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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 16,761

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: COVID-19 Update: The Latest Emergency Order

Secret Service signs contract this week to rent golf carts in town of Trump club

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Say Impeachment Diverted Trump's Attention From Pandemic Response

Republicans Say Impeachment Distracted Trump From Preparing for Coronavirus

Republicans say impeachment distracted Trump from coronavirus. But the president golfed and held rallies during his trial while downplaying the virus for weeks.

Trump 2020 rallies

Trump Golf Count

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Tries To Gaslight Away The Deaths Of 100,000 Americans As A "Very Good Job"

Trump: Coronavirus will have 'a very good ending for us'

Trump suggests keeping coronavirus death toll to 100,000 would be sign of success

Pic Of The Moment: Heck Of A Job, Trumpy

New hot spots emerge across the country as US overtakes China and Italy in number of coronavirus cases

Trump touts great success as US becomes world's worst virus epicenter

Pic Of The Moment: What Kind Of A Wartime President...

‘It Feels Like a War Zone’: Doctors and Nurses Plead for Masks on Social Media

Cuomo says NY needs 30,000 ventilators, pleads with feds for help

Desperate, angry state leaders push back on Trump admin claims of mass mask shipments

Trump Suggests States Need to Bribe Him With Praise to Get Federal Assistance for COVID-19

Editorial: If Trump is a ‘wartime president,’ he is leading a retreat

Pic Of The Moment: But is That REALLY A Problem?

Some conservatives willing to 'sacrifice the elderly' to save the economy from coronavirus

Trump: 'We can't let the cure be worse than the problem itself'

Tx Lt Gov Dan Patrick says grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy

This Is How We Can Beat the Coronavirus

Economic Shutdown Is Estimated to Save 600,000 American Lives

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Recap

Did Trump Administration Fire the US Pandemic Response Team?

U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

US intelligence warned Trump in January and February as he dismissed coronavirus threat

Trump complains that he ‘inherited a mess’ in rant against media

'I don't take responsibility at all': Trump deflects blame for coronavirus testing fumble

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Check In On How Our President Is Dealing With The Coronavirus Crisis Today

At least our "leader" has his priorities in order this morning (direct link)

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Says He's "Looking To Save The Maximum Number Of Lives"

Trump: We Are Looking to Save the Maximum Number of Lives

Pic Of The Moment: Tasteless And Shameful

McConnell calls on McGrath to take down political ads as coronavirus cripples Kentucky

Mitch McConnell 'Wasted' Time on Coronavirus Bill by Sending Senate Home, Says Ohio Senator: 'We Should Be Working on This'

Amy McGrath for Kentucky

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