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You are missing my point.

He has always been able to refer to the democrats as "they" because while he has always caucused with them, he was not a party member. He ran as a democrat so that he would not play the same role as Nader and split the progressive vote. He did so because he put the progressive cause above his own need to identify as a socialist. The democrats never gave him credit for that.

I did so for my own different reasons. Having been born in a country where socialism was a respected term, I always agreed with its principles. I knew that voting independent or social democrat, was not a winning idea in this country, that always puzzled me, but I wanted to make my vote for a progressive cause count so I registered as a democrat after I became a citizen.

So, I do not vote as a democrat "because it suits me", I do so because it is more important that I vote for a progressive cause rather than be concerned about what label would I wear.

I always wonder if republicans in his situation

would ever plead so passionately for providing quality care for our homeless population.

While I wish Mr. Jeans no harm, I am not particularly moved by his message. A republican whose life was saved by the ACA and now is publicly pushing for its survival is not surprising. However, the majority of them do not care who lives or who dies when they are healthy, wealthy and usually very unwise. Their message is more like "I've got mine" and why should I pay the bill for others less worthy people.

If your strange dislike of Bernie could be put on hold for a moment,

have you even given a single thought about what the Bill sought to accomplish.

People with limited means would have been able to purchase drugs at a lower cost. You do not have to like Bernie to want a Bill that would allowed people a chance to obtain life saving drugs. It is hard to imagine how a true democrat that would not support the choice of achieving that goal over an opportunity of to air their dislike of the person promoting it.
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