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Fri Nov 14, 2014, 07:43 AM Nov 2014

What's in a name? We better decide...

People are offering them up in other threads, and it is our responsibility to come up with a good one. I suggest:

1) Set a time line for entries;

2) A vote on what we like.

My pithy effort: New Reform Democrats

ON EDIT, the name for this group is not necessarily a substitute for the present Democratic Party, but a more formalized public expression for this movement beyond a group in DU

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What's in a name? We better decide... (Original Post) Eleanors38 Nov 2014 OP
I hope you realize clydefrand Nov 2014 #1
True. And we are in that process, now. Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #2
I liked the Roosevelt Dems. Is that still on?...n/t monmouth4 Nov 2014 #3
Roosevelt Dems or FDR Dems. Both work for me. Scuba Nov 2014 #4
Me too. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #6
Me too..n/t monmouth4 Nov 2014 #5
FDR Dems sounds good to me. For a long time the 'left' has been marginalized in their own party. sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #11
FDR Democrats, FDR Liberals, any of those are good with me. F4lconF16 Nov 2014 #12
The 4 Steps to Building a Successful Social Movement demwing Nov 2014 #7
I'll have to get out the pen & paper, I think it's faster, Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #8
Reach out to WillyT and EEO demwing Nov 2014 #9
The Roosevelt Institute PADemD Nov 2014 #10
'Social Democrats'. Alludes to the successful 'democratic socialist' parties of Europe, AND the grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #13
I may just have the right name ... and it reclaims some key words and memes from the repukes. hedda_foil Nov 2014 #14
I like it grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #17
Thanks, grahamhgreen. hedda_foil Nov 2014 #19
I like FDR democrats, fwiw. :-) RiverLover Nov 2014 #15
I like this too grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #18
The original historic populist party name... yallerdawg Nov 2014 #16
Here are a few names I jotted down... Segami Nov 2014 #20
Kicked & Rec'd /nt demwing Nov 2014 #21


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1. I hope you realize
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 07:48 AM
Nov 2014

a rose by any other name is still just a rose. Changing the party name does absolutely NOTHING - the democrats themselves must change.

sabrina 1

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11. FDR Dems sounds good to me. For a long time the 'left' has been marginalized in their own party.
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 12:25 PM
Nov 2014

Taking control out of the hands of the Third Way, refusing to listen to their stupid talking points 'reality based community' 'purity troll' etc all thought up to aim directly at the left. Attacking FDR in various ways etc.

The goal was to marginalize and weaken the left in the party, to continue to purge real Liberal candidates from the party and back Third Wayers, like Mary Landrieu eg, Baucus et al and it worked because originally the left went along out of fear of Bush, 'anyone but Bush'. And that's what we get, 'anyone'.

Blatantly naming the left voters FDR Dems or something that states who the Dem Party is supposed to represent, is probably a good start. No, we did not go away, we are not only NOT marginailzed we are coming back and we will no longer accept Right Wing policies in this party.

FDR/Roosevelt Dems should be the ones to fear. Instead they have been consistently told to be quiet about issues and 'just vote' because the other guys are worse.

That is stupid, to keep on doing that, I hope it has finally come to an end.


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12. FDR Democrats, FDR Liberals, any of those are good with me.
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 12:53 PM
Nov 2014

I think the name brings to mind a history that we can be proud of as liberals, and I think that pride in our positions and policies is exactly what we need right now. New Reform Democrats or something like that, while true, doesn't have that history, that sense of purpose.



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7. The 4 Steps to Building a Successful Social Movement
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 08:30 AM
Nov 2014
by Kaihan Krippendorff

People who study social movements like the French Revolution, women’s rights, and the Arab Spring, show that successful movements follow a predictable pattern:
1. A community forms around a common goal
2. The community mobilizes resources
3. The community finds solutions (what I call “fourth options”)
4. The movement is accepted by (or actually replaces) the establishment

If you understand this pattern and build your project or career or business with this pattern in mind you have a greater chance of success.

Step 1: A community forms around a common goal
Business planning experts will tell you to create a mission that sounds something like “to create shareholder value by becoming the greatest ice cream scoop maker in the world.” The problem with most mission statements is that they matter only to three stakeholders: shareholders, employees, and customers. As for the rest of the world...who cares? By contrast, great social movements must have broader human appeal. For example, at one point in his life, Pipkin was helping plant trees in Kenya and was asked to plant trees at a school. When he got there he realized the 8th graders digging in the dirt with him were about to end their education because there was no high school in the area. These kids would be thrown out into the world half-educated. Solution? He and a few others brainstormed “to build a model [high] school that has all the things a school needs: safe buildings, durability, and a healthy environment with good air and light,” he explained. For your business/career/project to really take off, ask this question: What mission could you pursue that society would care about? For me, I see the opportunity to build a consulting firm that helps solve big problems by helping people see “fourth options.”



Eleanors38, I believe that a great name will reflect a great common goal. You, WillyT, and EEO have all started threads to identify those goals, would you be willing to work with them to collect all the feedback from your three threads, filter out repetitions, and create a comprehensive list of suggestions? PM the list to the hosts so we all have a copy, and then we'll create a new thread where we can all vote on the suggestions.

Are you up for it?


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10. The Roosevelt Institute
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 10:23 AM
Nov 2014

Before we settle on the Roosevelt name, we might want to contact this organization:

The Roosevelt Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by developing progressive ideas and bold leadership in the service of restoring America’s promise of opportunity for all.


A New Deal for the 21st Century

The Four Freedoms Center
The Four Freedoms Center develops bold ideas that are beyond the narrow parameters of the current political debate. They form the foundation of a New Deal for the 21st century.




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13. 'Social Democrats'. Alludes to the successful 'democratic socialist' parties of Europe, AND the
Sat Nov 15, 2014, 03:49 AM
Nov 2014

social networking of the millennials and present day


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14. I may just have the right name ... and it reclaims some key words and memes from the repukes.
Sat Nov 15, 2014, 02:38 PM
Nov 2014

How about the Freedom Democrats along the lines of Roosevelt's four freedoms (though not necessarily the same exact words, as repukes have twisted so many fine terms that when they say freedom it means freedom for the global corporations, banksters and billionaires to loot and pillage the 99%. The thing is most ordinary people on both sides have no idea of that. They still believe that freed means freedom for the little guy, so most of the tea party types probably think.they're fighting to keep their own freedom from what they have learned to view as tyranny.

The.name could then seamlessly flow into the simple but powerful statement of "freedom from what" and "freedom to do what" which form our most basic core principles Like.Roosevelt's four freedoms, this works best as one simple declarative statement for each of our categories. Policies can then flow from these statements.

I think most Americans would flock to the polls to vote for candidates who are committed to our positions.

What do you think everybody?


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16. The original historic populist party name...
Sat Nov 15, 2014, 09:13 PM
Nov 2014

from the Progressive Era was the "People's Party."

Now, we could use the "People's Democratic Party", People's Party for short, still Democratic Party. Just people's, not corporations and purchased political class.

Also, this name will transition smoothly with the inevitable collapse of the capitalist system...right?



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20. Here are a few names I jotted down...
Sun Nov 16, 2014, 02:53 PM
Nov 2014

...as such,...nothing is ever etched in stone and name ideas lead to more improved name ideas.

Here is my list:

Democratic United Party - DUP

United Party of Democrats - UPD

United Democratic Party - UDP

Representative Democracy Party - RDP

Democratic Majority Party - DMP

Democratic Majority Caucus - DMC

Democratic Majority Caucus Party - DMCP

Progressive Democratic Majority - PDM

Progressive Democratic Majority Caucus - PDMC

Democratic Union Party - DUP

Democratic Counsel Party - DCP

United Democratic Counsel Party - UDCP

Equal Democracy Party - EDP

Democratic Assembly Party - DAP

Progressive Democratic Assembly Party - PDAP

Progressive Democratic Assembly Caucus - PDAC

Democratic United Assembly Party - DUAP

United Assembly of Democrats Party - UADP

Reform Assembly of Democrats Party - RADP

Reform Democratic Party - RDP

Progressive Democratic Reform Party - PDRP

Progressive Reform Caucus - PRC

Democratic Network Party - DNP

Progressive Reformist Party

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