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Sat Jan 1, 2022, 11:56 AM Jan 2022

Noticed not much activity here, but hoping/trying for help anyway!

I never had a problem eating until now, in fact most of my life, I overate. I went on WW and did really well, lost 40 pounds, ate healthier. Then my mental issues son got arrested for failure to appear from 3 years ago and I can't eat. Food tastes terrible and I feel like I'm about to throw up. I keep losing weight and I don't want to or need to anymore. In fact, I've started eating more sweets because I tolerate those better and it's a lot of calories. If I lose 5 more pounds, nothing at all will fit me and my pants will be falling off. The skinniest clothes I have are almost too big now. It's not that I am too skinny right now, 139 and 5-1/2 ft tall isn't too thin. But I NEED TO EAT.

I had an initial appt. with a counselor, but don't have a next one until over a week and she's out of the office until then.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could help to increase an appetite when someone is very stressed/anxious? I hate feeling so emotionally strung out all the time since his arrest, but know this isn't his first rodeo and he's gay and injured and has mental issues and won't take care of himself. I wish I knew how to disassociate from this!

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3. +1..."medical marijuana" is an overused term, but really does crush that particular problem for most
Sat Jan 1, 2022, 12:16 PM
Jan 2022

I don't partake any longer, but back when I did it would occasionally cause anxiety issues. So, you'd have to be cognizant of that and discontinue if necessary.


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13. Yeah, I live in FL and have been approved for medical mj.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 11:48 AM
Jan 2022

I will be researching more to find some good anti-anxiety strains for daytime use (for me that means hybrid, can't take the straight sativas).


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2. See a medical doctor and get prescription for
Sat Jan 1, 2022, 12:07 PM
Jan 2022

Megace. I was given this following my oral cancer treatment 13 years ago.


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4. I'm not an expert
Sat Jan 1, 2022, 12:17 PM
Jan 2022

So don't consider this medical advice. But I have dealt with family and self at times with intestinal issues. One family member had cancer, one old age issues. We once consulted with a nationally known nutritionist.

The quality and balance of food helps. Nutrients should be the result of good food intake rather than vitamins and minerals.

I'll pull these few idea from Balch & Balch Nutritional Healing book, 2nd edition, which is admittedly a 15 year old old book, but it has a section on Appetite: Poor. Snack on quality foods - banana, cheese, sliced turkey, nuts (almonds, walnuts), berries. Personally, I would highly recommend whole milk unsweetened yogurt for a while, a little with each meal, to promote digestion and uptake.

The book also says avoid liquids before or during meals. Avoid soda. They also recommend peppermint leaves and ginger root. Ginger root is readily available, and easy to cook with. And they recommend a B-complex vitamin to help increase appetite. I think that would also make brown rice a sound addition to evening meals. Avocadoes are recommended.

Seems to me, from my own experience, the book is trying to prime the pump, it just needs good ingredients.


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16. Common sense or not, Balch was an M.D. and his wife an R.N.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 02:56 PM
Jan 2022

Their book an alternative health standard for many years, 3rd edition I think was the last. Some of it was old time doctor remedies, before all the technology they throw at things today.


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7. I'll second that
Sat Jan 1, 2022, 01:04 PM
Jan 2022

When my Dad was in the hospital, they made him a lot of milkshakes. He had always been thin, so really dropping weight from intestinal cancer.

How about things like oatmeal or brown rice? I had a friend with anorexia that lived on Cream of Wheat.

Get well, my friend.


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15. Funny, I love cream of wheat and was thinking about that this morning.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 11:55 AM
Jan 2022

If I can find any at the store, I will get it!


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11. Thanks, I will try that.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 09:12 AM
Jan 2022

I don't know what I can/can't eat until I try it these days. My appetite is so off, just thinking about food makes me feel queasy, but later in the day I'm more successful at eating.

I've also thought about Boost or Ensure, but again don't know if I can tolerate it?


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9. Thank you so much, I will definitely look into this.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 08:28 AM
Jan 2022

Yeah, even if my son weren't in this situation, I have no confidence he'd go 6 months without getting back in trouble. It's me that I wants help and hopefully this will be part of the journey.

Thank you, too, for your kind words.


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10. Yw, Lark
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 08:41 AM
Jan 2022

Sounds to me like this free offering might well offer what you need, a way to stay centered in the moment & calm your anxiety.

In psychology, it is believed that ruminating, going over & over past events, contributes to depression & trying to deal with future events creates anxiety. None of us can cross that bridge until out foot is upon it.

Those here at DU who have tried this course have said they felt better!

I'm sorry to hear about your son's challenges. The best way to help him is to engage in solid self-care. If you are depleted, you can't do much to help others.

Why not think of a meal you used to love, something fragrant that perhaps used to bring you comfort & cook it, with the intention of nourishing wonderful you? 😉


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12. Yeah, I just completed the week 1 course.
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 11:42 AM
Jan 2022

Focusing on something different helps for sure and I am going to work on the Loving Kindness Meditations as one of my next steps.

Unfortunately, right now, food isn't something that brings me much pleasure - for the first time in my life. It's so weird, I have ALWAYS had a big appetite and loved food - up until about 6 months ago. Food doesn't smell good now, it usually makes me feel slightly nauseous. Carnitas have been one of my faves forever, and yesterday I really had to force myself to eat 1 and couldn't finish it. I was happy yesterday when I actually managed to eat healthy and a sufficient quantity, so yay! Today isn't as good, but then I am much better at eating in the later part of the day than at the beginning for some reason.

I do have the fixings for a pork chop dinner that I've made since I was a kid and love. So I think one of my goals is to feel good enough to cook and eat the dinner within 2 weeks.

Stuart G

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20. I am writing this more than two months later. No matter what...Don't Give Up..Never Give Up
Tue Mar 8, 2022, 09:24 PM
Mar 2022

..Don't give up the fight
.. Whatever Works: Meditation, Prayers, Singing, Exercise, TV, etc ...Whatever Works, or try something new.
...I went to Overrates Anonymous. Going saved my life....and ..........YES...YES..YES..some members have anorexia just
like you.
All people are accepted. No dues or fees. Meetings vary with all kinds of people...I remember close to 38 years ago,
when I saw those very low weight people, I recalled what I thought, "What are they doing here?"

Well, some of those anorexic members were the best members around. OA saved their lives too...I repeat my original advise:


DON'T GIVE UP.....DON'T EVER GIVE UP................

Stuart G.

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