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Cooley Hurd

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 26,877

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Even though I've missed his 70th birthday by 4 days, here's a tribute to George Harrison...

Heads up - Ed Show going after Woodward with FACTS!

Maddow's "Hubris" wins time slot in 25-54 demo


Maddow: 432
Hannity: 335
Cooper: 233

Jerry Nachman (Conservative) was the Editor-in-Chief of MSNBC in 2003...

...back then, there was NOTHING Liberal about MSNBC besides Phil Donohue (at this point, KO had come and gone and had yet to come back again). Nachman hired him to get ratings - he did, but but Nachman and his overlords (GE) had a bigger investment to be concerned about.... defense contracts. To protect this investment, they agreed to push the War (see Ashleigh Banfield's speech ).

Needless to say, Nachman's long dead and there's new management at MSNBC. If you want to give the new management hell over what the old boss did, so be it. But, I think it's unfair...

(in response to this thread: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022399060 )

I just LOVE this scene! (Re "Harry Reid - this is how it's done!")

Longtime NBC Foreign Correspondent Tom Aspell Dead at 62


Tom Aspell, a veteran foreign correspondent for NBC News, died Monday after a two-year battle with lung cancer. He was 62 years old.

After beginning his career as a scriptwriter and cameraman with Visnews in 1970, Aspell joined NBC News in 1985 as a producer based in Cyprus.

He later became a foreign correspondent, and in this role covered events ranging from the fall of Saigon and the toppling of Saddam Hussein, to the Bosnian War, Beirut and Baghdad — all the while displaying what NBC's Brian Williams described as “an intense brand of cool under fire.”

"From Southeast Asia to the Middle East… to the Balkans … to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and dozens of other 'hot spots,' Aspell made his mark on behalf of NBC News for 28 years," said NBC News President Steve Capus.

Crossy gently, Tom. No more deadlines, I suppose....

I have a new heart thank you!!!

Free Movie Sunday: The Lords of Flatbush

Welcome to the first installment of Free Movie Sunday! For your time-killing, viewing pleasure... The Lords of Flatbush (1974).


What makes this movie awesome is the VERY FIRST appearance of Arthur Fonzarelli. Granted, the character isn't named "Arthur Fonzarelli", but it sure does look like him!


The day the music died...

54 years ago today.

Buddy, Ritchie and the Bopper boarded a Beechcraft Bonanza to get to their next gig - avoiding a grueling, freezing bus trip.. The bus made it. The Bonanza did not.

Thank you Buddy, Ritchie and JD. Your trip was truncated, but your legend will never be so.

Netfilx's "House of Cards". The opening...

...was goddamned BRUTAL! A dog is hit by a car and the Congressman puts him down with his bare hands.

I hope the rest of the series doesn't use a dog's death as a metaphor or as any dramatic device. It had me in tears...
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