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Breaking from Ukraine. Russia hit high-rise apt building in Odesa.

DUer Larisa Alexandrovna is from Odesa and she gets direct reports from there.

Larisa Alexandrovna
24m ·
Russians hit high rise apartment building in Odesa just now. Fuck Russia.

From Janis Ian. Update from Janis.


Janis Ian:
In honor of the death of justice at the hands of the Supreme Court, a free download here:

MemoryLane: Trump used note cards for meetings to tell him how to act.


I hear you' - Trump uses cue card to remind him to listen to shooting survivors
The US president was pictured holding a briefing note that appeared to be a reminder for him to show empathy to school shooting survivors visiting the White House




Dolly Parton sings 9-5 via 90 cups of latte


Recreating Dolly Parton Singing ‘9 to 5’ with 90 Cups of Latte Art –

Marcus King on Fallon last night. Smooth as silk

Marcus King fans/guitar nuts. He's on Jimmy Fallon tomorrow.

Marvin King
29m ·
Hey y’all!! Mrv sez hey!! HAHA. Man my boy is gonna rock the block in NYC Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon! Me and Lee will be in the audience too, how cool is that!! Support local talent and tune in YALL!!! Channel 4 NBC at 11:30. MY HEART SOARS LIKE A HAWK. Mrv

GOP machine using YouTube 'reaction' videos targeted to black audiences.

They are tipping (as in paying $$) black reactors to feature appearances by Trump, Jordan Peterson, Sowell, and others. The more positively they ‘react’ the more the wingnuts will subscribe and tip the reactor. The reactors’ subscription numbers are climbing by the hundreds of thousands.

More reactors will start doing this because it’s a moneymaker for them. Whether the reactor agrees with the speech or not, it gets out there and disagreement is blunted so as not to offend the people ‘tipping’. The clips of some of these reactors agreeing with the Republicans on any part of it will be further spread at social media sites. The reactions will seem legit to an unknowing viewer.

This is how they are going after voters in minority communities, and I’d bet that DNC is still unaware.


Frame GOP's watercarrying for 1% as Representation Without Taxation.

GOP’s current tax plan for working families is Taxation Without Representation.

What’s the difference between the 1% and DC?
DC gets Taxation Without Representation and the 1% get Representation Without Taxation.

Notes on Alito's blatant hypocrisy on "privacy" rulings.

The Supreme Court has disgraced the institution. Intellectual dishonesty. Alito’s draft opinion holds, Roe and Casey must be overturned. Alito says they were egregiously decided without a Constitutional basis. He argues abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, and by overturning those cases he is also saying there is no Constitutional right to privacy. Both Roe and Casey depended in part on the right of privacy, derived from the 9th Amendment and the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment. The 9th provides that “ The enumeration of certain rights should not be construed as denying or disparaging others retained by the people.” What are those other rights ? How about contraceptives? This was the issue in Griswold v. Connecticut, 1965, could the state prohibit the sale of condoms ? Relying on the 9th, the Court said no, recognizing that “ privacy “ was one of those “ other rights retained by the people.

Alito joined in the majority opinion in the Heller case. That case held a private individual has a Constitutional right to posses a semi automatic handgun in the house. The case rested its decision on “ self defense “ even though self defense , like abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution. There is a rule of judicial construction when analyzing words, they are to be given their plain and ordinary meaning. And the words of the 2nd Amendment, by their plain and ordinary meaning, confers the right to bear arms, in order to have a “well regulated militia.” These issues, absence of self defense in the Constitution, and ignoring the plain meaning of the 2nd Amendment didn’t seem to bother Alito when he supported Heller. But now when the issue is a woman’s right to choose, he employs an “ originalist/ textualist approach. I suspect his real reason is not based on a Constitutional basis but on a religious belief that life begins at conception. A personal religious belief that has no place in Supreme Court decisions.

(Retired Legal eagle) William Collins

Jeff Jackson wants you to know the truth about his primary opponent.


The primary is next week and before we get there I just want to take a moment to tell you what I really think about my Democratic opponent:

I think he’s a good person, a good father, and has run a positive and honest campaign.

Why say this? Because the politics of phony anger is toxic. We all deserve better.

I’m running to be your nominee because I think there are things I can bring to this office that people would value, and I think I’ve shown that over the last several years.

I’m not running to find new ways to be fake angry. There are plenty of politicians who’ve got that covered — we don’t need one more.

The primary is next Tuesday. If you want to see someone in Congress who is excited about our future, someone who runs on what we can accomplish and how much it would mean for people, then I’m asking for your support.
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