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Thu Mar 7, 2019, 07:24 AM

Cornell West Endorses Bernie Sanders

March 7 2019, 6:03 a.m.


CW: Well, as you know, I was blessed to do over a hundred events for my dear brother. And this is the first time Iíve had a chance to publicly endorse him again, but yes, indeed. Iíll be in his corner that weíre going to win this time. And it has to do with the Martin Luther King like criteria of assessing a candidate namely the issues of militarism, poverty, materialism, and racism, xenophobia in all of its forms that includes any kind of racism as you know against black people, brown people, yellow people, anybody, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Palestinians, Kashmirians, Tibetans and so forth. So that thereís no doubt that the my dear brother Bernie stands shoulders above any of the other candidates running in the Democratic primary when it comes to that Martin Luther King-like standards or criteria.

MH: And thatís to do with the man himself. Youíre endorsing him as a person, as your brother. In terms of policies, is there a particular policy that you think is crucial to his campaign that makes him stand out from the rest?

CW: No, the policies have to do ó policies against militarism, policies against poverty, the critiques of Wall Street, the consistency of his call for Democratic accountability of corporate elites and financial elites and basically the greed that we see among so many of those elites. And the same is true about racism. I want to hit this issue head-on because thereís been some talk about reparations and itís true. Iíve supported reparations. Iíve been struggling for reparations for over 40 years, but I donít see an endorsement of reparations as the only precondition of fighting against white supremacy. Thereís no doubt that his policies will benefit poor and working people and poor and working black people and brown people more than any other candidate. And so, yes, when it comes to just reparations as a whole and larger dialogue certainly, Iím for it, but I hope that a lot of black folk donít get confused and sit back on this issue of reparations.

MH: You think you can get him to move on reparations? Because he was asked on ABCís The View about whether he backed it and he said well, you know, weíve got crises in our communities and thereís other better ways to address that than by ďjust writing out a check.Ē A lot of people criticized him for that as you say, do you think he can move on that like heís moved on other issues? That people like you persuade him to a different position?

CW: No doubt about that, but the core is ensuring that thereís fundamental transformation in the racist system under which we live so that the lives of black and brown and yellow peoples are much better. And so, thatís the real issue. And so, it seems to me I donít want reparations to be an issue that gets us away from him taking a stand on those issues so much better than any other of the other candidates.

MH: So you say he takes a takes a better position on those issues than other candidates.

CW: Oh, no doubt about it.


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