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Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet - "Eh Ya Ye"

Toko Telo - D'Gary

Willy O' Winsbury - Pentangle

Encore careers

As a retiree, I enjoy piddling around with hobbies and doing fun things with my leisure time. As a devotee of lifelong learning, I've been using my time to expand my knowledge in a few different areas. But I'm starting to think more about what I could be doing to make a contribution/difference. I'm not washed up (yet!), and there are many opportunities for meaningful work.

Our local library offers free access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com), which has a plethora of courses in many different subject areas -- mostly computer software, business, productivity, and so on. I've actually found quite a few very interesting courses in music software and audio engineering on there, and there are several devoted to photography, nonfiction writing, etc. as well.

This evening I was bored and took a peek at the site for the first time in a while, and just for the heck of it searched for "retirement." This led me to a course on encore careers by Marci Alboher:

Looks like a good use of a couple of hours.

I also came across this course by Gary Bolles (son of career planning hero Dick Bolles):

So, perhaps something is stirring that I should pay attention to. Maybe it's time to think about new directions.

Composer Jon Hassell has died

From The Guardian:

Family and fellow musicians pay tribute to inventor of influential ‘fourth world’ musical aesthetic
Jon Hassell, the influential American avant garde composer who invented the global-minded “fourth world” musical aesthetic, has died aged 84. In a statement, his family said the “iconic trumpet player, author and composer” died in the early hours of 26 June, after just over a year of health complications.

In spring 2020, Hassell broke his leg in a fall at his recording studio and spent four months recuperating in hospital, in isolation owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hassell “cherished life and leaving this world was a struggle as there was much more he wished to share in music, philosophy, and writing”, said his family. “It was his great joy to be able to compose and produce music until the end.”

Hassell’s debut album, 1978’s Vernal Equinox, proposed his vision of the fourth world aesthetic, which he called “a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques”.
- more at link: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jun/27/jon-hassell-avant-garde-us-composer-dies-aged-84

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