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I am not sure why the term anchor babies is so politically incorrect.

After I married my American husband, I had three children before I became a citizen. I did not care if they were considered anchor babies. They had American passports, and two of them could also claim citizenship of the countries they were born in. Turkey and the United Kingdom. However in that my son was born in Turkey, he would not have wanted to return there when he was eighteen until he was well over thirty as all males, regardless of their birth certificate were drafted into the military. This was quite a while ago and things may have changed.

I eventually became a citizen when I divorced my husband as I realized that I would probably stay in this country and citizenship would help if I was ever caught with a joint or some other major crime such as speeding etc. Plus the anchor babies would then come in handy.

The irony of my whole time as a military wife is that it bothered the military that I had not taken out papers to become a citizen. My husband came home from work one day as asked if I would to up to the office headquarters to explain why I had not applied for citizenship, we had been married about ten years. I withheld my instinct to tell them to bug off as I did not want to ruin my husband's career so I politely explained that I had not made up my mind as to where I wanted to live when we retired. That was before we came to California and once here, I knew I wanted to stay here.

I hope this scenario is never going to happen,

however, what would the world look like with a Trump presidency. It is just too mind boggling to try to even imagine it.
Posted by pennylane100 | Mon Aug 3, 2015, 01:15 PM (3 replies)
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