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Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:25 PM Apr 2016

Any Bernie Supporters Receiving This CRAP? THE Underhanded Propaganda Effort To "Unite" Dems!

RE: PROGRESSIVE TURNOUT PROJECT.... They are sending similar messages and polls which end in a request for Ca$h.... (3 Dollars) Coming from a variety of E Addresses always asking.... Do you think Bernie can win?

PSYCH... Want us to question our resolve re: Bernie....

So THIS IS The Clinton Campaign to UNITE Democrats? Key Words: Our, Unite, Join...

TEXT from Email..

Bernie Sanders continues to build on his momentum, most recently with a big win in Wisconsin.

This race is close. Hillary still has a clear lead in delegates, but the Sanders campaign is confident that they’re favored in upcoming primary states. Plus, the primaries for must-win states like California, New York, and Pennsylvania are still far enough away for Bernie to pick up momentum.

Despite record levels of engagement in recent surveys, with a race this close, our research team needs to know what Democrats like you think about Bernie’s chances to secure the Democratic nomination. WHY? WHY should I tell YOU?

Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks!


Thanks for taking the poll!

- The Progressive Turnout Project

(Graphics NOT shown!)

Another one... I received THREE so far tonight alone!!! Varying E Addresses...


The Sanders and Clinton campaigns unite to SUE Arizona for voter suppression
Oh... you mean Hillary joined/followed... Bernie????

Click here to stand with them and DEMAND Arizona dismantle its voter suppression laws ?

FIRST: Arizona’s Democratic primary saw voters waiting in line for HOURS just to cast a vote

THEN: The Department of Justice launched a federal investigation to figure out what went wrong

NOW: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have joined together to SUE the state of Arizona and demand a restoration of voter rights You mean when voter rights became important as voters were being systematically DISENFRANCHISED... Hillary FOLLOWED Bernie in ... "taking a stand?" HILLARYOUS!

The Republican-controlled state legislature in Arizona has been passing measures to make it harder to vote.

One of those measures included slashing the number of polling places in Democratic-leaning regions by up to 70%.

Fortunately, our presidential candidates are taking a unified stand against GOP-backed voter suppression and standing up for voting rights. So yesterday in NYC/Brooklyn/and Environs... WHICH Party was behind all of the Voter Suppression there? No mention of Voter Issues from Hillary last night!

So how much does the GOP have to do with this really? I thought the GOP despised Hillary and were her "Arch Enemy?" Who benefited from the scam? It took Hillary a while to "join" Bernie in contesting the voter suppression ANYWHERE! Funny, I have not heard a peep out of Hillary re: all the suppression in Brooklyn... Her supposed HOME BASE????

Add your name right now to stand with Bernie and Hillary AGAINST voter suppression ?

In Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest, polling sites were cut to just 60 from 200. Maricopa County leans Democratic and saw some of the longest lines at polling sites in the primary. In Phoenix, there was just one polling place for every 108,000 voters.

To make matters worse, CNN reports that voters complained after being told that they couldn’t vote because they were registered as Independents.

Voter suppression exists because Republican voters consistently turn out to vote for right-wing politicians who manipulate the system to keep themselves in power.

That’s why we need to stand with Bernie and (Hillary) as they fight for voters’ rights.

Click the link below today to stand with Bernie and Hillary and demand that Arizona dismantle its voter suppression laws:

http://go.turnoutpac.org/No-Voter-Suppression Funny... Hillary Standing Up? For Voter Rights????
LOTS of Election Manipulation SHIT in NYC... and NOT a peep outa Hillary....

Thanks for adding your voice,

- The Progressive Turnout Project Anybody want to research where this PAC is "coming from?"

THIS Looks like a Brock Project or similar!

Tell the "Progressive Turnout Project" That WE Are NOT THIS Fucking STUPID!

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Any Bernie Supporters Receiving This CRAP? THE Underhanded Propaganda Effort To "Unite" Dems! (Original Post) CorporatistNation Apr 2016 OP
I am probably getting them nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #1
One Is Entitled... "Forward This!" CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #10
Bernie Likely Will Be The LAST Candidate That I Give Money To.... CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #2
It may be because of Debbie. northernsouthern Apr 2016 #3
Filled out their poll Half-Century Man Apr 2016 #4
Found it on my e-mail now. sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #5
Done THAT Before... They Want The MONEY From Peeps Who Do Not See Through The Propaganda... CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #6
Hmmm... CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #7
I'm immune to all that now. My candidate won't be winning, so there's no need to engage much. DisgustipatedinCA Apr 2016 #8
Agree Katashi_itto Apr 2016 #11
The "vote blue no matter who" was the main theme of the speakers at the CO Congressional Turn CO Blue Apr 2016 #9
We're NOT Going For The BS! CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #12
conflict of interest and potential campaign laws being broken? joejoerising Jun 2016 #13
on that note, what are your impressions of boldpac? joejoerising Jun 2016 #14


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1. I am probably getting them
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:26 PM
Apr 2016

mostly since I get emails from a lot of campaigns... but since I mostly delete them... I don't notice them anymore.

For the record, not because I support anybody. The last candidate we gave any money to was Barack Obama in 2008.. I am done giving money to any candidate. nor can I do that.


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10. One Is Entitled... "Forward This!"
Thu Apr 21, 2016, 06:10 AM
Apr 2016

Clearly an UNDERHANDED effort to UNITE US W/ HILLARY! F*** THAT!

Progressive Turnout Project My AS*!


(2,546 posts)
2. Bernie Likely Will Be The LAST Candidate That I Give Money To....
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:32 PM
Apr 2016

The System... IS RIGGED and s a former Democratic Nominee for U.S. House, I KNOW THAT THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!



(1,511 posts)
3. It may be because of Debbie.
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:32 PM
Apr 2016

I think Debbie Schultz waited as long as they could to not help Bernie, but joined the fight to cash in on the faux anger for voter suppression and so come the elections they can make sure all voters can then vote. Debbie seems pretty evil to me. I am sure they are trying to cash in on donations from Bernie supporters.


Half-Century Man

(5,279 posts)
4. Filled out their poll
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:33 PM
Apr 2016

Asked me to name 3 weaknesses Bernie has, I didn't see "can't lift a car" in the choices so marked nothing. He had no weaknesses in the choices listed.

Answer selections lacking, the was no "Fuck Yeah" button.


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6. Done THAT Before... They Want The MONEY From Peeps Who Do Not See Through The Propaganda...
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 09:51 PM
Apr 2016

How nice Hillary is to be "united" with Bernie in "fighting" for voter rights... NONSENSE! NOT a peep outa Hillary last night... with ALL of the cheating that went on! NOBODY is "UNITING" FOR Hillary! Bernie does not want her "help" on voter disenfranchisement... Certainly is NOT at all of a sincere nature... given the Nevadas... Arizona... among others and NOW New York!



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8. I'm immune to all that now. My candidate won't be winning, so there's no need to engage much.
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 10:32 PM
Apr 2016

I'll drop a little something here or there, but I won't do much arguing with these people. They won--or at least they think they did. I kind of think we're all going to lose, but I don't begrudge them their big victory. But have you noticed the threads already beginning to thin out? Some threads feature mostly (not al) pro-Hillary people, sometimes spending several posts talking trash about Bernie people. In several threads, they're not being engaged. Check DU's Alexa rankings over the next couple of months. The site is dying.

Turn CO Blue

(4,221 posts)
9. The "vote blue no matter who" was the main theme of the speakers at the CO Congressional
Wed Apr 20, 2016, 11:16 PM
Apr 2016

District 1 assembly. There were several speakers from the local party and our Senator Michael Bennett and our Congresswoman Diana DeGette, and all of them hitting the themes over and over -

we all have so much more in common than we have differences
vote blue no matter who
it's not who we're for, it's WHAT we're for

Must have been a talking points memo making the rounds to the party leaders...sheesh!


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13. conflict of interest and potential campaign laws being broken?
Sat Jun 4, 2016, 10:51 PM
Jun 2016

from what i understand, "progressive turnout project" is only supposed to be encouraging progressive voter turnout and surveying the concerns and opinions of the progressive electorate. they are NOT supposed to be siding with or campaigning for any candidate and that is what i think they ARE doing. just today, they asked me my opinion on who a good potential vice president pick would be among the several names (including elizabeth warren and the top) was bernie sanders... as is his presidential bid were already decided upon... and no mention of hillary as a potential vice anywhere on that list. i'd like to see some real investigation into ptp's ties with the democratic establishment and hillary, herself.


(2 posts)
14. on that note, what are your impressions of boldpac?
Sun Jun 5, 2016, 12:11 AM
Jun 2016

ptp uses a format identical to boldpac. may be trying to siphon off some of their followers? but i'm wondering also about your impressions of boldpac too.

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