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Bjorn Against

(12,041 posts)
Thu Dec 10, 2015, 10:28 PM Dec 2015

It is time to take our party back from the 1% fringe

For a number of years now there has been a group of people who represent extremely wealthy interests that have fooled Americans into believing that they are centrists.

It is time to stop pretending these people represent some kind of middle of the road ideology because they don't represent the center of America, they represent the 1% fringe.

When a politician takes large bribes in the form of campaign contributions from lobbyists representing corporate interests they are not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

When a politician supports trade policies like NAFTA and the TPP that result in jobs being shipped away and a weakening of labor and environmental standards they are not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

When a politician votes to attack a country like Iraq based on lies that were already exposed well before the vote to invade took place that politician is not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

The center of America is not given bribes by corporate lobbyists, instead they are people who are struggling to survive with low wages and enormous health care costs.

The center of America struggles to pay for their food and rent, they struggle to pay college tuition, and let's face it their biggest struggle is to pay for the salaries of top corporate executives and stock holders because that is ultimately who the money they spend goes to.

While the center of America struggles however the politicians who claim to be centrist are being wined and dined by the very 1% fringe that is screwing the real center of America over every single day.

If we want to stop the 1% fringe we need a party that will represent the real center of America and not the fringe one percenters.

We need to get the people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Rahm Emanuel who represent the 1% fringe out of positions of power and we need to get people who truly understand the struggles of the working class people into leadership roles.

There is only one candidate that I believe will work to remove the 1% fringe from leadership positions within the Democratic Party. There is only one candidate who I truly believe will put people who truly understand the struggles of ordinary Americans into leadership roles.

I would tell you that candidate's name but I don't need to, I think most people already know it.

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It is time to take our party back from the 1% fringe (Original Post) Bjorn Against Dec 2015 OP
Agreed! peacebird Dec 2015 #1
Amazing how quickly the first black President became part of the 1% fringe. lol nt LexVegas Dec 2015 #2
I never even mentioned Obama in this post Bjorn Against Dec 2015 #3
We see what you are trying to plant there. artislife Dec 2015 #14
I agree, artislife SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #27
Silly me. I didn't realize everything was still about Obama. merrily Dec 2015 #32
When We Stand Together - No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Dec 2015 #4
For the Center of America sonofspy777 Dec 2015 #5
Indeed they do...and most people still support Hillary Clinton. brooklynite Dec 2015 #6
We all make mistakes Armstead Dec 2015 #7
"Vote Sanders...unless you're too STUPID too..." brooklynite Dec 2015 #9
Was sdimply responding to snark with snark Armstead Dec 2015 #19
Not so much stupid; unfamiliar rather. Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #21
Sanders has been campaigning for 8 months... brooklynite Dec 2015 #22
First of all: I notice a significant increase between October and November, Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #25
Great post! TIME TO PANIC Dec 2015 #8
Right Now Most Don't Seem To Want To Know It. colsohlibgal Dec 2015 #10
Well, at least one poster in this thread is knowingly supporting her BECAUSE of 1% status Dragonfli Dec 2015 #11
Nod in agreement. nt artislife Dec 2015 #15
When I read that person's posts, Art_from_Ark Dec 2015 #16
Excellent! brooklynite Dec 2015 #29
LOL, thanks to you now that is all I will hear in my mind when that poster types. Dragonfli Dec 2015 #30
"Republicans like that..." brooklynite Dec 2015 #35
No need to be shy...I can take it... brooklynite Dec 2015 #24
I have convinced over 75% of those I canvassed in my neighborhood, no problem, just information Dragonfli Dec 2015 #26
No to gentrification of the Democratic party. nt artislife Dec 2015 #28
The Democratic Party IS a Big Tent, bvar22 Dec 2015 #34
K & R. End the oligarchic path of demise and rebuild the middle class and our democracy. appalachiablue Dec 2015 #12
You mean the 56% fringe that is supporting Hillary? cosmicone Dec 2015 #13
No, I mean the 1% fringe that pays her $250,000 a speech Bjorn Against Dec 2015 #18
What bullshit ... Scuba Dec 2015 #17
I couldn't agree more. n/t Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #20
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Dec 2015 #23
Make way for Millennials, MFUA! (Millennials, Fed UP Already) merrily Dec 2015 #31
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Dec 2015 #33

Bjorn Against

(12,041 posts)
3. I never even mentioned Obama in this post
Thu Dec 10, 2015, 10:43 PM
Dec 2015

Honestly Obama is not my concern right now, he will be leaving office in just over a year and I want a President who will work to reduce the influence of the 1% going forward.


(13,881 posts)
27. I agree, artislife
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 01:28 PM
Dec 2015

I am a delegate to the SC Democratic convention every 4 years, and the people I see there are not the 1%. They are a cross-section of my fellow citizens, but tend to be more ethnic and probably less affluent that the average across the state.


Betty Karlson

(7,231 posts)
21. Not so much stupid; unfamiliar rather.
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 08:54 AM
Dec 2015

Why do you think DWS and gher coronation committee do everything in their undeserved power to withold exposure and name recognition from Sanders and his platform? They know that Sanders' popularity goes right in hand with his name recogntion!


Betty Karlson

(7,231 posts)
25. First of all: I notice a significant increase between October and November,
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 10:19 AM
Dec 2015

and second: when did somene's name recognition ever rise completely lineairly?

If your graph shows anything, it is that Clinton has a negative trend line. Heaven knows what that bodes for the GE.


(5,275 posts)
10. Right Now Most Don't Seem To Want To Know It.
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 12:17 AM
Dec 2015

The Hillary brigade just is in love with voting for her, so what if she takes multi millions from Wall Street And the Military Industrial Complex, nothing to see there...to them at least.

It is a prime problem for the USA now....not enough citizens actually drill down to see what is really what or even follow the money.


(10,622 posts)
11. Well, at least one poster in this thread is knowingly supporting her BECAUSE of 1% status
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 01:04 AM
Dec 2015

He knows which candidate will be good for the wealthy, fuck the rest of us. I have noticed an innate lack of empathy for the working class and a will to prosper at that level regardless of the harm to the rest of us among that class of people.

It is who/what they are and they do not care. Caring requires something like empathy.


(27,247 posts)
16. When I read that person's posts,
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 02:32 AM
Dec 2015

my mind automatically reads them with a Thurston Howell the 3rd accent.

"I was washing my money down at the lagoon and suddenly realized I had an extra $10,000..."


(95,174 posts)
29. Excellent!
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 01:43 PM
Dec 2015

If you're going with a lazy stereotype, play it to the hilt!

BTW - what kind of accent does Alan Grayson use when he endorses Clinton?


(10,622 posts)
30. LOL, thanks to you now that is all I will hear in my mind when that poster types.
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 02:44 PM
Dec 2015

In truth, he appears to be a typical monied person with all the selfishness and lack of empathy that implies, but in order to be fair, we must admit that Republicans like that which have infected our party did so because they are not generally as bigoted and backwards as the new Republicans have morphed into. They are moderate on social issues (except when it comes to hiring supervisors and such) and at least can be counted upon to ally with us on things like choice and to a more limited extent marriage equality, many of them still do not believe in marriage equality (preferring Hillary's until recently consistent stance on unions because 'one man one woman' religious nonsense) but lack the hatred of the LGBT members of society that the Registered Republicans consider a tenant of their political ideology.

They often claim they are progressive solely on such social views and claim that other Conservatives in the party are progressive as well regardless of their pro Reagan Pro Corporate, anti regulation and anti welfare type program stances for the same reason - hence the claims by them that Hillary Clinton is a progressive which sounds rather confusing to those of us that actually are Progressive.

Usually they are what we used to call moderate Republicans in the 80's or Reagan Democrats if you want to look at it that way.


(95,174 posts)
35. "Republicans like that..."
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 06:10 PM
Dec 2015

"many of them still do not believe in marriage equality"

"pro Reagan Pro Corporate"

That's a pretty creative stretch of analysis based on...absolutely nothing. Sort of like Christians who say "you're so nice...how could you be an atheist"?

As far as I can tell, the only things you know about me are, I'm financially wealthy (I don't deny it) and I support Hillary Clinton, like millions of other Democrats do. You know nothing about how my wife and I earn our money (but apparently there's no good answer) and how I choose to spend it, other than I give to political campaigns (Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Sherrod Brown...)

FWIW, I started out in college as a Democratic Ward Committeeman, worked for Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry, helped fund our takeover of the House and Senate in 2006/2008. I'm also a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and Feeding America. Neither I nor my wife work in a field which oppresses the working class, we've worked hard for 25 years or so, and we have no children (you save a lot that way) so we can afford to support candidates who think the way we are: pro choice, pro gay rights, pro progressive taxation, pro immigration. And as I've said before, my only objection to Sanders is that I don't see how he actually wins a national election.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get my hat and cape so I can evict some widows and orphans...


(95,174 posts)
24. No need to be shy...I can take it...
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 09:11 AM
Dec 2015

...but you still seem to have a problem convincing the 60% of Democrats supporting Clinton to admit the error of their ways.

Or has the 1% grown more than you want to admit?


(10,622 posts)
26. I have convinced over 75% of those I canvassed in my neighborhood, no problem, just information
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 01:23 PM
Dec 2015

Most of which I needed to get registered for the primary and who did not know much about Sanders because of the news blackout and well timed and infrequent debate schedule that only the best money can buy.

Working poor and unemployed in my mixed neighborhood respond well to Sanders, they consider him unusually honest, consistent and refreshingly unpurchased. They believe he may do more than talk a good game and then work for the rich while cutting all their lifelines like the pols that have made them apathetic since the party abandoned the working class for Reaganomoics and large donations from corporations.

You have no understanding of the classes below you and have zero clue on relating to them and their problems much like your wealthy candidate that also lives in a bubble where there is no want, hunger, or sweating the rent until homelessness looms menacingly like the sword of Damocles

I live in a poor working class neighborhood so the apathy regarding choosing one rich asshole over another needed a cure to get them rolling, Sanders appears to do well with this.

I wonder if any of my newly registered voters, most of whom use cell phones are represented by the polls you reference? I am sure they are, I mean they must be, Hilary is inevitable, much like last time.

Just as a note: in my neighborhood we are packed close together, without several hundred feet between houses like in most wealthy strongholds so my legwork had some legs so to speak.


(39,909 posts)
34. The Democratic Party IS a Big Tent,
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 05:46 PM
Dec 2015

but there is NO ROOM for those who advance the agenda of the RICH
at the expense of the Working Class & The Poor.

If you Work for a Living, or are currently without work, or are underemployed,... you would be a FOOL to vote for anyone but Bernie.

Bjorn Against

(12,041 posts)
18. No, I mean the 1% fringe that pays her $250,000 a speech
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 08:48 AM
Dec 2015

You can laugh all you want at your strawman, but I never said anything to suggest all Hillary supporters were part of the 1% fringe. The people who are funding her campaign are often part of that 1% fringe however.

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