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Gender: Male
Hometown: America's Finest City
Current location: District 50
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 10,600

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I believe in American exceptionalism. That's what makes this crisis so hard to accept.

I believe in American exceptionalism and think those who don’t must be so blinded by their own prejudices that they can’t see the facts right in front of them. The United States’ military might and economic prowess remain unrivaled. America’s cultural influence and soft power remain enormous, even with the most inward-looking president in over a century sitting in the White House. It should also surprise no one that a country born in the Age of Enlightenment would thrive so mightily in science, medicine and technology.

From Benjamin Franklin’s experiments with electricity to Steve Jobs’s creation of the iPhone, American inventors have fashioned brave new worlds, then wiped clean the boundaries of those ages, before imagining new ones in a blink of the eye — whether it was American visionaries flying across the windy shores of Kitty Hawk or Air Force pilots learning how to guide their spaceships onto the surface of the moon.

Immigrants traveling to our shores have also been pivotal in shaping American exceptionalism, inventing the telephone, the television and the Internet technology that now defines our daily existence. It was also an immigrant from Germany who visited FDR’s White House and pushed the wartime president to launch the Manhattan Project. In so doing, Albert Einstein helped America and its allies win the Second World War.

Our country’s pioneering spirit has also extended to medicine, whether through the creation of lifesaving vaccines, the development of blood transfusions or miraculous breakthroughs in the field of organ transplants. In one survey after another, America’s doctors are viewed as the best in the world, and our universities remain unrivaled. Since 1950, approximately half of all Nobel Prizes awarded in the science fields have been given to Americans.


Growing Drug Tolerance Drives Trump To Buy Black-Tar Hydroxychloroquine Off Dealer

WASHINGTON—Explaining that the 800 mg tablets he’s been crushing up and snorting were no longer doing the trick, President Donald Trump was reportedly driven to buy black-tar hydroxychloroquine off a drug dealer in a D.C. metro station Tuesday due to his growing tolerance for the prescription medicine.

“Come on, Randy, man, don’t give me those baby hydroxies—I need that pure shit,” said the pallid, twitching commander in chief as he frantically scratched at his rash-covered body, begging the peddler to sell him some of the sticky, highly concentrated form of the anti-malarial medication in a dark corner of D.C.’s McPherson Square Metro Station.

“I went through 30 or 40 pills this morning and I’m not even having any heart palpitations or dizziness. The stuff is like baby aspirin. Come on, man, I’ve maxed out all my prescriptions and I’m fuckin’ jonesin’ for a big hit of that sweet Roxy. I can handle it, I swear.”

At press time, the drug dealer had knocked President Trump unconscious and thrown his body on the train tracks.


Nation's Politicians, Law Enforcement, Corporate Executives Marvel At Utopia They're Living In

NEW YORK—Expressing disbelief that they were so fortunate to experience a true golden age of prosperity and technological wonder, the nation’s politicians, law enforcement officers, and executives marveled Wednesday at the futuristic utopia they get to live in.

“To think that I have all this at my fingertips, whether it’s automated high-volume stock trading or unlimited surveillance footage of my employees, it’s like something out of a science fiction paradise,” said pharmaceutical executive Ron Pollard, who claimed previous generations of police officers, elected officials, and business leaders could never comprehend the world of unlimited possibilities that has been created for them, where they are free to do whatever they want all the time.

“Walking through these plants staffed entirely by hyper-efficient robots, facial recognition cameras, maybe even luxury space travel, it’s almost like I’m living in a dream. There’s massive unemployment, and yet the stock market is surging. We’ve finally achieved a perfect society. It’s simply breathtaking to watch law enforcement arresting citizens for just going about their daily lives. Corporate lobbyists write up laws that only benefit the wealthy and elite. It’s like a never-ending dream. If Rockefeller or Henry Frick could see this sublime world, they would weep with joy. I don’t even need to employ a servant anymore when gig workers, that I can summon with the touch of a button, can do so much more at fraction of the cost.”

Pollard added that with the rapid advancements of the past few decades he expected his children would inherit a world that, for them, would be even more unrestrained and full of possibilities.


The post-American world is now on full display

The annual meeting of the World Health Assembly — the general assembly of the World Health Organization — is normally not something that attracts major attention outside the circle of those directly concerned.

But the meeting this week was very different. Here, the post-American world was on full display as it has seldom been seen before. It is not that the United States has ceased to exist — far from it. But it has left behind any ambition of global leadership and any function as a global inspiration.

And that is very new. Tragically so.

The first prominent speaker on the virtual meeting, with audience members throughout the world, was Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was a polished, confident and probably effective performance. His speech contained four messages: China has mastered the crisis and has put it behind itself; China is ready to help the rest of the world, notably Africa; China stands for transparency, including a review on what happened once we all have put the crisis begin us; and a vaccine has to be seen as a global public good available to all.


Trump and the Republicans have ceded world leadership to China, much to the delight of our adversaries. Bunch of fucking traitorous assholes.

Apple Watch Series 5 on sale at Costco for $300

Looks like an unbeatable price, if the Apple Watch is your thing.

Costco also has the 16" Macbook Pro 512GB for $2100, for those interested.

I'm considering the laptop, if I can convince She Who Must Be Obeyed that it's something I could really use.

Trump blames Democrats for his grounded campaign, even as bipartisan restrictions ban his rallies

President Trump, approaching his longest stretch without a political rally since he announced his candidacy five years ago, has taken to blaming Democrats for grounding his campaign.

But even as several states begin relaxing their coronavirus restrictions, Trump has not scheduled any rallies in Republican-led states — and his campaign has not reached out to governors in swing states to inquire about holding large political events.

The claim of politically motivated closures was outlined most directly by Trump’s son, Eric, who accused Democrats of trying to strip the president of his greatest reelection weapon.

“They’re trying to deprive him of his greatest asset, which is the fact that the American people love him — the fact that he is relatable, the fact that he can go out there and can draw massive crowds,” Eric Trump told Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, echoing the president’s charge. “Joe Biden can’t get 10 people in a room. My father is getting 50,000 in a room. And they want to do everything they can to stop it.”


Trump just said the corrupt part out loud

During the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, an expert witness called by Democrats floated a theoretical scenario involving the president threatening a state hammered by a natural disaster, to illustrate the corruption of Trump’s shakedown of Ukraine.

What would we think if Trump dangled federal disaster aid as leverage to force a governor to do his political bidding, asked Stanford law professor Pamela Karlin, adding: “Wouldn’t you know in your gut that the president had abused his office? That he betrayed the national interest?”

Trump has now done something very close to this. And the answer to Karlin’s question is: Yes, Trump is abusing his office and betraying the national interest:
Trump is referring to the Michigan Secretary of State’s announcement that applications for absentee ballots will be mailed to 7.7 million residents. That’s to ensure that Michiganders can vote safely amid a pandemic that has brought more than 50,000 cases of coronavirus to the state and killed more than 5,000 people.

Trump’s new threat is not a precise parallel to Karlin’s scenario. But Trump is threatening to somehow withdraw federal aid unless Michigan drops vote by mail, a naked effort to extort Michigan into doing something that could help him politically. (Trump rage-tweeted a similar threat at Nevada.)


Looks like the asshole deleted his original tweet that put his ignorance on full display, and changed the message to reflect absentee ballot applications vs. absentee ballots.

This guy shames our country every day.

President Trump, stop acting like you own the place

Nobody in business likes auditors: They can be intrusive, meddlesome second-guessers. But managers of publicly traded companies understand that independent auditing is essential, because it protects shareholders against fraud and wasteful spending — and maintains public confidence in the enterprise.

President Trump spent most of his career managing a private company. Public accountability wasn’t a big part of Trump’s business education, and maybe that helps explain his approach to the presidency. He acts as though government employees work for him, not for the public.

The latest evidence of Trump’s disdain for accountability was his ouster Friday night of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick. He was the fifth IG Trump has sacked in the past six weeks, including inspectors general for the intelligence community and the departments of Health and Human Services, Transportation and Defense. The last two officials also helped oversee the government’s $3.4 trillion pandemic relief spending.

“These firings appear to be retaliatory for the work the IGs were conducting. This strikes at the very core of the guarantees of independence built into the Inspector General Act,” argues Roslyn Mazer, former IG for the intelligence community and the Federal Trade Commission and a leading authority on the subject. She warns: “If Congress capitulates to these firings and fails to pass legislation with greater protections, it will signal the end to IG independence.”


Pier 1 is going out of business

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Pier 1 Imports Inc., the seller of wicker chairs and scented candles, said it will go out of business and permanently close all 540 of its stores.

The Fort Worth company said Tuesday that it was unable to find a buyer for its business after filing for bankruptcy protection this year.

It said it will start going-out-of-business sales as soon as it can reopen stores that have been temporarily shut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pier 1 started with a single store in 1962 that sold beanbag chairs and love beads to hippies in San Mateo, Calif. It expanded to offer just about anything for the home, including lounge chairs and curtains, and it later adopted the logo “From Hippie to Hip.” At its height, Pier 1 had more than 1,200 stores.

Read more: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-19/pier-1-going-out-of-business-closing-stores

Trump attacks another female reporter for question about Americans going back to work:

Source: The Independent

‘That’s enough of you’

President snaps at CBS' Paula Reid after she asks what his plan is for the nearly 36 million Americans seeking unemployment aid since the coronavirus pandemic began

Donald Trump has attacked another female reporter who asked the president on Tuesday about a national reopening plan surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a “rude person” and adding: “That’s enough of you.”

The president was responding to a question from CBS’ Paula Reid, who asked him why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work.

“Just a rude person you are,” he said, before claiming “the plan is that each state is opening”.

“I think we’ve announced a plan, the plan is that we’re reopening the country, just a rude person you are,” he said. “We’re opening up our country and we’re opening it up very fast.”

“It’s opening up very effectively,” he added. “When you see the numbers I think even you will be impressed, which it’s pretty hard to impress you.”

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-latest-coronavirus-update-today-white-house-cabinet-meeting-a9523146.html

This asshole demeans, degrades, and disgraces his office and this country every day.
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