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I just read the strangest article about riot control in the UK.

Then I realized I was reading a British version of "The Onion" It is very good.


Police brutality up for instant review, as rioters adopt ‘Hawkeye’

Following on from some high profile cases of police brutality and disputes about reasonable force, the decision has been taken to use Hawkeye for all major riots in the UK. This move comes to try and give an instant verdict on the ‘field of play’ and save money on expensive trials to find police officers not guilty.

‘The technology can be used to see if an officer’s blow was ‘below the belt’’, Stan Johnson, head of the newly formed Rioters Association (R.A) told us. ‘In fact Hawkeye will tell us if the whole of the truncheon was below the whole of the belt. Should that be the case, the offending officer will have to serve a 10 minute sin bin.’

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