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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
June 23, 2012

Man stranded in desert builds motorcycle out of his broken car..EDITED

EDITED with supporting INFO and an additional link woith pics of the man
So here’s how it all happened: Emile had left the city of Tan Tan, in Morocco, and was driving his Citroen 2CV across the Sahara. Upon reaching a military outpost, he is informed by the Royal Gendermerie that he cannot continue further, due to new developments in the conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara, in the area beyond Tilemsem.

Left with the option to go back to Tan Tan and asked to take a passenger back with him, the Frenchman refuses invoking an insurance problem that doesn’t allow him to take any passengers. He turns his car around driving at high speed, to make sure he isn’t followed by the military, and decides to by-bass their post by circling around and returning on the original trail later. After venturing off road, on rocky and bumpy terrain, it doesn’t take too long for his car to break down, after brutally hitting a rock. Emile is now stranded in the middle of nowhere.


Emile Leray motorcycle5 550x380 Real Life MacGyver Builds Working Motorcycle Out of Car That Broke Down in the Desert

Emile in classic desert wear. If you look closely at his right hand, you can see the string he uses to operate the camera

The adventurer began work on his unique project thinking he would complete it in three days time, but he only succeeded after twelve days of hard work. With only 1/2 liter of water left, he managed to ride his motorcycle (called Desert Camel) out of the desert. On his way to civilization, Leray was actually pulled over by the Gendermerie, for driving an illegal vehicle. Now that’s what I call a real-life story fit for a movie.

Leray's website: http://chameaudacier.free.fr/index.html
original post below

By Jeremy Korzeniewski RSS feed

Posted May 23rd 2012 2:01PM

According to Merriam-Webster, ingenuity can be defined as "skill or cleverness in devising or combining" or "cleverness or aptness of design or contrivance." We'd say that's an apt description of a Frenchman named Emile who reportedly found himself stranded in the deserts of Northwest Africa after breaking a frame rail and a suspension swingarm underneath his Citroën 2CV.

What to do? Why, disassemble the broken hulk and build yourself a motorcycle from its pile of parts, of course! As the story goes, Emile was able to use the inventive machine to escape the desert, though not before convincing the local authorities that he wasn't an insurgent and paying a fine for importing a non-conforming vehicle...


June 20, 2012

The amazing thing about the Issa Witch-hunt it this

Some democrats are (or seem to be) surprised at his overreach and the vitriol.

T H I S ... I S... H O W... R E P U B L I C A N S.. A R E !!!

They do not crave power to legislate or to make the lives of their constituents better.

They want power so they can bully democrats. It's pretty much always been this way, and it probably will never change.

When power shifts, they scream like little babies and bully the dems into NOT pursuing really scandalous behavior , and seem to always prevail as democrats set out to legislate and eschew the temptation to retaliate. Republicans know that dems do not have the stomach for it, and are proven right every time we take over.

Does anyone even know how many subpoenas were ignored by the Bushies? Ashcroft, Cheney, Rice et al, repeatedly lied to congress, and nothing was ever done TO them...and now a BUSH policy is being tied around the neck of the guy who STOPPED those stupid policies, and he is being blamed for them.

This is all about the fact that his credibility MUST be squashed dead like a bug, so any dealings with voting irregularities can be ignored.

June 19, 2012

How you handle the Warren/Brown Debate

Warren in one chair, and this one for the pretty-boy. A list of questions in an addressed envelope (placed on the seat) to be mailed to him ( an open-book "test" of sorts).

Elizabeth answers the questions like she always does, and reminds everyone that she is not afraid to be questioned.

June 15, 2012

Romney's "real" message

"I will be able to work with the people who have held the US hostage for 3.5 years, because they have been holding a place for a republican president since the evening of Obama's inauguration.

These people and the corporations/banks who own & operate them have been withholding finance, support and assistance to the public, to ensure that a democratic president would fail, thus setting the stage for a republican (even one they do not like much) to assume their "rightful" place at the helm...even if it created misery & suffering for the American people they are sent to serve."

They are little more than extortionists who have been crushing every plan that could have helped all along, but are so indignant at the fact that a democrat dared to win the election that they are willing to tank the economy to get their way.

Really since Nixon, and especially Reagan, republicanism has been the default position for the presidency. Any dem president who manages to get into office is either pilloried and run out of office (see Carter), or has to bend to the desires of the republicans to get along, and rarely accomplishes anything that the democratic base sees as worthy (see Clinton)...and even when they "play ball", they are never "safe"..(see Clinton).

Dems in congress almost always are willing to compromise with the nastiest republicans, because they see a "penny" as something to be semi-proud of, even though they asked for a "quarter".

Republicans (of late) are unwilling to budge on anything not proposed by their membership, and even then if too many wishywashy dems go along, they will even shitcan their own ideas, just so they are never accused of compromise.

June 14, 2012

The "dinner check" analogy is not adequate

What happened is like:

Your ne'er-do-well relative found your credit cards (with no balances) and your debit card (bank account was loaded with cash)..and while you did not even know they had the cards, they blew through the money, and maxed out your cards.

Since they were YOUR cards, you now have to pay it all back or face financial ruin.

Imagine if you thought you had zero balances and money in the bank and suddenly found out you were $50K in credit card debt, and your bank account was wiped out.

Could you "pay it all back" and still carry on a normal life within 3 years?

June 11, 2012

So, who will MSNBC give the new show time-slot to?

I'm betting on Michael Steele

edited because Bashir is moving into Dylan's slot & leaving the earlier one open

February 14, 2021

Here you go.

"Congress cannot simply declare an official outside of that body ineligible under Section 3 without the concurrence of the courts. To hold otherwise would allow simple majorities in Congress to oust federal and state officials without judicial scrutiny and would subvert long-established constitutional principles, such as life tenure for federal judges and the limits of the impeachment process."


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