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Wow !.. Howling winds in my back yard..

I tuned to weather interactive & it says NO gusts..

Tell that to my poor tree that's tying itself into knots

any other SoCal people getting crazy winds?

Did you know you can celebrate SCOTUS decision with your facebook pic

My son changed his, and so did I..


Scotus decision is a slap in the face to all those obstinate republican governors

who (probably) conspired to deliberately NOT set up state exchanges. They were determined to try to screw up the ACA roll-out. They gave their own citizens NO THOUGHT, even to the point of refusing to expand the FREE (to the state for a number of years) Medicaid money.

They willingly sacrificed the medical needs of their own people, just to mess with the ACA..

The federal exchange was always meant to be the fall-back position for a few stragglers that did not get their exchanges up and running in time..

Part of the reason there were so many glitches, is because they created an emergency situation, just because they could..

And many of them were actually re-elected

Poor ole Mitch..still railing about those millions who lost the coverage they liked

What's NOT said is that the coverage they liked (those famous $50 a month premiums) was BULLSHIT coverage, that too many people bought while they were healthy and luckily (for them) , and had never actually tested that "coverage".

Every time I hear this old canard, I am reminded of the endless arguments we had when our eldest was 16 and had just gotten his drivers' license. He HATED us for making him pay the amount that OUR coverage (including him) went UP.

I reminded him that even though California only required 5K liability, WE required full coverage...and that HIM driving was of NO benefit to US.. and how if he was in an accident with a car worth more than $5k we would all be in deep shit..

Of course when he grew up and moved out on his own, he continued that tip-top coverage because he figured out that the $50 policy was worthless, and he now had things that mattered to him and did not want to lose them in a lawsuit..

Any thinking person would have to realize that a medical insurance policy that costs less than dinner out and a Starbucks afterwards HAS to be a pretty sucky policy.

The sad thing about medical insurance is that the only time the details really matter is when you really NEED the policy to cover you, and by then it's too late to do anything but try to borrow money to pay what insurance did not pay.

So...apparently DISH added Weather Nation

Weather Nation..

I occupies the number channel (215) that used to be AlJazeers (it's now in 216)

It's like the weather channel started out being.. No celeb weather reporters..no glitzy repartee.... JUST WEATHER

No more watching Stephanie whatshername squeezed into skintight red dresses (when she used to wear khaki cargo pants & tee shirts .....which she obviously felt comfortable in)
No more Jim Cantore parachuting into every bad situation he can find..

and the best part..

weather every time you tune in.. no more hours on end of.....Tornadoes from the past....Hurricanes from the past and of course..no more Fat Guys in the Woods...

What do the racists (teaparty/gop/militia/kkk/skinheads) types value the most?

They say "freedom".."their" country..low (no) taxes


they consistently send to congress people who value money and inaction.

There HAS to start being a COST to the side effects of their legislation (or lack thereof)

These folks all parade in and out of Fox & all the hate speech venues using their coded lingo and spout thinly veiled hate speech against "free loaders".."double dippers".."Takers".. you name it..they've said it.

They send out messages , knowing full-well that some people will use the force that they cannot (they want to stay elected).

When white-power types injure or kill Black/Sikh/Arabic/Indian/Pakistani/Mexican or any other visually ambiguous persons..for whatever lame "excuse" our media deems relevant, there needs to be a government sponsored fund for the family that gets left behind.

Every one of those people killed (with the possible exception for the 87 yr old woman) had a financial responsibility that will no longer be met.

This fund could/would pay out immediately EVERY TIME...let's say 5 MILLION dollars tax free.

It may be crass to tie a dollar amount to someone's life, but perhaps a financial cost coming out of "their" taxes might just be a way of awakening their mostly dead consciences.

In Iraq & Afghanistan, when we kill locals, pallets of money starts getting handed out.

No amount of money will bring anyone back, but a $5M government payment to the family, could at least prevent them from falling further down the hole, and might allow them to breathe a little easier. and it might send home the message that when you ignore that "weird" loner kid who loves his guns and who is racist, perhaps you should intervene BEFORE he kills someone and costs you (indirectly through taxes) money..

$15 per hour by 2020 is not all that

Granted, ANY wage increase is good, but by the time 2020 rolls around, will prices of things have remained what they are currently?

I doubt it.

What needs to happen is for our economic wizards to go back to when people could afford to live, and to set in motion the things that need to happen to "catch up"..and then tie mandatory wage increases to actual costs of living..for things we ALL have to buy..

things like:

rent/mortgages (for modest homes).. not a cat condo at Trump tower
natural foods ( prepared/fast foods should cost MORE not less)
health care...not subsidized insurance that may or may not cover what's needed
affordable wifi
basic cell phone service
actual time off for REST , RELAXATION & FAMILY

add your wishes..

Here's a useful timeline hint to media

"the 60's" (primarily 1968-69...the "trouble years" were almost FIFTY years ago...not :

30-some years ago
a generation ago
40 years ago

I am so damned tired of lazy journalists who apparently do not know how to "google"..

It's important that they get this right, because apparently our schools are not teaching it (and may have never really taught that era) to students.

They all love to tie in things to the riots & protests of the era, and show how things are :
a. the same
b. vastly different
c. you name it

It's infinitely annoying to me too, that they are so ready to even try to "connect the dots" to waaaaay-back when it comes to police matters and civil unrest, but NEVER seem to be interested in doing the same with foreign policy (especially the middle east) and our obsession in sending our military everywhere any time they can..

The 60's (see above) were ALL about 3 things:

1. reluctance to implement de-segregation
2. coming of age of the Boomers (and their general impatience)
3. The DRAFT...

It was the confluence of those three things that marked the era.. and the fact the the police in action back then were old-school and totally unready to handle the anger and action of "those ungrateful, hippie troublemakers"..

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