jesus sandals. Thongs.


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8. IDK he acts like a toddler....
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 11:19 PM
Aug 2023

Back in my Dad's time, "short pants" were for "little boys" who weren't "big enough" to wear "long pants" yet.

Thongs on his feet DO look weird.

Would he even be able to walk in them? He is a little slow on the uptake.

Then again, he wouldn't have to wait for someone to help him tie his shoes. I'm guessing he probably still has someone do that for him.

AND because "thong" is also an article of clothing.... I shudder seeing that word or any derivative in a sentence.

I once saw a woman riding a bike in a thong and it made me want to wretch. Not that she looked "bad" or anything, but the idea of riding a bike and having something like that ride up into all applicable crevices made we wince in pain. Like seeing a guy slip off a skateboard on a railing and drop right on his sack. I don't have that body part, but I wince and feel phantom pain anyway.


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3. There is no black or white in the world.
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 10:10 PM
Aug 2023

Everything is gray. I think folks are finding that out. Many are moving to more liberal thinking churches. They are the only churches that are growing.


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9. OR there is both, but all the colors and shades of grey too.
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 11:25 PM
Aug 2023

LIFE is MORE than we can squeeze into a bite sized bit and throw at other people.

I think there is a continuum where black is at one end, white is at the other and there is a whole world of everything else in between.

Maybe the gray scale is just the shadows of the rainbow above that gives us LIFE, JOY, HOPE and all it's opposites.

We CAN all bring something GOOD to this World if we choose to do so and even when we try not to, occasionally we can be a pain in someone else's life. Stuff happens. That's why we all need forgiveness and the encouragement to keep trying to be the best person we can be. Every little bit helps.


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12. Nothing I've read over the last several years indicates that, unfortunately.
Wed Aug 9, 2023, 03:48 PM
Aug 2023

Unless you can find evidence to the contrary, liberal churches are the ones shrinking, while conservative churches continue to grow. That's a trend that's been going on for years. See no indication that it's changed.


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10. Oh, he's a character, all right.
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 11:29 PM
Aug 2023

Kind of like the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland.

But, yeah, to put a character like that in charge.... not really following the example of Christ.

More like Judas trying to find a messiah who would go kick Rome off it's high horse.

Suppose when the truth is eventually completely out there and can't be denied.... a lot of them will have buyer's remorse. Some already are.


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11. I think these groups aren't picking what they "like" so much...
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 11:34 PM
Aug 2023

as what they think they deserve.

There was a time in Catholic history where "devout" believers would hit themselves with a scourge to take on the pain of Christ, to exemplify their "unworthiness" and repent of it.

SOME flavor of that is in these faith's that push so hard to be "perfect" so that the leader's can keep telling you what to do to "earn" God's love.

So it is really harsh and backwards from what Christ taught.

But it appeals to people who think they are in need of punishment and guidance VS needing to grow up and act on faith and help others and quit whining about things you can't control, like other people.

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