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I wonder if they were afraid if they charged Zimmerman that the

NRA wouldn't swoop in and run roughshod over the police department and the DA. The town of Sanford may have just been too chicken to face the NRA and ALEC bullies.

Think about it, the NRA & ALEC have spent a lot of time and money pushing this law not only in Florida, but several other states, as well.

If I remember correctly, the investigating police detective was somewhat honest with Trayvon's parents early on, and also, there were leaks coming out of the PD, showing how badly Zimmerman behaved that night.

The best thing that happened was Trayvon has smart, loving parents, & the public became passionately outraged - nationally and internationally!

This outrage has weakened ALEC and the NRA's stance on this issue. It's more difficult for them to come into town with their high-priced lawyers, bully-pulpit talk and whatever other bullshit they could muster to intimidate the locals.

I don't doubt there was some racism involved, but I also wonder if the PD either didn't know how, or was just too afraid to face the NRA bullies and the loony right wing public with their crazy antics.

Imagine how that would have played out. Zimmerman would be home, doing public appearances, doing a book tour - an over-night wealthy success & poster boy for the 2nd Amendment.

Just brainstorming here ....

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