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I feel dirty for going there.

Check out the reaction to news that a TX town is running out of water due to fracking. It's amazing.


How many parents, of whatever persuasion, allowed this poster into their sons' rooms?


Was that a temporary lapse in the protective shield they try to build against "self-pollution," or a grateful hope that their sons would be straight, as 90% grow up to be?

I kid. I don't expect a valid response to this,but the question is still appropos.

My parents objected to me having that very poster, but I'm still queer.



Even years after the cheat is exposed

Believers still buy into it.

I guess it doesn't matter how many times the crooks are exposed, there's a sucker born (or "reborn" every minute.

Imagine how much good all the money these crooks are given could actually do to help the poor, the sick, the hungry-- basically all the things I was taught "christian" meant when I was a child.

"Christians" today, at least the most vocal ones, are the exact opposite of what I was taught as a child in the 70s and 80s.

Actually, more like the Antichrist we were warned about repeatedly.

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