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Wed May 25, 2016, 02:39 AM May 2016

GOP PAC supporting DWS should alarm everyone.

GOP and DNC share the same goal.
In the end, they exist for the same reason.
Their purpose is to stop Bernie Sanders of the world.

Democratic Party doesn't want Tim Canova. Republican Party doesn't want Tim Canova.
Harry Reid can't stand Alan Grayson. Obama doesn't like Alan Grayson.
The DNC has run a (dirty) campaign against Bernie Sanders this primary season.

Don't be fooled by GOP's feigned outrage and contempt for Trump. Republicans will always cry about something because they're crybabies. They cry about Trump because they weren't so sure that he's gonna listen to them.

GOP establishment WILL support Hillary Clinton, if they can't tame Trump the way they want; Dark money will be flowing in through PACs with unrecognizable party affiliations. Ballot boxes will be tampered with (as they probably have been in the Dem primary). Voter registration files will be hacked and switched(as they probably have been in the Dem primary). The GOP and the DNC will unite on that, and they will find a way to get their way.

But I think Trump is already right there with GOP establishment. Trump has always been an AstroTurf anyway.
And that means, when Trump becomes their nominee in July, even his scattered talk of pseudo-populist message will have been all for naught; His economic policy will be Romney's, and foreign policy will be the same as what Sheldon Adelson and Lindsey Graham could hope for.

My point is, they win either way.
There will be very little difference between Hillary Clinton presidency and Donald Trump presidency. Except perhaps, with the number of people being deported.
They will get pretty much everything they want, unless we get Bernie.

Trump is not gonna raise taxes on himself, nor is Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton has a special fervor for bombing people overseas, and Trump will be no less interested in doing that.
Hillary Clinton doesn't have a problem with mass incarceration, neither does Trump.
Trump will not pay attention to the Black Lives Matter, nor will Hillary Clinton(She might do just about the same as Obama on this issue, which is not a whole lot).
Hillary Clinton is not interested in bringing native Americans' perspective into office, and neither is Trump.
Hillary Clinton's not gonna regulate Wall Street, and neither is Trump.
Hillary Clinton doesn't care about the poor, neither does Trump.
Trump doesn't care about civil liberties and our right to privacy, neither does Clinton.
Trump will have no problem with net neutrality being destroyed, nor will Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton's priorities do not include overturning Citizens United, neither do Trump's.
Trump is not interested in transforming energy system, neither is Hillary Clinton (Best case scenario, she's gonna do just about the same as Obama, which is not a whole lot).

DWS is endorsed by Obama and Karl Rove. The GOP and the DNC are working together to keep Tim Canova out of Washington.
If you still think the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are not colluding to keep this corrupt regime going, then explain to me how this corrupt regime is in any way sustainable.
If you wanna claim that DWS is just a matter of "a few bad apples" and not the entire apple cart, please go ahead and make your case.

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