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Dexter...W.O.W. !

It's going to be a hell of a season based on episode 1..

New secret service name for Mittens?


He surely is trying waaaay too hard these days, and yet he's transparently more floppish every day

So... Which Mitt-son will "avenge" his Pop's devastating loss, by running in 2024?

You know this will happen. With FIVE of them, one is surely going to pick up that torch.

My bet is with Tagg..

He already has a built in slogan..

"Tagg, You're IT !"

Mittens is like a pyromaniac keynote speaker at an Anti-Arson convention

Not likely to be well-received..no matter what color he makes his face

Inarticulate, bumbling, stammering, inelegant phrasing.. All words applied to Romney, BUT

NONE of those words describe him when he speaks "off the cuff", to his true peers, in a "quiet room".

He is a veritable wordsmith in those settings, as he spits out the words with ample venom for "punch" when he describes how the serfs actually expect FOOD..

His clarity in the Boca Raton Adventure was stunning to hear, and proves that everything he has said in public is a total fabrication.. a script..words written by others, for him to memorize and regurgitate.

As a big-time CEO, he is used to total control, so the whole campaign "thing" is foreign to him to start with. He is not the type of guy who has EVER had to curry favor..especially from underlings or people he is contemptuous of.

Kerry's campaign was mocked because of the overly flowery, formal way that Kerry spoke, but that was NORMAL for him after decades in the senate, where verbal stink-bombs are a recent phenomenon. He was used to speaking formally, and used to a certain amount of decorum and deference to others.

After watching candidates since the 50's, the one thing I notice is that the candidates who have a natural affinity for friendliness , are usually the ones who win. (Nixon & GHWB are the only exceptions). The stuffed-shirt, stilted, puffed up ones, usually do not have staying power, because what they say is not believable.

A trained actor can overcome personal deficiencies (Reagan), but actors are by nature, people who can connect with others.

Romney has money but he craves the ultimate power..Money may not be enough.. We shall see..

It's impossible to deny that republicans are just about impediments

Whenever...and wherever republicans are put into office, they do little more than impede progress..while the definition of progress may be debated, republicans are in the business of doing away with anything that moves us, as a nation, forward and away from the past.

School board republicans are all about destroying science

As they move up the ladder into more "important" positions, they spend their entire tenure trying to UNDO any progressive changes already in place.

They see it as their sworn duty, to remove any and all improvements to the lives of ordinary people.

When people go to the ballot box, they need to be reminded that republicans are never in favor of progress, unless it's "progress" in military might

New work-around for PA voting law?

If you present a photo of yourself riding a unicorn, and you are holding an issue of the National Enquirer, you will be issued an ID on the spot..

makes as much sense as their never-ending "edits"..

Google has a new Easter Egg... the "bacon number"

By Patrick Kevin Day
September 14, 2012, 1:38 p.m.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon was a short-lived fad from the late 1990s which sprang from the notion that anyone in Hollywood was no more than six steps removed from sharing a credit with actor Kevin Bacon. The creators of the game, college buddies Craig Fass, Brian Turtle and Mike Ginelli, had their moment of fame, promoted the game and it thrived for a bit before fading into obscurity.

Until now.

Just as Bacon is set to reinvent himself as a TV star in Fox's upcoming thriller series "The Following," the game that bears his name has been reinvented by Google as a fun little Easter egg on its search pages.

The way you find it is simple. Type "bacon number" (no quotes) into Google's search bar, followed by the name of an actor or actress. The results will give you that performer's Bacon Number. (Bill Murray's Bacon Number, for instance, is 1 since he appeared with Bacon in "Wild Things." Angus Scrimm has a Bacon Number of 2 since the Tall Man appeared with Howard Hesseman in "Munchie Strikes Back," who appeared with Bacon in "Mister Roberts." Bacon's filmography is so extensive and varied and he's appeared in so many ensemble films that his name connections in Hollywood are easy to identify. On Thursday, Bacon himself tweeted his own Bacon Number, writing "What am I ... zero!" Followed shortly thereafter with "I guess in my heart of hearts I kinda knew I was a ZERO."


Romney is , above all else, just an opportunist

When he was running in '08, he dropped out, because in the pre-SuperPac era, he did not want to have to spend HIS money to continue the slog against McCain & Chuckleberry, so he dropped out.
I remember seeing an article back then about how "his boys" were not sure they wanted him "risking" the family fortune.

Just as when he started his "Bain" entity, it was with OTHER PEOPLE'S money that he took over the businesses, and then coerced them to use THEIR credit to borrow huge sums to pay Romney et al for their "services". Once the "service fees" were paid, those companies were usually left to dangle in the wind until they failed.

Now that the Super Pac era is in full swing, of course he is in it for the long haul. ...and it's only natural that the big-money would gravitate to HIM and not to the other clowns he was in the running with.

His moneyed cronies want to get their hands on Social Security money.. It's all that's really left in the :windfall category"..

They've skinned the other cats already..

The word of the day is.... "Specificity"

Not :




All day long I have seen at least 5 people on MSNBC using (or trying to) this word, and failing miserably.


spec·i·fic·i·ty .........  spes-uh-fis-i-tee
the quality or state of being specific.
Biochemistry, Pharmacology . the selective attachment or influence of one substance on another, as an antibiotic and its target organism or an antibody and its specific antigen.

Example Sentences

But the text studiously avoids specificity, except to point out where some country or other is doing rather better.

And yet there is a dignity in its specificity and even some innovation in its approach to capitalization and sentence form.

The specificity of the accusation made it seem more believable.

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