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Democratic Primaries: About this forum

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Statement of Purpose

Discuss the 2020 Democratic primaries here.

Statistics and Information

Type (Main Forum or Topic Forum): Main Forum
Relevance (Political or Non-political): Political
Status (Active or Retired): Active
Category: N/A
Number of posts, 30 days: 0
Number of posts, All time: 702,471
Number of subscribers:
Number of people trashing: 83


Main Forum Hosts oversee Latest Breaking News, General Discussion, The DU Lounge, and DU Community Help. They are regular DU members who meet certain eligibility requirements, and any DU member who meets these requirements may volunteer to serve as a Main Forum Host. Main Forum Hosts have one responsibility: They lock threads which they believe violate a Main Forum's Statement of Purpose. There is a maximum quota of 15 Main Forum Hosts. Main Forum Hosts cannot serve for more than 90 consecutive days and must maintain a 100% chance of serving on a jury.

Current Main Forum Hosts, in the order they were added:

Number Host Served
1 JudyM 85
2 Yonnie3 50
3 Emile 31
4 yardwork 19
6 GP6971 8
8 Host needed: Volunteer -
9 Host needed: Volunteer -
10 Host needed: Volunteer -
11 Host needed: Volunteer -
12 Host needed: Volunteer -
13 Host needed: Volunteer -
14 Host needed: Volunteer -
15 Host needed: Volunteer -

Host Powers

Main Forum Hosts have the following abilities in their assigned forums:

  • Lock thread (Reason: Violates this forum's Statement of Purpose)
    Locks a thread when the OP (Original Post -- the first post of a thread) is not on-topic for the forum. An automatic notification will be dropped into the OP explaining why the thread was locked. The thread can only be unlocked by the Host who locked it.

Blocked Members

No members are blocked from this main forum.

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