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Bjorn Against

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Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:26 PM Mar 2016

I am proud to be one of Bernie's Bros and I condemn the smear campaign against Bernie supporters

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I am one of those BernieBros you have been hearing about, except the things you have heard about me are not exactly true.

As a BernieBro I condemn racism and misogyny and as an activist I have been passionate about equal rights for years. I was with Black Lives Matter on the day the Mall of America was shut down. I went door to door in deep red South Dakota to get out the vote against an extreme anti-abortion resolution that was on the ballot and had an anti-choice zealot threaten to shoot me, I have been on the front-lines in the battle for equality for all.

On the other hand the Hillary campaign has been working with David Brock to launch broadbrush smears against Bernie supporters like myself. Brock has a history as an actual racist and misogynist who wrote a book which lied about Anita Hill and called her a "slut".

The Clinton campaign has decided to use an actual racist and misogynist to accuse Bernie supporters of being racists and misogynists, but anyone who looks at Brock's record knows he is projecting his bigotry on to others.

The Clinton campaign has decided to smear us Bernie supporters with the term "BernieBros", but instead of running away from the name calling I am going to embrace it.

Bernie Sanders is a man that I have enormous respect for and if I can be considered to be his bro, then hell yes I am going to be his bro.

I stand with my fellow BernieBros as well as my BernieSisters to work for a better America. I stand with them to work for a country where everyone is treated equally, where everyone has access to health care and education, a country where anyone can earn a living wage, and a country in which slime merchants like David Brock are not able to use Super Pacs to smear their political opponents.

My fellow Bernie supporters you are my bros and my sisters and I am not going to put up with a racist smear merchant like David Brock planting stories in the media to attack you.

If the Clinton campaign wants to continue to smear us as "BernieBros" then I am going to loudly state that I am proud to be a BernieBro and I am not going to allow them to lie about what that means.

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I am proud to be one of Bernie's Bros and I condemn the smear campaign against Bernie supporters (Original Post) Bjorn Against Mar 2016 OP
Supporter v supporter gossip alcibiades_mystery Mar 2016 #1
This is not supporter vs. supporter this is campaign vs. supporter Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #2
Sure it is alcibiades_mystery Mar 2016 #4
No one said anything about saints aside from you Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #7
Your narrative is a joke alcibiades_mystery Mar 2016 #10
Well your misrepresentation of my argument is certainly not very complex. Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #12
Agreed Dem2 Mar 2016 #21
Wow, I don't know where you read that but I sure know I would never say such a thing Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #22
No. This is campaign vs supporter. It is a malicious smear campaign, but not by supporters. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #5
Yes, yes, of course alcibiades_mystery Mar 2016 #8
Sounds correct to me. Glad you see it the same way. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #11
Well I suppose you could call Brock a supporter G_j Mar 2016 #9
I stand with you, so I guess I'm a BernieSis... MrMickeysMom Mar 2016 #3
Yes, Lee Atwater rot in hell, was the Viper father.... Raster Mar 2016 #13
K&R there's also a huge question regarding this but that'll come later - maybe azurnoir Mar 2016 #6
I heard one of Thom's callers say... Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #14
I think it is most certainly sexist... Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #15
You make a very good point. Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #17
Thank you for the kind words. Bjorn Against Mar 2016 #20
We're SanderSisters Dems to Win Mar 2016 #16
LOL UglyGreed Mar 2016 #18
Amen! ibegurpard Mar 2016 #19

Bjorn Against

(12,041 posts)
2. This is not supporter vs. supporter this is campaign vs. supporter
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:32 PM
Mar 2016

The Bernie campaign has not launched broadbrush smears against Hillary supporters in the same way that the Clinton campaign has used their surrogates to smear Bernie supporters.

I have no problem with the large majority of Clinton supporters aside from my disagreement with them on their choice of candidate.


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21. Agreed
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 10:48 PM
Mar 2016

These threads are so ridiculous.

"Your supporters are bigots and hate pedalers, probably have the cooties too. Our side are on the side on angels - every person with a normal IQ knows this. ... How dare you accuse me of arrogance and bias!"



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8. Yes, yes, of course
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:37 PM
Mar 2016

The Evil Campaign (tm) viciously and maliciously and evilly smearing the Upright and Righteous Supporters.

Right. A hundred recs coming this way!



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3. I stand with you, so I guess I'm a BernieSis...
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:32 PM
Mar 2016

Hey, call me Bernice... In fact, I don't care if I'm called anything by those straining their little fingers across the keyboards.

Remember Lee Atwater? What a horrible student he spawned named "Brock". He taught him so well, that rats must watch videos of what they do and masterbate.


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13. Yes, Lee Atwater rot in hell, was the Viper father....
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:41 PM
Mar 2016

...of David Brock, KKKarl Rove and a few other venemous reptiles that have made American politics the sewer it currently is.

Let's see Bush* had Rove*...



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14. I heard one of Thom's callers say...
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:50 PM
Mar 2016

Hillary's supporters calling us Bernie Bro's is sexist.

If we called Hillary supporters "Hillary Babes" or something similar, they would surely call it sexist.

I'll join you and be a Bernie Sister.

Bjorn Against

(12,041 posts)
15. I think it is most certainly sexist...
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 07:56 PM
Mar 2016

I think it is sexist not so much because of the "bros" term however, it is sexist because it completely ignores the millions of women who support Bernie. While I used the term BernieSisters in the OP, I don't think I have heard anyone else refer to BernieSisters. They don't even seem to want to acknowledge the existence of women who are every bit as passionate in their support of Bernie as the men are.



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17. You make a very good point.
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 08:56 PM
Mar 2016

There are so many amazing and intelligent / knowledgeable posters here and I count you as one of them.


Dems to Win

(2,161 posts)
16. We're SanderSisters
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 08:01 PM
Mar 2016

Yeah, David Brock is so slimy he puts okra to shame.

I'm a proud supporter of Bernie Sanders!

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