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Fri Mar 28, 2014, 12:44 AM

The Untold History of Ukrainian Nationalist Movement and Jews

If you ask an American Jew their background, chances are they will respond "Russian Jew." That is not entirely correct. The majority of American Jewish families came over from the Ukraine. By the same token, the largest wave of immigration from Ukraine to the United States was Jewish. Yet, a trip to the Ukrainian museum in New York will leave you with the impression that there are, and never were, any Jews in Ukraine. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

In the time of the Czars, Ukraine was home to the second largest Jewish population center in Europe, after the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, and followed by Belarus. The Holocaust changed all that. The Warsaw Ghetto was liquidated after an underdog Jewish last stand, bringing us to the Ukrainian nationalist movement.

During the war, the Ukrainian nationalists were Nazi collaborators. They collaborated in the Holocaust. In fact, the Ukrainians were the most enthusiastic Nazi collaborators in the Einsatzgruppe--the Nazi occupied western front, called the Pale Settlement.

The einsatzkommandos were tasked with, and responsible for, the first wave of ethnic cleansing, according to Hitler and Eichmann's "Final Solution" racialist genocide program targeting Jews. Of course, these were innocents and entire families who were murdered--often times in front of each other. Many were tortured, including Jewish children. Most were simply mowed down with machine guns during the first days of Nazi occupation. It was one of the largest mass murders in history. This was the main Nazi campaign that the Ukrainians participated in.

Nazis organized the so-called Galician Unit of the SS--the Nazi secret police force. Galicia was once a land bordering southwestern Ukraine. In Yiddish, the term Galician refers to Jews living in, or with roots in, the southern region of the Pale: Ukraine and Crimea, as well as Hungary and Romania. Many of these innocents were being protected by what the Jews call "righteous gentiles," non-Jews who risked their own lives to shelter Jews from Nazis. They would have survived the war, were it not for Ukrainian Nazis.

more: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/feedback/27-03-2014/127186-ukraine_nationalist_movement_jews-0/


Ok, I know this Pravda, which is why I posted it. Once again, we see the "concern" for Jews. This has been going on since the beginning of the Ukrainian issues. Now, see the comments:

Joe Dogo в 21:33 27 марта
When an article says something like this: ...During the war, the Ukrainian nationalists were Nazi collaborators. They collaborated in the Holocaust. In fact, the Ukrainians were the most enthusiastic Nazi collaborators in the Einsatzgruppe--the Nazi occupied western front, called the Pale Settlement. ...This is a Jewish Moral attack against Ukrainians. What right does any Jew have to moralize about Ukrainian Nationalists in the so-called Holocaust, when 8-10 years earlier in 1933, these same Jews running the NKVD starved to death 7 million Ukrainians? ... So a made up number of 6 million Jews is an atrocity on the Ukrainians part, but the killing of 7 million Ukrainians by these same Jews is okay??? ... This author should answer for the blood of these 7 million Ukrainians first, before accusing them of joining their fantasy 6 million dead Holocaust, of which there were so many, many survivors who showed up to talk about it, and endlessly demand money for it, and make movies about it. Day and Night... oh, the poor poor 6 million Jews, over and over again. ... When these very same Jews try to cover up their real murder of 7 million Ukrainians? ...How many of these Jews in Ukraine starved to death in Ukraine in 1933? Apparently, they all survived it! I wonder why?.........Let's be sure to always throw the 7 million dead Ukainians from the Holodomor in the face of every Jew who accuses Ukrainian Nationalists of Nazi Collaberation.

tim cake в 17:52 27 марта
What dumbed= down Yank would ever know about such factaul history? they lap- up slop TV crap. media propaganda and shite every day. So many of the swine stole vast wealth after the USSR went down were jewish, typical yids, many went to Londonstan UK were they were welcomed like any thief with big money.Sure there are many good Jews but still there is something about them that is despicable, no wonder they have been, and still are hated and despised by so many, parasites, liars , money- worshipping jewden the eternal jew yuk.... USA? dominated and manipulated by Jews for so long.

Joe Dogo в 15:55 27 марта
How nice! The Jewish Dominated NKVD starves to death 7 million Ukrainians in 1933, and kills several million more Russians and Ukrainians throughout the 1930's, and then the Soviets team up with the Nazis to invade Poland together in 1939. Nothing wrong with Jewish Secret Police killing 7-10 million Ukrainians and Russians. That's a good thing for them to do. But, god forbid if these Ukrainians Nationalists join the Nazis is the so-called Holocaust afterward. Why so many Jews survived to tell their stories and collect money? Those Ukrainian Nationalists are so terribly evil, for teaming up witht he Nazis in the Holocaust, but Jewish dominated NKVD killing millions of Ukarianians and Russians is something to be honored or forgotten? Maybe Stalin got it right calling them Jewish Fascists?

ppocka в 15:06 27 марта
Regarding "if you repeat a lie a thousand times": most of the Bolshevik leadership were, in fact, Jews. The current illegitimate govt in Ukraine are also disproportionately Jewish. Before that, Jews were the Polish landlord's agents. Omitting these details to make a point gives a deceptive picture of the overall situation. Of course it doesn't excuse massacre of the innocent, whoever they are. The nationalists must be also be considered victims -of slavery and their own ignorance.

CHEVI789 . в 04:27 28 марта
And let's not forget the proof we have today, less than 1% of the american population controls 100% of the country, can you guess which race this is? I see another holocaust coming on a grander scale.


Think these are just outliers? Think again. Most just aren't as direct.

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