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paulkienitz's Journal
paulkienitz's Journal
June 12, 2014

self-awareness and "mind" are nowhere in sight... but

"thought" is another matter. If a machine can do rational problem solving with real-world problems that require comprehension of what it sees and hears around it, then I'd say that constitutes thought and intelligence, even when consciousness is absent.

June 11, 2014

I've heard that the transcript is unimpressive

and that you end up wondering how people could have been fooled.

Computers still fail at actually comprehending English. But once they do, I think we'll have to conclude that this amounts to intelligence, because the other criteria are turning out to be too easy.

Note that intelligence and consciousness are entirely separate questions here. The former is within sight, while the latter still leaves us baffled as to how we'd even make a start.

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