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Sun Jul 15, 2012, 06:07 PM Jul 2012

But...but...but...Obama does it too!

That's what the Repugs are basically saying to try to defend Mitt Romney's record of outsourcing American jobs overseas. It's a sorry attempt to deflect criticism of his Bain record because they are desperate to change the subject and have no rational defense. This is a typical response from those who have no legitimate argument. They love to pretend that the other side is just as guilty as them to somehow try to justify their own wrongdoings. Two wrongs don't make a right unless you're a pathetic spin-meister.

They are saying that President Obama's jobs council is full of businessmen who outsourced jobs. This may be true, but what they are ignoring is that the president is "The Decider." (How could they forgot that?) The record of his advisers isn't nearly as important as what he actually does based on their advice and he clearly hasn't made decisions that caused jobs to be outsourced offshore. Romney claims that his experience as a businessman will help him make the decisions for our economy that will create jobs. His experience is in making profit, not creating jobs here in our country. He will be "The Decider" so HIS record on job creation is what's important.

Of course, Repugs are also lying to try to claim that President Obama is the real outsourcer. This morning Jon Kyl claimed on Meet The Press that it is Obama's policies and high tax rates that are causing corporations to ship jobs overseas. To believe that drivel you have to ignore the fact that the effective US corporate tax rate is lower than other developed countries and that overall taxes are at a 30 year low. You also have to ignore the fact that corporate profits are at a all-time high. President Obama and Democrats are proposing a change in the tax code to end loopholes that reward companies that move jobs overseas and they want to give those who keep jobs in America a tax break. Republicans refuse to support that legislation.

So, beware of these false right-wing talking points and be prepared to refute them with facts and common sense.

Feel free to give more examples of this pathetic "But Obama does it too!" defense and smack them down as the ridiculous excuses that they truly are whenever you can.

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