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Archives: August 5, 2014

Monday, car show day! (Only 2 tonight)

75 die in China factory explosion, state-run media says

House Republicans Vote to Deport as Many Kids as Possible

Union wins NLRB fight with Boeing, company must hand over pay, productivity data

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pat Buchanan and John Dean on Colbert Report tonight.

Mother Sues Border Patrol Over Death Of Child Shot Multiple Times

Marijuana Legalization Raises Fears Of Drug Cartels

The only time Congress moves quickly....

Someone needs to explain to me why people would send hate mail to Emory University Hospital

Ann Coulter Posts Racially-Charged Critique Of Latino Host's New MSNBC Show

Lobbying Group ALEC, Brings Corporations and State Legislators Together to Vote Behind Closed Doors

Mike Luckovich Toon- Zombie-brained apocalypse

August 4, 1919

I have a dream

ALEC Lobbyists Join With State Legislators To Write State Law/Common Cause.

NLRB Officials Ratify Agency Actions Taken During Period When Supreme Court Held Board Members....

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/04/14

The Other Ground-breaking Star Trek Icon, with the President

Reviews for "My Parents Open Carry"

Medicare Raises U.S. Hospital Payment Rates for FY2015.

Like this on Facebook before an embedded gun troll demands that the post be locked...

A Song for Gaza-The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammad-Leon Rosselson

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Back in the Saddle Again & a new Kitteh gif!

I was denied ssdi again it's denial number two

Gainesville Greets Hobby Lobby - Photo Diary

New Simon's Cat Cartoon!

Cuomo Campaign "Volunteers" Harass Primary Opponent, Hide Faces and Threaten Media.

Christian Activist: Supporting Obamacare Means Promoting Homosexual ‘Deathstyle’

On Anderson Cooper right now,

Amtrak train leaves Penn Station for Washington, D.C., without its passengers.

2 in LBN (1 isn't mine :-) ) 3 in GD one on the trending now

2 in LBN (1 isn't mine :-) ) 3 in GD one on the trending now

Focusing on G.M. Unit, U.S. Starts Civil Inquiry of Subprime Car Lending

Broward judge overturns Florida's gay-marriage ban

Fox Fear Mongers An Islamic Terrorist Is On His Way To You Any Day Now, Thanks To Obama

Could The Debate Over Israel In The U.S. Be Changing?

US airfares on the rise, outpacing inflation

Teamsters Local 120 at Simplot in Grand Forks, ND go on strike

word is that hardly anyone applied for market basket jobs

The Political Art Of Lynn Randolph.

Need help with a claim being made about immigration

Colombia paramilitaries wanted force in Venezuela to fight FARC

Just FYI, the "Forum Hosts" forum link still shows up on the "Forums & Groups" page

the Polaris Slingshot

Colombia, Venezuela create new exchange rate to bolster trade, reduce smuggling

A tree can be in the wrong place.

Border Fighting Intensifies Between ISIS and Lebanon

A captured Hamas combat manual explains the 'benefits' of human shields

See a Cocoa Bean Farmer Try His First Bite of Chocolate

Rare lobster saved from tank in Florida supermarket

Is this image of abortion what influences one's stance? (not a photo image)

Hagel Pledges U.S. Responsibility For World Peace, Security

Can we talk about hanger steak?

Cincinnati Archbishop: Pray for gay marriage judges

On the topic of bad music, what rock cliches drive you nuts?

Ex-Va. governor's confidant testifies at trial

I forgot all about this one in GD

I forgot all about this one in GD

Hey Baby: On Insidious Street Harassment

Hey Baby: On Insidious Street Harassment

TYT Nails it again.

Random thought on corporate religion/Hobby Lobby

wtf? genuine liberal anti-Democrat Democrats?

Eagle editorial: Legislative candidates playing dumb on budget

How would you vote in a HRC vs. Warren primary race?

Are you caught in social media crossfire over Gaza?

Poll: Support for Campaign Finance Reform Strong in Key Senate Races

Does any of this sound familiar?

Shock Doctrine, Ukraine edition

what song do you keep listening to?

Here's one GMO I don't suspect I'd boycott.

Spain freezes arms exports to Israel over Gaza op

How Israel Helped Create Hamas

You can whine about this, or you can give money/work your ass off to change it

Libety or Tranny?

Everybody else is doing it.

I think Uber went over the top

Just such a great summer finish - peaches, yogurt, mint and cinnamon.

i'm thinking about going on a diet. any suggestions? or advice?

Anyone freaked out by season conclusion of Longmire?

Santa Clara County to take up border kids crisis on Tuesday

THIS is genocidal

Believers.......what is your single most convincing evidence that.....

My favorite Dorothea Lange photograph.

This is why the world's weather patterns are permanently changing.

Ebola has infected public discourse with a new xenophobia

Well I made it to 10,000!

BREAKING Israeli army announces total retreat from Gaza

Funniest Obama Quotes of All Time (in honor of his birthday)

Congratulations, Hamas.

White Supremacist Defiant at Sentencing for Killing Spree

Koterba toon: CIA

GOP Rep.: Central American Immigrants May Be Carrying Ebola

GOP Rep. Doubles Down On 'War On Whites' Comment

This is an outstanding duo piece - Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall - History of Musical Comedy

Town In Hungary Denounces 'Efforts of Freemason Jews to Rule the World

In the future, schoolchildren and other visitors will read these words with awe and wonder

Mid night Entr'acte - Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall - History of Musical Comedy

Stephen Fry - The power of words in Nazi Germany

Colorado Governor Strikes Key Deal Over Fracking

Here's how much less Congress works than you do...

Did this weekend's Doonesbury somehow get overlooked?

GOP blocks Jobs for American Citizens Bill

Russia To Hold War Games In Show Of Strength Near Ukraine

WP Aug 4. Obama signs bill giving Israel $225 million for missile defense system

Lake Erie 'Wake-Up Call' Buoys Conservationists


New Japanese TV Series Consists Entirely of a Woman Yelling at You

DU adds a new group! Eating Disorders Support (Group)

Leave No Fingerprints

Well, Rand Paul certainly won’t want to talk about this incident..

Sunni militants target Iraq's two biggest dams

Antiwar Protests Spreading in Ukraine

The Alpha and the Omega! Any questions?

Citra hop scented beard balm anyone?

August 5th Primary Election

De Blasio’s Prekindergarten Expansion Collides With Church-State Divide

Please stop rationalizing torture on DU

Compulsive overeater, here.

The Cow Whisperer

Russia may restrict trans-Siberian flights for EU airlines - Vedomosti

about Hillary running

Lady Warsi resigns over government’s ‘morally reprehensible’ stance on Gaza

Obama's War on Journalism Coming to a Head

WATCH: Rand Paul literally eats and runs as immigrant activist confrontsSteve 'HATER' King

Illinois ammosexual showing off shotgun to friends fatally shoots self in head to prove it is empty

Federal judge rules Alabama abortion law unconstitutional

Colleges are not dealing with sexual assault very well.

WTF? Hotel Threatens to Charge Guests $500 for Every Negative Review

Eno responds- "In a world of horrors, why I single out the war crimes of Israel"

Good article on Joe Pakootas (CD-05 Dem candidate) in Al Jazeera

WW1 commemorations: Royals to 'plant' ceramic poppies at Tower of London

US gov't had role in Ebola drug given aid workers

Europe has a duty to Gaza

I started a topless gun protest because ammo-sexuals still won't shut up

I started a topless gun protest because ammo-sexuals still won't shut up

Cease-fire takes effect to end Gaza war

Teusday Morning Poll:

Blame CAFTA for the children at the border

America's Inequality Nightmare

The crooked flight of the F-35

Liberation as Impulse Control: Sigmund Freud, Radical Anti-Capitalist?

F-35 purchase price will average $178 million per plane in FY2015

Never bring....

Slowpoke Toon: Which Rights are Protected?

5 of the Most Ridiculous -- and Widely Believed Anti-Government Conspiracy Theories Today

May Babies

May Cats

Who Would Torture Jesus? America would.

This Modern World Toon: Circular Debate

Climate Change, Dirty Natural Gas, and the Gaza War

Proposition 1: How to Swindle the Middle Class

Anthony Bennett to Sixers, Andrew Wiggins to Timberwolves in three-team deal?

Wiz guards left off World Cup roster

Adam Silver doesn't 'anticipate' change in international competition

How Target is Infiltrating Public Schools to Build Customers for Life

Climate 'key driver' in European forest disturbances

Lady Warsi resigns over UK’s ‘morally reprehensible’ stance on Gaza

China's Quake Victims Lack Medical Help, Food and Shelter As Rains Pour Down

Ladi Warsi resigns from the Cameron government over Gaza - her MUST READ letter

Controlled Opposition

Global Missionary: John Kerry's Faltering Effort to Redefine US Foreign Policy

Elizabeth Warren on Israel

Monuments Men: The Quest to Save Syria's History

Cameron Todd Willingham: Wrongfully Convicted and Executed in Texas

should we start supplying arms to Palestinians?

Wars and Conflicts in the World’s Reconfiguration

angry bird

US Plans Entry Controls Prior to Departure

Would a desalination-facility help?

Corbett tries to 'run against Harrisburg' even though his party controls all branches of PA. govt.


Rick Perry knew Todd Willingham was innocent before he was executed and he did nothing about it.

Canada: Who needs Harvard? Send us your best and brightest

James Brady and the Fallacy of Good Guys With Guns

Stephen Colberts advice to teens on misogyny and other issues

What’s with the Atheist TV Hate?

No African ‘excuses’ but trauma of slavery and colonisation, Mr Obama

Israeli TV Poll, What to Give Barack Obama for His Birthday?

Paul Buchheit: Some facts poverty deniers don’t want to hear

Many People Cannot Boycott Corporate Tax Dodgers Like Walgreen's

Rick Perry’s deadly “charm”: May have executed innocent man … but dopey press loves his new glasses!

Supreme Court unmoved by religious employer’s coverage objections — for the Amish

Brazil Catholic community leads surging charismatic renewal

Exclusive: ‘Pro-Troop’ Charity Pays Off Tea Party Cronies Instead

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Killings in the Holy Land

Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy: ‘The Lord Told Me’ to Fight Federal Agents for Stolen Land

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Rethugs

San Diego man receives death threaths for taking in Guatemalan refugee family

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

How Big Tobacco Is Ripping off the Poor in Addition to Killing Them

Breaking - 12 American Military shot in Afghanistan

Songs about jobs that suck

SAY IT AIN'T SO! Poll: Congress approval hits new low

Israeli university rebukes professor who expressed sympathy for both Israeli, Gazan victims

APNewsBreak: Army Corps agrees to disclose oil pollution from dams in historic settlement

Holy Bay of Pigs, Batman! South American youths sent to provoke rebellion in Cuba

Not so golden: Wealth gap lasting into retirement

Japanese scientist in research scandal found dead

New York Times Runs Full-Page Pro-Marijuana Ad in Sunday Edition

An Open Letter to Elie Wiesel - Have You No Shame, Sir?

"Ebola, smebola. What's in it for me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Saudi Arabia testing man after showing Ebola-like symptoms

The United States' Farm-Grown Terrorism

Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' is the size of Connecticut

Experimental Ebola Serum Grown in Tobacco Leaves

(CIA spying on Senate) Time to tame the intelligence monster - Eugene Robinson

Gannett to spin off publishing business

The Democrats' Defeatism

D.C. streetcar operator training begins this week

State backs farm family in electric grid fight

S&P: Wealth gap is slowing US economic growth

OH DAMN!!! anyone see this exchange between two dreamers and Congressman Steve King

Attack at Afghan base kills US soldier, wounds 15

President Obama is beginning to make climate-hawk noises

Construction underway on Detroit's light rail line

A Second Chance on Nuclear Modernization

Why you’re wrong to get excited about “60%”

Gov. Cuomo's poll numbers dip amidst Moreland controversy, but not enough to help Rob Astorino: poll

Drug given to American Ebola patients is produced in Kentucky using tobacco plants

See Rand run. Run, Rand, run!

The right’s horrifying edge: History shows surprising pattern about its demise

What’s with the Atheist TV Hate?

Rep. Carolyn Maloney's challenger blasts effort to bring a Chinese panda to New York City

"My Head Exploded When Obama Sanctimoniously Said, 'We Tortured Some Folks'"

Oklahoma missionary accused of raping African orphans goes to court

Federal report: Some new littoral ships too heavy

Madison chapter promotes church for atheists

How used to horrific gun violence are we here in the US? This used to it:

Another Descent Into Hell

Most Americans don't like their own member of Congress: poll

Pope Francis lifts 29-year suspension on liberation theology icon

6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America Read more:

JBLM workers facing layoffs

‘NYT’ gives Israelis the opportunity to shoot and explain (why not Hamas?)

I think it's time for an old fashioned religious hymn singalong here in the DU Lounge....

Karl Rove May Yet Face The Music Over Crossroads GPS Campaign Activities

New Dreamliner to be built in South Carolina

State’s biggest G.O.P. donors migrated to Cuomo

(Boeing) Contractor admits to role in bribery scheme

Mountain Moral Monday NC! pics

Colombia opposition senator receives death threat amid congressional Uribe probe

Target lowers forecast, estimates breach costs

Fox News Quiet After Congressional Report Finds No Benghazi Scandal


editorial: Good signs for our cities

Beware Summers With Shark Stories In The News

BREAKING:US General killed in attack on base in Afghanistan(center of training academy for Afghanis)

BREAKING: American 2 star general reported killed in Afghanistan. German general in bad condition.

Buildup Makes Russia Battle-Ready for Ukraine

Chile: thousands protest Alto Maipo power project

Chile: thousands protest Alto Maipo power project

EMTs who stopped NYPD cops from beating handcuffed, emotionally disturbed patient turn officers in

Oil Companies Are Funding Mysterious Angolan Research Center That May Not Exist

Breaking ABC News

Service Industries in U.S. Expand at Fastest Pace Since 2005

A modern-day Dust Bowl

Girl, 3, shot by 5 year old after getting gun from a 9 year old.

Tea Party Group Loses Appeal on Corporate PAC Limits

"Quiz Time"

Want to think about weird stuff?

ok, presidential primary season has started with NO ONE announced yet.

Amazon tribe fights Brazil dam project

Amazon tribe fights Brazil dam project

ABC News: Two-Star General Killed In Afghanistan Attack

Massive tailings pond spill north of Quesnel Lake said to be toxic

Former Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa refuses offer from U.S. attorney to wear wire, sources say

University President Takes Huge Pay Cut To Give School’s Minimum-Wage Workers A Raise

World's highest urban cable car proves 'a success'

CNN launches Argumentum ad hominem attack (argument directed at the person) at Hamas leader.

World's highest urban cable car proves 'a success'

Ohio judge brutally beats wife; police find 2,300 rounds, semi-auto rifles, sword, smoke grenades

Artificial Wombs Are Coming, but the Controversy Is Already Here

If Democrats TURN OUT, we do FINE in the national mid-terms and GREAT at the state level.

Saudi Arabia Tests Man Suspected of Having Ebola

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"

Bolivian golden bat revealed as 'new species' - sorry, this is a dupe!

Israel, your brand is tanking

Hospital Mergers in the New York Area Bring Cost Fears

Sayeeda Warsi, first Muslim in British Cabinet, resigns over ‘indefensible’ Gaza policy

Obama signs bill giving Israel $225 million for missile defense system

James Brady has died.


SpaceX to Build Rocket Launch Site in South Texas


Godwin is DEAD!

Scott Walker raises $1.2 million in July

Noam Chomsky: Why National Security Has Nothing to Do With Security

Noam Chomsky, Why National Security Has Nothing to Do With Security

State Dept under Clinton subverted public health in Cuba - for freedom!

GOP poll: Rep. Dan Maffei holds seven-point lead over John Katko in NY-24 race

Steve King: "You're very good at English"

De Blasio’s Prekindergarten Expansion Collides With Church-State Divide

Map: Where's Scott Walker?

You really have to watch the media.

Yo Mamma's on Facebook. Shark, jumped.

Atheist takes turn giving council blessing

Louisiana church posts video of standing ovation for priest after child sex accusations.

Pic Of The Moment: The REAL Problem Facing America Today?

Silence from the NY Times

How Helsinki’s ‘Mobility on Demand’ Service Could Make Car Ownership Obsolete

The New York Public Library Just Set Up an Outdoor Reading Room on 5th Avenue

Harris: Americans love safety more than privacy

US factory orders rise 1.1 percent in June

This Cat Was Born With Two Bent Legs, but She Will Make You So Happy!

Balanced Budget Amendment Back Door Excuse To Cut Domestic Programs To "0".

WTF ...77

Robot bees being built to replace real bugs

Tensions Flare Between Queens Sikhs and NYPD After Racially Motivated Hit and Run

UVa begins dual medicine-law degree program

"Who's been squeezing my falafel?" Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!!

Why would anyone panic over a very ill person

Speaking of steaming - What do you steam?

NGOs: Death toll in trade union-related violence totals 28 workers

Robot hugs: Advice to men on street harassment.

who/what are your favorite characters/skits from "In Living Color"? nt

Fifty percent of car dealers in Venezuela without vehicles

Tropical Storm Bertha may eventually brush Newfoundland

New York airports losing out on grant funds, study finds

My President has got to start blowing things up..

Perry, Dewhurst Take Unearned Credit for Drop in Migrant Crossings


Rick Perry Goes On CNN To Make Absurd Claims Associating Immigrants To Terrorists

Civilian Casualty Flattered To Have Been Mistaken For Hamas Leader

What do you do when you have a friend with an eating disorder?

$250 million Staten Island-Brooklyn water tunnel more than half-done

Who needs Yoenis Cespedes? Oakland A's have the Rally Possum ...

Who needs that troublesome Bill of Rights anyway?

'Agri-Terrorism'? Pa. Dept of Agriculture Shuts Down Town's Heritage Seed Library

Hamas "HUMAN SHIELD" manual found

Analysis finds racial disparities in summons for minor violations in 'broken windows' policing

Michele Bachmann: Tax Immigrants at 100% To Stop Them From Sending Money To Families

Inside Elsavadors secret prison pitts Salvadoran gangs are crammed like livestock

Absolute best movie of all time, in your opinion, of course

After Long Fight, Judge Rakoff Reluctantly Approves Citigroup Deal.

Keeping Brennan as CIA Director = Triumph of Secret Government

McDonald’s franchisee says the company told her “just pay your employees less”

Why, G*d, why? Where are my $800 sneakers?

Religious Scholar Reza Aslan Destroys ‘Charlatans’ Joel Osteen & TD Jakes: Jesus Hated Wealth

Company Pays Settlement in Buckets of Loose Change

Putin the (Not So) Great

This fucking homicidal asshole is an Israeli Major General

NDTV Exclusive: How Hamas Assembles and Fires Rockets

Syrian mother's agony: why I made my teenage daughter become a child bride

People around the world look to the sky to see stars, the moon, people in Gaza look for Killer Robot

Colbert Goes Retro For The Anniversary Of Nixon's Resignation

Former GOP Lawmaker Suggests Third Party Led By Sarah Palin

Chart of Americans - guess the demographic

Time to admit: The area’s NFL team belongs to Virginia

NBA's San Antonio Spurs Hire Female Assistant Coach

Our "support Gaza" demonstration

Shane Victorino set for surgery

Glance: percentage of uninsured in 2013, 2014

Growing Movement of American Jews Speaking Out Against Assault On Gaza

Who would have been better than Obama?

LOL ...

Reported: Pirates' Andrew McCutchen could miss a month

Federal contractors vow to fight Obama executive order

Women Get Ripped Off Because People Lie to Them


Putin doubles the number of battalions near Ukraine border..."ready" for cross-border invasion

Labour Market Equilibrium - Excess Supply and Demand for Labour

Ring of Fire: Alabama Republican Says Democrats Waging “War on Whites”

Poll: Public divided over Israel's actions

what's for dinner - tuesday, august 5th

Putin Orders Retaliation as Russia Seeks Aid for Ukraine

New NY law: You can study beer making at Culinary Institute

Market Basket stops salaries. No pay for protesting managers

I am now the group host

PBA Blasts "Anti-Police Rhetoric" After Eric Garner Death

Dubya's Greatest Achievement ...

Fox News Quiet After Congressional Report Finds No Benghazi Scandal

Here’s Why Scientists Think You Should be Worried about Artificial Intelligence

No Charges in FL Walmart Shooting Due to 'Stand Your Ground'

ITune users - what are your 25 most played songs

Two things

Homicide: Autopsy Says NY Man Died from Police Chokehold

The repuke party is going down.

Right-wing media fanning the flames of paranoia over Ebola

On torture: I Trust Jack Bauer

TV-Newspaper Unions Unravel as Gannett Plans Split

Scratching my head on this one... spelling error or political position of some kind?

The Simplifier - Reagan - The third volume of Rick Perlstein’s history of modern conservatives

Translations of Republicanese:"The Democratic Party is in chaos"

No Exceptional Circumstances Whatsoever... May Be Invoked as a Justification of Torture

Chris Jansing, NBC White House correspondent, just said that President Obama's interest in hearing

Obama Eyes Limits of Executive Power in Immigration Move

Why are children displaying

I am just curious... Did anyone tune in for the "retooled" 24 this season?

Vladimir Putin Signs Historic $20Bn Oil Deal With Iran To Bypass Western Sanctions

ROFL. 19 Cats Who Are Definitely Planning To Murder You

Wyoming couple kept 7-year old boy in outdoor cage for weeks...

My X wife's grandfather was tortured by the NAZIs

The Faces of Those Killed in Gaza

A beautiful op-ed in the new yorker about transactivists and trans exclusive radical feminists

GMO viruses + bacteria + GMO tobacco likely saved Ebola patients

Is it difficult to get a job with a neuroscience degree?

Word Crimes

BREAKING: New Leaker Disclosing U.S. Secrets

Democrats Smashing Republicans With Their Own Wedge Issues

Pap Attack: Marijuana Restrictions - Primitive and Outdated

Gunmen open fire at Nablus university professor

Study: Obamacare helping more youth to get mental health treatment

British Lawyers Urge International Criminal Court To Investigate Crimes In Gaza

The Road to the MH17 Crash Site

Science More: Health Gluten Diet Nutrition Researchers Who Provided Key Evidence For Gluten Sensiti

GOP lawmaker calls on Sarah Palin to lead new party to replace Republicans

These are war crimes. - Jimmy Carter/Mary Robinson - Foreign Affairs

Is it just me ...

Gay Marriage Cases Flooding Appeals Courts Throughout Nation

How can you tell when somebody's wearing a wig? I mean, sometimes you look at them, and you

What is your principal objection to Torture?

Greenwald: Megyn Kelly's Views Are 'Viscerally Repellent,' But She's Better Than Most On Cable

Classic Math vs. Common Core

A judge in Alabama gets it about abortion and guns (long)

At Market Basket rally, workers keep up support

Need a Laugh

Campaign to clean up the Congress...

Want Accurate Information on Ebola? You Won't Find It in the Media. Go Here:

Pink cover band being sued for being "Subpar" (singer "Aesthetically Incorrect")

Walgreens Shuns Inversion (will not flee US taxes) In £5bn Boots Deal

Britain Reviewing Israel Arms Export Licenses As Gaza Campaign Continues

Pinned OP

Rand Paul’s stunning cowardice: Wants to be president but fears a “dreamer”

Vatican orders Catholics to be 'more restrained' when performing the sign of peace

Debi Rose Says NYPD Should Bench and Terminate ‘Bad Actors’ in Its Precincts

The Nazis talked in WW2 without torture

Documents obtained by "The Intercept" show US Govt's Flawed "Secret Terrorist-Tracking System"

Insurance company pays out $21K settlement to 73-year-old in buckets of small change

Esopus solar array makes enough electricity to make town energy independent

Utah files same-sex marriage appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

Classic Math vs. Common Core

NYS Voters Wary About Moreland Commission Controversy, But it Doesn’t Change Much for Gov’s Contest

Scientists may have cracked the giant Siberian crater mystery — and the news isn’t good

Frackers did not report half of known spills

The Most Anthemic Guitar Riff Of All Time

This verify no-GMO site deserves its own thread.

Obamacare causes steep drop in uninsured — in deep red states

De Blasio Dismisses Police Union Rhetoric on Eric Garner as ‘Nothing New’

Tomalis's not a ghost employee - just look at his name that we put on a door yesterday.

Study: Haaretz the only news bridge between warring sides

Why did Rand Paul run away from DREAMer Erika Andiola?

How My Father's Gay Marriage Trial Re-Ignited My Calling To The Ministry

21st Century Fox withdraws bid for Time Warner

How NOT to Deal with Credit Card Fraud: A Case Study

Fox Withdraws Time Warner Bid, Will Spend $6B To Repurchase Shares

Did you hear the one about the guy who ran a marathon and didn't tell anyone?

Syracuse named top party school, while five NY schools among most “sober”

About the motives for torture--

US shelters for border-crossing children to close {not enough kids ...}

Olivia Wilde's Breastfeeding Photo in Glamour Magazine Causes a Stir

Dead body of man found found hanging in Georgia school playground

Once-Conjoined Twins Have Come A Long Way 10 Years After Separation

Virginia AG to Ask SCOTUS for Review of Marriage Equality Case -- "We are nearly there."

DiFi Asks WH to Undo Torture Report Redactions That 'Eliminate Key Facts That Support Findings'

The crooked flight of the F-35

Icelandic Passenger Fixes Plane

The Highest Law of the Land “Requires” the Government to Prosecute Those Who Authorized Torture

Israeli delegation arrives in Cairo for cease fire talks, source says

Russian Crime Ring Gains Internet Security Data on 1.2 Billion

ALEC to kick off ACCE-American City/County Exchange to allow lobbyist to try to convince local

Judge frees NY mayor jailed in kids camp dispute

Suspect in kidnap of 3 teens received funds from Hamas

Whoopi uses View, 2+ mil viewers, to attack teacher due process. Teacher/admin fights back.

Putin To Chair High-Level Russian Talks In Crimea, Defying West

Is Nate Silver Fudging the poll? Maybe the Democrats are ahead?

Amos Oz to Israel’s critics: what would you do?

Cliven Bundy's Son Arrested On Contempt Charge; Warrant Issued In July For Missed Court Date

If Corporations are people and If their Head Quarters are abroad and If they work in the U.S.

14 Injured, 3 Seriously, After 2 Double-Decker Buses Collide In Times Square

Boy, 12, Charged In Fatal Stabbing Of 9-Year-Old

San Antonio Spurs hires first female assistant coach in history for a male pro sport

Whoopi Goldberg taking up fight against teachers. Post in GD

Govt watchdog finds ‘irregular’ land-grabs in Colombia’s eastern savannas

"Family Man" Jerry Jones flagged 15 yards for holding.

US requests extradition of 2 ex-paramilitary leaders imprisoned in Colombia

BREAKING NEWS: Bundy son arrested on criminal contempt charges

Colombia’s former spy chief fled to Costa Rica, new extradition request in the making

The Gooch went home

Meghan McCain To Beck: Let’s Chat About How You’ve Divided The GOP

GameStop Is Fingerprinting People Trading in Games in Philadelphia

Rand Paul: I Do Not Support Impeachment

Cuomo says he hasn’t been asked to speak to U.S. Attorney

Republican congressman: Immigrant children might carry Ebola

Cuba calls US political work on island shameful

How do you feel about DU members asking for donations from DU members?

Russia, Iran Defy U.S.’s Kerry With Their Oil-for-Goods Accord

Rupert Murdoch withdraws $76billion bid to buy Time Warner Inc

Gaza War Strains Relations Between U.S. and Israel

U.S. Service firms post fastest growth in 9 years: ISM

Ok Lounge - a real challenge for you pet owners -

Laura Ingrham, shut your racist and ignorant mouth please

DNA test reveals grandson of Argentina rights group founder taken during 'dirty war'

DNA test reveals grandson of Argentina rights group founder taken during 'dirty war'

"I Believe You -- It's Not Your Fault"

Biggest U.S. Banks Told to Simplify Their ‘Living Wills’

US teenagers have bagpipes seized at Canada border after competition

President Obama Encouraged by Ceasefire in Gaza

Denmark's cage-free zoo will put humans in captivity

"Humanitarian military intervention"-do you believe there's still such a thing?

Anyone have some great links for College Grants or Scholarships

Latin America: more nations recall Israel envoys

Protesters Call For Pastor Mark Driscoll's Resignation After Multiple Scandals At Mars Hill Church

Reporting a gunfight at a Caracas metro station

Mexico: Maya campesinos beat Monsanto in court

"Endtimes preacher" connects Obama to Ebola, and lots more conspiracies!

U.S. general killed in Afghan attack

Playing in Perfect Photo Suite

Here's the problem in Chicago (and it ain't concealed carry)

Rendlesham Forest a good interview

Lawyer Discipline in New York is ‘Seriously Deficient,’ Says NYU Professor

President Jimmy Carter: "How To Fix It": Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas

Luis Chataing(comedian) bus stopped by National Guard

UK minister resigns over ‘morally indefensible’ Gaza policy

The Fight to Abstain From Violence in Colombia

Purging Gaza of terror would take 5 years, cabinet was told

"On Forgiveness and Abuse"

How USAID’s Covert Ops In Cuba Endanger Health Workers Everywhere

Why Sharknado 3 will not be set in Australia.

Chris Matthews: Obama should sue Congress right back – for disobedience...Do you agree?

EPA won’t clear Westchester water plans without court settlement

The dreamer who confronted Rep. King is coming up on Tweety

August 5, 1993

Perfect Shrimp, Every Time video

GOP Rep.: Discrimination Against Whites Is All Federal Law Permits

World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers

So let me get this straight about 'Mother Jones'

My kids got interviewed by Bleeding Cool at Comic Con.

Walgreen drops on report it will keep US tax base

Dancing in Jaffa Trailer (Jewish & Palestinian kids dancing TOGETHER!)

‘Pro-troop’ conservative charity mainly exists to funnel money to Tea Party Express founder

Another fix for the SCI FI crowd.

Love for Trayvon Martin in Gaza

OMG the freeps think the devastation in Gaza is fake.

Would you accept this deal? No taxes on corporations at all in exchange for....

A Doctor's Perspective On Obamacare Plans

Peace Prize Winner Shrugs Shoulders at Torture Admission

The Tactic of Calling People Anti-Semitic

Missing girl's parents take lie detector test (Jenise Wright, Age 6, WA)

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