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Thank you for the historical reflection...

Ok, I'm depressed again... J/K... I do miss Tom Harkin and "The Lion"... At the time of HELP our country was still reeling from the littany of happenstance that brought 9/11 to our doorstep... NIST report was finally released about the same time as HELP was convening... The Patriot Act was full steam ahead... We were overdosing on fear and distrust... In short, Single Payer was not receiving the much needed attention that it deserves... That has changed "yugely".... I do feel that now is the time to apply continued pressure wrt national single Payer Healthcare.... Possibly the Baucus conversion is not the tectonic shift that I pray for however having been followed up by the Democrat Senators announcement, something large is in the making.... Best Wishes and "keep hope alive"...

Lol... My pt was how the labeling effects the outcome... WTF certainly labeled my post as obfuscaed

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